Daniel Sturridge and Jordon Ibe take the LFC hip-hop quiz

Daniel Sturridge and Jordon Ibe take the LFC hip-hop quiz

Hi, I’m Claire Rourke, I’m joined in New York,
the birthplace of hip-hop, by LFC’s two biggest rap fans –
Daniel Sturridge and Jordon Ibe. But which player is Anfield’s true Hip-Hop
Mastermind? Well, we’re about to find out. AMERICAN ACCENT:
We gon’ find out today. – We’re gonna find out.
– Hell, yeah, we gon’ find out. – Daniel, how confident are you?
– Mm-hmm. – How confident?
– Hey… That’s all I’m gonna say. Thank you. Jordon? I’m feeling good.
That’s it. Are you competitive, the pair of you? Nah, we’re not competitive. At the end of the
day, it’s only for bragging rights, innit? Ain’t nothing big. Gentlemen, I would like you to write down
the name of each of these rappers. Number one. DANIEL: Ey… AMERICAN ACCENT: Oh, you gon’ learn
today. You gon’ learn today, baby. DANIEL LAUGHS You can bet that.
Oh, you just finished?! OK! Hey, you… Have you both got your answers? Yeah. Daniel, do you wanna reveal yours? – That is correct.
– Yes, it is. Jordon? DANIEL: His is correct too. Correct, you both score one point. OK.
JORDON: Yeah, baby. OK. Number two. DANIEL: Oh, damn, I do know this one. DANIEL AND CLAIRE LAUGH Jordon, do you want
to reveal yours first? – Daniel?
– OK. That’s correct, you both get a point.
Number three. AMERICAN ACCENT: They say it’s
too easy, they say it’s too easy, baby. CLAIRE LAUGHS OK, both at the same time, please. – Correct, well done.
– Mm-hmm. And the fourth and final one? DANIEL: Uh-oh. ♫ Got your chick tiptoeing
on my marble floors. ♫ Daniel? Rick Ross, correct. Jordon? Correct, well done. At the end of that round
you both score four points. Next up. It’s the Kanye West true or false round. Oh, damn!
JORDON: This is ma man. This ain’t ma man. I’m gonna read a statement about Kanye,
you need to tell me if it’s true or false. Kanye lived in Japan for more than a year
with his mother when he was at school – is that true or false? CLAIRE LAUGHS AMERICAN ACCENT: I don’t know,
I’mma go with it though. Jordon? “Yes”! Are we good, are we good? It’s false, he lived in China. Oh, dammit! Damn, I thought it was Korea! Let’s go. He launched an online travel company
called Kanye Travel Ventures in 2008 – is that true or false? Go on. Jordon? – Hey!
– Hey, what’s wrong? I gotta see, man. Be easy! Why you trying to hide it, playboy? It’s true! – Oh, my God, let me see.
– No. – Eh, no cheating, Jordon.
– Did he get it right? – No, he got it wrong.
– Yes. Come on! Kanye opened up a burger chain
in Chicago called Fat Burger in 2008 – is that true or false? “Welcome to Fatburger, home of
the Fatburger, can I get your order?” – Wait a minute.
– I don’t even know this one. Daniel? There’s no way Kanye West made Fatburger. – It’s true.
– You’re having a laugh! Did you say true then? – Yeah.
– Ey! No, he didn’t, he got it wrong. No way, as if he actually did Fatburger,
I thought it was… OK, come on, you’ve got
no points in this round. Cos we don’t really like
Kanye West that much. Jordon said he was his man. I was lying! I was just trying to put him off. West settled down in 2012
with Kim Kardashian, who gave birth to their
first child South – is that true or false? – South!
– South! Southwest! Jordon? That’s correct. It was false, the child is called North. That was good, that was good. We up and running now. Next up it’s East versus West. What, East Coast-West Coast? Mm-hmm. What coast was Tupac born on? What ARE you writing? Huh? Sorry. There’s a paragraph there! – You ready?
– I’m ready. Jordon? I’m guessing that’s East. Jordon, you’re correct. What?! He was born in Harlem, New York. – You’re having a laugh!
– Was he wrong? – Yeah, he was wrong.
