Cricket Player Kills Pigeon

Cricket Player Kills Pigeon

we have seen then where uh… randy
johnson has literally killed avert nigeria game however it happened in
cricket uh… dave winfield also killed over
really hear commonwealth rubbing on crop all this was also on the throne in
toronto where they take its super seriously well this is in being here happened he gets the do yes of that we can see it when the ruble for
the reply like it was the most casual pro yeah he
wasn’t coming it at all kind and candid on the egg it’s unlocked sitting on a
nanny dot that’s not a i was not on a roll initiative which he was getting up all
back-end act exterior activity playing it down alone well look
at the regular when it was not done that at all effect yeah i mean it was not i’m not
saying it was logs gingerly babies playing in there was cleanup the no one does have a
quicker it literally no one of the country knows the rules known in the world knows the rules the
with the county those guys noble rules to cricket there make it up you could
still take the stand makes about this this and i think the biggest
foreign india right export india left that’s like saying
it’s there the logo and surprising if you’re like
the birds that bit over what’s uh… going down on that friday the birds
survived i don’t look like he did not not look
like he did not however uh… is different in training is american
commentators and uh… in wisconsin uh… they decided to set the ball altogether fidget annotated is no more i’d like to
add or edit stocks were up as the man with a pigeon
blood on his fans here result that the building he gets the ball of the year and without it dot as much accuracy as a
patriot missile he downs the incoming pigeon poor old pigeon narrows kids’ stuff
mixed up there highlight was the first blood is on his
hands dataset is a composite attention meditation is no more through the prism
is no more tells you is that did you lose you actually before i even
came out of the wait is that you should have video over a guy kicked the and al and a
soccer game remember that no you don’t dump was one of your best millions and
most hated videos privacy set soccer shots work probably that that team

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  1. Soooooooo, can anyone explain what all that "Locked Out" business was a while back w/ TYT sports? I am so glad that sh*t is over, whatever it was.

  2. WTF?!
    Soccer is not a sport?

    dude someone kill that idiot

  3. I understand the rules of cricket way better than the rules of gridiron or whatever the fuck americans call it.

  4. I did the same thing once,…Except it was with My pick-up truck,…And it was a homeless guy..

  5. cricket is an awful sport god only knows what the rules are i've seen the final score on the news and still had no idea who won the game, a cricket ball is solid but, even a light lob like that could easily kill a bird

  6. Harder, heavier and smaller!

  7. I'm British and yeah I've no idea how to play Cricket it is seriously confusing!

  8. Rick, your co host is a douchebag

  9. Hahah, true. But that's Ben's thing =D

  10. Cricket is the most simple thing. The only place it gets a little confusing at all is the fielding rules.

  11. The guy on the right is a bitch.

  12. Why does Ben Mankiewicz dislike English sports so much? Jesus. Cricket and football are a huge deal. Just look at the money in the Indian Premier League or EPL.

  13. many people have been killed by cricket balls they are no joke

  14. Fuck you idiots. Cricket is the 2nd most popular sport in the world. Billions of ppl watch it. No one outside of the US gives two shits about baseball.

  15. It's hilarious how easily Ben is trolling you idiot. Lmfao get over it you neckbeards.

  16. He always does this shit, if he's not insulting foreigners he is constantly saying um, er, er, um, he's so fucking annoying

  17. This video makes me think of music. "Hey Man, Nice Shot," comes to mind

  18. Ben is not a hater. Even if he is, he's just saying with the rest of us on this continent are thinking. More power to him.

  19. Ben… Cricket World Cup is the second most watched event in the world…

  20. crickets rules are not at all complicated

  21. They cut out Ben's usual bigotry on sports. If 'Murca don't play it, IT AIN'T NO SPORT!

  22. Population of india: 1,250,000,000
    Population of USA: 300,000,000

    Ben so ignorant…

  23. Americans are too stupid to understand Cricket.

  24. Ben is one Dumb Jew.

  25. says the loser who listens to eminem…

  26. It's sick how america has it's own sports that no one else cares about and hate on all the sports that everyone else likes. How did this happen?

  27. Please do not transmit "terrorist" messages to Al-Queda cells in TYT message section, nor do We care if your "red mercury is foreclosed on"!

  28. Its a dead pigeon, for the rest of life, it rests in peace. Its an ex pigeon!

  29. Overreacting much?


  30. Sometimes.


  31. Mayday mayday.


  32. Believe they are.


  33. Weak, small-willie Indian men suck at sports…

  34. Cricket is a tremendous sport, you should cover it more.

  35. they should make a game called angry people, where people fire projectiles at birds.

  36. Glad to see cricket get some airtime on this channel. Although this incident is 4 years old.

  37. An official MLB baseball is 5oz in weight, an official cricket ball is 5.75oz in weight. They are not a great deal heavier, but they certainly are much harder.

