Derby Days: Sevilla | The Big One

Derby Days: Sevilla | The Big One

In a region of Spain where temperatures saw the highest Is a city where the people party like nowhere else And the local derby, is without doubt, the fiercest This, Is Derby Days, Sevilla I think it’s fair to say that the southern Spanish region of Andalusia has played a pretty significant role in the country’s footballing history hosting some of its most important moments In 1889 it was the birthplace of the first-ever club 1890 it hosted the first-ever official match and in 1915 it hosted the first ever Seville derby between Sevilla FC and Real Betis Belompie Seven goals were scored, the lead changed multiple times and then at four three and all-out riot suspended the game. In the last hundred years the derby hasn’t changed a single bit this is bad But before we get to all of that, let’s touch on where it started So it begins all the way back in 1890 when a group of Englishman, Scotsman and local Spanish Decide to establish a team for the city Only a couple of months after that, they take on fellow Andalusians Recreativo Huelva in a match many Spanish historians consider the first game in the country Sevilla win 2 – 0 nil so technically become the first-ever victors in Spanish club football And then it’s a decade and a half after that they are officially recognized as Sevilla, FC However only a few years after that Things turned sour allegedly due to a dispute that develops over whether or not to sign a player from the working class ‘Triana neighbourhood’ Two directors, so incensed over the issue decided to walk out of the club and start their own They wanted to be completely different so while Seville had international roots They would stand for Andalusia and Spain First their kit Which was green and white in reference to the Andalusian flag Then their name Betis in reference to the Roman term for Andalusia And then they would merge with a team who didn’t even call football ‘futbol’ But stuck to the strict Spanish name ‘Ball’ is Balom, foot is ‘Pie’ ‘Balompie’ is football So in 1914 the two forces merged and Real Betis Balompie was formed Alongside a hundred years of Derby madness But before we get to all of that again, let’s touch on why it started Now the popular narrative behind this rivalry is your classic class divide in this case it’s the working class ‘Beticos’ from the former gypsy neighborhood of ‘Triana’ Up against the bourjoir ‘Sevillista’s’ from the upper-class ‘Nervion’ district. Seville as a club is a very conservative club and Betis as a club is a much more… However when you speak to the red side of this city they tell a very different story There is not the high class and working class in this city Now But it wasn’t! It was on the outskirts of Sevilla when Sevilla first came here! and the Betis one? The Betis stadium is now in Heliopolis! That’s a poor area? No, definitely not. It’s a very rich area. It’s on the Avenue Palmera. Which is full of old pavilions Those buildings in French they call them ‘hotel’ ok? and you cross over the river and you go to the stadium and think… These houses look a bit nice, this area looks a bit smart Is this really Real Betis? And of course it brings you back to that thing that always happens that there’s a million nuances to all of these identities However the green side of his city see it very differently And they point to history to prove it There was a Sevilla fan who ran the City Council and when they were building the trams He stopped them in Triana, so then the Betis fans had to walk from Triana to the stadium. It was a long way? 30 minutes When you speak to both sets of fans you realize the rich versus poor narrative. It’s honestly up for interpretation However, where a distinct split in this rivalry can be found is on the pitch, in the modern era at least Where Sevilla have left their green and white neighbors in the shadows Without any doubt you know we’re talking about a side that’s been successful in Europe a side that’s been very close to winning the league title, a side that’s won the Copa Del Rey A side that’s won European super cups Eight of the last ten derbies have been won by Sevilla Seville is at the moment, better than Betis But your Betis?!? You admit this Yer man, because it’s a fact, it’s reality It’s a side that has basically lauded it over Betis for quite a long time now Your most important rival wins a European trophy for the first time The first in this city, the first in Andalusia A third, a fourth, a fifth time Winner of the Europa League How much does that kill you, personally? You get accustomed to it. Three Europa Leagues in a row, 5 in the last 10 years, Half of the last ten Europea League trophies have been won by Sevilla It’s tough, really tough. Possibly even Sevilla fans perhaps don’t fully appreciate that they’re living through Sevilla’s Golden Age. Sevilla’s won the titles! Because do you know what? They are the funny team, the funny club, the funny hooligans, the funny supporters Betis is more like an elevator, always going up and down the first and second division But if you think this lack of success has affected Betis support in any way. You’re kidding yourself Once you feel that level of involvement in it then… There’s no going back They say ‘Manque Pierda’ which means: ‘Even more when we lose’ It’s like our ‘You’ll never walk alone’ and that’s the way the fans feel Betis have made a real virtue of kind of craziness They’ve made a real virtue of being a bit odd One of the Spanish TV shows catches a son sitting at Betis and he’s sitting in his seat and in the seat next to him, he’s got a milk carton. So, they said ‘what’s that?’ and he said ‘That milk carton, that’s my dad’ They said what do you mean that’s my dad? He says, ‘It’s got the ashes of my dad in it. It’s his season ticket and I’m still bringing him to the games’ That’s not to say Sevilla are lacking in any support of their own If Sevilla didn’t win so much? The people go home No, no that’s not true No, no, no, there’s no way No, obviously we are more ambitious. They have the fame of being very passionate But I think Sevilla Football Club supporters are the most dedicated supporters of a team in Spain. But the immense majority of them will say this is about winding each other up in a kind of comic way Admittedly that doesn’t always end well All of which makes you realize this rivalry with or without a title or a class divide was always gonna be Mad, just mad. But, before we get to all of that. Let’s touch on… nah, I’m fucking with you let’s get to that. On the pitch it’s always a mess Yeah, it gets it. Gets kind of rough on the pitch Every derby there were two or three players with an injury And they’ll talk about players having ‘Arte’. It’s all about the art Red cards were very common And yet you’ve also got when it comes to it