– NO! This is a travesty! You’re lying! LAUGHING: I’m not. Would you looky here? AMERICAN ACCENT: You damn good. You damn good, you know that? What coast was Snoop Dogg born on –
East or West? Why you looking at me for? Ready? Jordon? Daniel? West is correct. Long Beach, California. AMERICAN ACCENT:
Damn, I need to catch up. THEY LAUGH OK. ♫ Ain’t nothing but a G thing, baby. ♫ What coast was Ice-T born on? Ice-T, who’s that? Ey…this one’s hard, baby. Ice-T? Oh, you mean Ice Cube? Hey, did she say Ice-T? And we ain’t talkin’ ’bout cold beverages. Wait, wait, wait..
I heard something. See, he’s saying he’s heard something. Yeah, in my head. You heard something from who in your head? Go on, explain yourself. God niced me, innit? Oh, God niced you, OK. Daniel, go. Jordon. The correct answer is East. – Yeah!
– You’re having a laugh! – Jersey.
– But he was representing the West! These guys ain’t loyal, no they aiiin’t. Ha-ha! All right, let’s go,
I need to start catching up now. Final question in this round. What coast was A$AP Rocky born on? A$AP… Reveal your answers, please. The correct answer was East Coast. Harlem, New York. AMERICAN ACCENT: Harleeem. At the end of that round, Daniel,
you have seven points. Jordon, you have eight points. Was that 8-0, did you say?
Oh, 8-7, OK… Next round is called All In A Name. What rap names did these four men take on? Christopher Wallace… Don’t tell him. Jord, don’t say anything! JORDON: Can you repeat that again?
DANIEL: Don’t say nothing. Shh. Reveal your answer, please. – Jordon?
– Ha-ha! How am I not knowing this? DANIEL HUMS Biggie Smalls is correct.
Daniel, you get one point. ♫ I love it when you call me Big Poppa. ♫ Dylan Mills. Dylan Mills? Really? Dylan Mills – really? Dylan Mills. Dylan Mills… What you looking around for, at other people? – For help.
– What’s wrong, man? – This is pathetic.
– No cheating, Jordon. What’d you say the name was again? No, no, don’t repeat yourself,
you said it like three times. ♫ Hold up, wait a minute,
let me put some Studge up in it. ♫ CLAIRE AND JORDON LAUGH DANIEL MIMICS
COUNTDOWN CLOCK MUSIC Daniel, have you got an answer? Is it by any chance him? It’s not, no. Nooo! Jordon, you got nothing. I dropped it, innit.
Who did you put? No points for that one, it is Dizzee Rascal. See… You’ve put him the rap category. He’s a grime artist. He’s a grime artist, slash rap… slash hip-hop. Slash a little bit of pop. Next question. Sean Coombs. Aw, jeez… Don’t say a word, Jord, over there. I don’t know. And when I say “Jord”, I mean Hendo. And anybody behind the scene. You having a guess, Jordon? Nah. This is his trademark move,
in the movies and stuff. In the movies? Hey, wait… LAUGHTER Hey, you can’t… No, he can’t guess now! – You said it.
– He can’t guess now. He saw my board, he can’t guess. – Stop right there.
– He didn’t see your board. – Don’t say a word.
– What was the name again? Sean Coombs. We’re gonna have to call time on that one.
Daniel, do you wanna show us your answer? Puff Daddy is correct. I’d never know that, I don’t listen to him. Final one in this round. Shawn Carter. I thought I had a moment there. I know this. Daniel, reveal your answer. Jay-Z is correct. A point for you both. If I didn’t know that,
that would have been poor, innit? – Daniel, you have ten points…
– 10-8, 10-8. Jordon, you have nine points. We’ve almost reached the final round,
but before then we want you to name these Eminem tunes… Eminem? See… Oh… That’s not my guy. But… to make it a little bit more difficult,
we’ve picked out piano versions. That is not my guy. I’m so glad I’m one up, because if it was
Drizzy Drake, you know… Or Party. Party? ♫ I’m out of your leaaaague… ♫ Tune! I think I might know maybe one,
and I’m pushing it. I might know how it goes, I don’t know
the words or the name of it. PIANO VERSION
OF EMINEM TRACK PLAYS Heeey! Hey… No, stop, stop, I’m trying to think. Thought that was… OK, write your answers down. DANIEL MIMICS
COUNTDOWN CLOCK MUSIC – Have you got an answer, Jordon, now?
– No. Daniel? Correct. Monster. OTHER PIANO VERSION PLAYS Don’t know this. Yeah… You got that? DANIEL BEATBOXES AND
JORDON RAPS IN LOW VOICE I don’t know this song at all. – Do you want to give it a go?
