CSUN Multimedia | Episode 4 | E-sports Club

CSUN Multimedia | Episode 4 | E-sports Club

My name is Danny Diaz, I am the current
coordinator for League of Legends. When I first came here, I was addicted to a game called League of Legends and at first I kept looking around like where can I go
play competitively, cuz I looked online they’re saying, “we do have an E-Sports Club
here” and took me about half a semester and then the competitive aspect just got
me here. My name is Raffi Kurbessoian and I am the ex-president of the club, I’m currently an officer. My roles in the club include: making sure everybody is
okay, making sure the computers are all ok, and then of course taking care of
paperwork and making sure that all of our officers are communicating properly
with each other. We start them club meetings every Thursday from 4 through 7, we would come in here set up our computers etc, for those students that
have computers. We would just make our basic announcements what we’re doing
this week if we’re going to be doing any giveaways, food, etc. If we have anything
accommodated. We talk about any sponsorships we have and then we pretty
much go our own separate ways everybody logs into their computers and plays
whatever games they want. It’s actually a very distressful environment. Why did I
join? I was a bored kid I had just entered college and I was stuck on campus for a
majority of the time. We have a large variety of people male/female different
races, religions. There’s no discrimination we allow everybody who
wants to come into the club to join the club. It’s becoming a trend throughout all
colleges to create a club based on competitive play. It’s not only League of
Legends, it’s also Fortnite to CS:GO to Overwatch. It’s a beautiful thing to
watch. Video games are very interesting to me. They help you release stress, escape life, in every way shape or form be something
else. When I was a kid my dad handed me a Playstation 2 like, “hey here you go I’m gonna go out for a couple hours” and I was like “okay.” So, over time over the
years videogames has always played a place and where it’s just my source of
company, in a sense, and then through that company I found physical company that
friends that play the same game. My best advice for anybody joining- thinking
about joining this club, is that if you have spare time and you’re capable of
dedicating it to a club where you could relax and enjoy yourself, please think
about joining our club. I feel if they have a passion for video games and for
the friendly bond, they are more than welcome to come.

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