  38. No-one in the world knows the rule to baseball I`m serious Idk why it goes on so long with that said I hate cricket too

  39. Rafa Benitez on cricket: "How can you tell your wife you are just popping out to play a match and then not come back for five days?"

  40. i will find you, and i will kill you

  41. No one outside of America cares about baseball Ben

  42. he threw it to wicketkeeper not intentionally at pigeon. but its just not the biggest sport in India its also big in Australia (where they say only two positions maters in Australia 1st is PM of Australia and cricket captain of Australia) , England , south Africa , Zimbabwe , Kenya , Pakistan , sri lanka , Bangladesh , Ireland and Netherlands catching it up. and by the way big fan of tyt sports .

  43. No one outside of America cares about baseball? Ummm Canada, Japan, South America, Central America…

  44. i live in the US, love athletics and dont give two shits about baseball… and my hometown team is good too. bet you wish you could watch some American football though.

  45. Well, being a news person is not a job!

  46. lol that comes to like 5 more people… billions of people follow cricket…

  47. you should start getting more presenters who know more sports instead of football, baseball and basketball… cricket is one of the top 5 sports in the world, larger than any of the sports mentioned above combined!

  48. For Cricket, that is not gunning it. Please take this from a cricket player.

  49. Yepp, and the best part is that soccer is the most popular sport!

  50. Billions yah right so more than 1/7 of the world watches cricket bullshit

  51. Central and South America……

  52. you're joking right? have you ever heard of that place called the Dominican Republic?

  53. japan cares quite a bit

  54. One less pigeon on this earth!!! Woohoo!!! I hate pigeons… they're dumb birds and they make a mess of my yard. All pigeons should be annihilated.

  55. If Ben doesn't like something then he just slags it off for the entire time.

  56. Really!!! It's the 2nd biggest sport in the world. Most of the world knows the rules, just the North Americans living in their bubble don't know the rule. Also baseball is based on cricket. it's a combination of cricket and loitering!

  57. THESE PEOPLE ARE RETARDED>….Stupid Americans

  58. biggest bank in what ben ??? why edit it out ? anyways this shows how credible ur channel is where u dont even know that cricket is the 2nd most popular sports in the WORLD!!! ….  Ben u might want to check the history of cricket in america it used to be big there too once 

  59. he is ignorant about cricket so he thinks the world is too and he says soccer as the rest of the world knows as football is not a sport. the 2 largest spectator sport he puts down just spupid 

  60. ben u r a douche and n idiot

  61. These faggy stupid fucking Americans do not realise how fucking hard an actual cricket ball is: it's like a rock

  62. I'm pretty sure most countries know how to play cricket, just you stupid yanks who don't. 

  63. It was a gingerly lobbed ball, it's just that the ball is solid like a rock and weighs more than you'd expect.

  64. Does the guy on the right realise that India has a population of 1 billion

  65. Cricket balls are hard as fuck. It's like throwing a ball of concrete

  66. What does he mean when no one in the world knows the rules cricket has a bigger following than base ball

  67. He’s not dead…  He’s pining’ for the fjords…

  68. Baseball is one of the shittest sports ever and cricket is one of the best end of story

  69. I wish a pigeon would throw a ball at him

  70. Ignorant murican hosts .. lol

  71. how ignorant are these hosts.. how stupid… morons…

  72. Jacques has a great arm, hard cricket ball mixed with a Rudolph throw = dead bird

  73. I bet he was thinking im seing birds now. lol

  74. Are these hosts out of their mind? Cricket is second popular sport after Football and its popularity is growing rapidly. Who cares about shitty baseball.

  75. these morons no nothing ,they should stop embarrassing themselves and giving the proof of american ignorance.

  76. idiots .. a sport watched by 2 billion people .. more than NFL NBA and NHL combined.. and they say its not a big sport

  77. SECOND biggest sport in the world lol, oh and what about American football, it just about scrapes 10th place

  78. Cricket is biggest sport in Australia, England and India also it's second biggest in south Africa.

  79. two morons of the world

  80. this two are the biggest moronic dumb ass sports analysts ever

  81. Wow… yanks hey? That was a soft throw from barely just outside the inner rope. The ball often gets thrown much harder than that!

  82. most of tyt people are fucking retards

  83. And everyone knows the rules of American Football…

  84. Who hired this guy's this is top if idioticity

  85. Must watch fastest kill in cricket

  86. "Nobody in the world knows the rules"…..really…..then how do they play the sport…..u stupid TYT cunts……stick to baseball basketball…..and other yanky shits !!!……don't insult one of the best sport in the world…..😡

  87. 3 billion soccer
    2.5 billion cricket
    2 billion all other sports


  88. Just cause you're too stupid to understand the rules of cricket doesn't mean the rest of the world can't understand it as well you fucking idiot.
    Also if you've got the balls show the full unedited clip of the analogy that asshole was making about India.

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