– That could be Frank Sinatra. That’s my answer. OK, the correct answer was Crack A Bottle. Crack A… Yeah. That’s not just Eminem! That’s Eminem, 50 Cent and, erm… – Is that even his song?
– ..Tony Yayo. Well, Monster was Eminem and Rihanna,
you didn’t mind that. See, I should have got that, you know. Next one. You didn’t know that? OTHER PIANO VERSION PLAYS I don’t know any of these songs. You know, what’s the name
of this tune again? Don’t listen to this guy, I wouldn’t know. Yeah! I feel like I know this one. Wait a sec. Fix up! I’m waiting for you to… Sweet, yeah! I got that one. AMERICAN ACCENT: You can bet that. – Wait, can you play that again?
– No. – One more time.
– OK, OK. I swear that was in a movie. Huh? I don’t know. I don’t know, what you talkin’ ’bout? Why you telling him the answer? I don’t understand why
he’s telling me the answer. It’s a line. Nobody help him behind the scenes.
Nobody behind the scenes help him. Daniel, reveal your answer. Correct. Jordon, turn your board around. Nothing. How do you know this? Cos it’s the chorus of the song. OTHER PIANO VERSION PLAYS I have not one clue what this is. I know this song! Do you? Real talk? Not the name, bro. I know the song but not the name. Isn’t this the one where he’s, like… JORDON BEATBOXES DANIEL JOINS IN Boom-boom-boom! That’s not part of the song. That’s not part of it. Ohh, I got this! Man… See, this ain’t my guy. I don’t know if this is right, but I’ll risk it. Real Slim Shady is correct. Jordon, did you get an answer? I was right as well, innit? HENDERSON: I think so. I said that… Well, I shouldn’t have
said that to him… After that round it’s 13 points to Daniel,
nine points to Jordon. You know what? I’ll take that. OK, the final round is a task and… AMERICAN ACCENT:
Ooh, it’s gettin’ down tonight! There’s ten bonus points on offer,
we want you to rap some lines from the song of your choice, and ten points
will be awarded to the best rap. Jordon, you need the points,
so you can go first. Resistance, Drake. OK, ready, Jordon? Oh, tune! Wait, wait. – Nah, nah.
– Let me just listen. SONG PLAYS Can we go? I’m ready. OK, Daniel. No, you’re playing it. OK, turn that off, turn that off. LAUGHING: Turn that off! He’s trying to knock me off,
that’s what he’s doing. Sorry, sorry. OK, Jordon, go. ♫ Yesterday when we were getting high ♫ You were invited ♫ You woulda liked it ♫ I-I-I, I know you all too well ♫ You say that we could kiss
the past goodbye, but you weren’t excited ♫ There’s no way to fight it
You can stay, but shorty, here I go… ♫ – That’s me.
– Carry on. ♫ Inside a moment… Go on, keep going,
I know the rest of it, just not that bit. DRAKE: ♫ My memory’s never faded,
I can’t relate to these haters ♫ I am…still here with who I started with ♫ The game needed life, I put my heart in it ♫ I’m on some martyr… ♫ I don’t know the rest of it, you know. Good effort. ♫ Don’t think about it too much,
too much, too much BOTH: ♫ Too much ♫ There’s no need for us to rush this through ♫ Woo, uh ♫ Don’t think about it too much,
too much, too much, too much ♫ This is more than just a new lust for you ♫ Done sayin’ I’m done playin’ ♫ Last time was on the outro
Stuck in the house, need to get out more ♫ I been stackin’ up like I’m fundraising ♫ Most people in my position get complacent ♫ Wanna come places with star girls ♫ End up on them front pages,
I’m quiet with it, I just ride with it ♫ The moment I stop having fun with it
I’ll be done with it ♫ I’m the only… Woo! Ay! APPLAUSE AMERICAN ACCENT: I got all up in it, baby. OK, it’s a tough call, you both did really well,
but the bonus points… ..go to Daniel Sturridge,
which means, Daniel, you are the 2014 LFC Hip-Hop
Mastermind champion. Thank you. Hey, come on now… How do you feel, Daniel? It’s been an emotional experience right now,
accepting this Grammy. Nah, real talk, good banter with my boy Jord, and Hendo’s off-set,
obviously it’s all a bit of fun, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter
who wins, it’s about the joy and the banter, and we did this together.
This is my younger brother here and I look forward to him
breaking into the first team and we can share some moments
like this on the pitch. Thank you.

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