Who need’s practice, you all need a barber. What it do EBandJ family. So today EB is checking in I’m taking the
vlog over for a few days umm my basketball team, BYU basketball is heading to New Mexico
for an exhibition game that will all the funds from the will go to the hurricane foundation
to support all the people who have been affected in puerto rico, houston so it’s a big time
thing, shout out to the NCAA for doing this allowing us one extra game in order to raise
money for the victims who have been affected in this natural disaster, alright we got to
do a little packing before we leave (music)
alright so the reason I have to bring two pairs of shoes is ugh because last year we
were playing at pepperdine and I sweated through my shoes, so basically this right here. I was going like this and I thought my shoe
was wet, but come to realize my shoe was just a sponge, it turned into a sponge. No it didn’t Eli. Had to bring two pairs of shoes so we have
o sponges, what do you think about that Andrus? I think you’re a bum, nike shoes don’t do
that dawg. I promise they do. they don’t turn into sponges like that. No like Spongebob Squarepants, like that’s
what my shoes turned into. I don’t believe it. Wait why are you filming me filming you? Because you’re going on my snap chat. Oh for the vlog, Oh so shout out to the vlog
at EB and J. Perfect. Shoutout to the vlog at Eb and J. Hey Zack
do you believe that my shoes turned into a sponge? Yeah ok there you go. There you have it guys, my shoes turned into
a sponge, that’s why you bring two pairs of shoes. (music)
Gate 22 is your gate and you drop the bag over there
Perfect, thank you so much! Leezy you got the drugs bro, you got the drugs? I didn’t sign the waiver, I’ll sue you if
this ever goes big, I’m suing you. (music)
You always got something to say bro, Oh you don’t want to talk when the camera comes out? That’s a violation, I didn’t sign a waiver
(music) How do you boys feel about this seating arrangement? I just hope I’m not a middle seat. Tj..same
Boys we got middle seats, it’s going to be hard..especially those legs. The legs. (music)
It’s a little cramped. Thank you! Alright guys we’re just waiting for our next
flight. Shawzy what time does our next flight leave,
two hours. Can you wait two hours teej? I need to sleep, we all need a nap. We are super tired. Tj you don’t even like shoes bro, what are
you doing? bro you would wear those? you wear the pink ones? These are for wifey! ahaha
(music) Yoeli what’s bro? what’s wrong?
it’s disgusting bro, people’s feet stink, people taking dumps right next to us, not
washing their hands. Not washing their hands. Exactly, alright guys time for practice. What you think about the room bro? It’s nice bro! They got you a little baby bed over here. Alright we got back to the hotel, we had our
practice tonight. Talking to the little stinker on the phone,
first road trip how do you feel jen? I have the headphones in she said she’s a
little bit sad, my roomates jahshire, tomorrow we’re going to have a shootaround around 10:30
and then we will have the game at 7:30. All the money is going to the hurricane relief
fund, so check out the game I don’t know if it will be televised, what you got to say
about the game shire? we gone win, haha we gone win. (music)
Good morning guys so today is..umm today is game day bout to eat some breakfast go downstairs
and get some breakfast, and then we’ll head to shootaround, and then we’ll come back eat
a little food, take naps then go to the game. Then our flights tomorrow, we have to get
up at 4in the morning umm we’ll leave at 6 and then we’ll get back and we’ll practice
around like 10:30 for an hour so it’s boom boom boom but now I’m going to go to shoot
around well breakfast then I’ll see you guys after shootaround. Got a little drink after shoot around, KB
how was shoot around bro? haha ang we got a tunnel to walk through. Got to walk up the mountain, how was shoot
around ev? timpanogos right here. Shootaround was good? It was good? Yeah. Look down there! Who is that, is that TJ? Oh what’s up then bro? Alright guys we just finished shootaround,
got a little drink to go with it, now we’re headed back to the hotel to get some rest
and get some food, get ready for the game. You ready ev? Let’s do it baby. Let’s do it baby!! Aye payt payt, tell the people what you listen
to bro? What are you listening to? Little bit of logic, ok..ok..ok. Just getting ready for game day. Ok i see you. that’s what i’m talking about. What you drinking on? Just got to get right, a little protein drink? get that protein. Give me some bro! nope nope. Ayee.
(music) Now we’re about to go eat a pregame meal,
Shire what you going to eat? McDonald’s
haha Alright guys it’s game time, you won’t see
me probably until tomorrow, because about to get focused and get ready for the game
and get this w. Playing New Mexico as you see the money is
for raising money for hurricane harvey. So all the money that’s raised from concessions
from ticket sales is being donated to the foundation to support all the people that
have been affected by the hurricane so EB’s checking out and get focused for the game. You ain’t going to beat me tonight. My man snake is back in the house. Who needs practice? Who needs practice? You all need a barber. What are you doing?
(screams) on the vlog baby
alright guys so we just got the win in New Mexico, didn’t hit too many shots but we came
out with a team win. Big luke right here with the clutch rebounds
doe. Ok ev, bench mob walk on frat yeah you know
what it is. Ok zack with the big shots. Ok ry i see you. Ok tj with the pump fake three and the foul
to win the game. Ok now were about to get some food and head
back to the hotel, we got a flight at four in the morning, well no we leave at four. flights at six. so we’ll fly back and then we’ll practice. It’s four o’ clock in the morning headed back
to utah. alright so our bus didn’t show so my man came in right here to save the day. How you feel about this Yoeli? You know life happens, my man slept in we’re
all human. Shire what you eating bro? The box hahahaha
thank you Just like that eb and j fam back in utah.
we got back at eight something and now im about to head to practice, jelly are you glad
to see me. Why you trying to hide. Jelly act like you’re glad to see me. Hi Elijah
haha alright guys so I Hoped you enjoyed the video
we got the win. you got to see what we did behind the scenes. You didn’t get to see J though and she’s hiding
now but thanks again guys. If you like what were doing please give us
a like below. Catch you next time!!

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