art, Bang. Danny Ceballos, now a Real Madrid player, was targeted in his first derby All the centre backs went for him, to tackle him, and he got injured Off the pitch, it’s been arguably worse. Well there were some episodes that… There’s a violent streak. It would be better not to mention There was a pitch battle between fans and police outside of the Betis Stadium I hear barstools are banned on match days have you heard about this? I didn’t know that bar stools were banned But do you remember the very famous one of the guy on the crutches and then he sets about on a security guard beating him up with his crutches I’m not laughing at that obviously… Wait… what? In the skyscraper, on the Torre Pelli, when they were building that, the guys who were working on the high steel famously… Sealed, on the top of the building A Real Betis badge He uploaded the video to YouTube and he got fired But because this is such an intrinsically Seville thing to happen. It’s such a normal thing to happen… That they had to be reinstated in their jobs. These guys are mental! No, no, no, because, the thing is this isn’t mental from their point of view this is entirely rational So there is this kind of idea of ‘Guasa’ This idea of it being funny, this idea of having a sense of humour and getting one over on each other They live it in every interaction with every person that they meet And then there’s the moments when on the pitch met off the pitch This is just what we don’t want to see kids! They’re stabbing each other in 1918? In the early 2000’s, there was a derby in Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan (Seville’s stadium) Where Tony Pratts, Real Betis’ goal keeper was attacked by a fan With a lighter Lighter? You almost expect lighters at least in those days He went on the pitch Did he get him? Or was it avoided? Yes, but from behind The Juan De Ramos incident, I was there It was a Seville vs Betis cup match I think it was a quarter final Well Juan De Ramos… gets knocked out by a bottle of water thrown at him I heard it was a bottle of Coke It may well have been a bottle of Coke But look, the key thing isn’t so much the bottle or indeed the contents As the state, the contents were in Frozen So you imagine how hard that thing is? Oh my days Hold on. Why do they have a frozen… Well, it was probably hot in Seville. I don’t think anybody expected the bottle thrown from that far back from the stand… He was knocked out! He was out cold quite literally. He didn’t seem to suffer any… I’m not condoning… Then the ambulance rocks up, and they attack the ambulance Yeah. I think the people suspect there was a lot of play-acting involved. I’ve heard rumours they were screaming Die, Ramos, Die! Almost certainly Obviously, this was a bad thing for Betis… But to understand the true madness of this Derby, the city and its people you need to turn your gaze, to the directors box Let’s look to the directors box… So explain in the simplest terms almost like I want to split the screen So you’ve got, during its worst times. You’ve had Lopera at Betis and on the other side you’ve had Del Nido at Sevilla, But I remember Del Nido once saying ‘I’m the most important man in Seville after the Pope’ I’m actually quite surprised he put the Pope ahead of him And Lopera renames the Betis Stadium after who he believes is the most important man in Betis’ history and the most important man in the whole of the city of Seville Himself It was a ridiculous rivalry Lopera didn’t even say Del Nido’s name… He called him Benavente which is his second last name This is this kind of classic winding of each other up even in the directors box It was crazy There used to be a bust of Lopera in the directors box at Betis Which was deliberately put right next to the seat of the Sevilla president So that he would have to sit next the bust of Lopera It was a kind of provocation So Del Nido is sitting next to the bust of Lopera and he decides he doesn’t quite like the idea of this, tries to move and then he gets in a fight with Lopera’s cousin? Yes, that’s right It actually literally ends in fisticuffs in a directors box Whilst one of them tumbles down the stairs? Yes, and I believe the bust might even have fallen off its pedestal Oh, amazing… Who was worse? Del Nido or Lopera? Who was crazier? Lopera was kind of this money wasting Absolutely crazy and he used to pick up stray dogs That’s not a euphemism by the way. Can you ask about where is the last president of Sevilla? That’s not the reason, that’s not the reason It was apart from football What is your ex president, come on tell me? Where is he? In prison… Del Nido actually just got out of jail… But a derby this emotional and dramatic shouldn’t really be a surprise When you consider that Seville is a city so hot they call it the frying pan of Spain And these people like to party so much, it’s also known as the city of 1000 fiesta’s Making it perfect for this kind of rivalry… There is something about Andalusia that feels like it is kind of the heart of that idea of Spain Expressive and everything is externalized and everything is celebrated and everything is sung and I think you can almost define it by saying that Andalusia is a place that takes having fun very very seriously and I think that gets transported onto football because in a way it’s a way of life and so football becomes part of that and this is the most passionate derby in Spain why? Because this is the most passionate city in Spain… That’s basically why… There’s nothing like the Seville Derby, You ask Spanish fans, even Spanish fans of other clubs Will look at Seville & Betis and admit Yeah, that’s the Derby of Spain. All right well here we go Derby Day in Seville perhaps the most anticipated Match day for the entire series, Because this Derby I’ve been told since our first ever Derby Days Episode, Barcelona v Madrid Is the derby to attend Today happens to be Dia Del Reyes, the day of the three Kings, Spain’s Christmas So until everyone finishes handing out their presents We don’t really have much to do but to lurch around the city Luckily in an hour or two, Biris Norte, Sevilla’s ultras have invited us to be part of their preparations for the unveiling of their tifo for this match But besides that we just gotta wait for the festive vibes to die down and the Derby vibes to kick in Betis, Sevilla Everyone’s been talking about you show us why Alright, with a few hours to go, we have just got to the Sanchez Pizjuan (Seville stadium) And the vibe is very different I don’t know what to say. No one saw this coming It’s 4 -2 to Betis Betis were dreaming of a draw! The time wasting has started on Betis part and the feelings are coming out This is only going to get worse 90th minute now, they’ve just announced five minutes of extra time the tension is insane The keepers gone up Right that that right there, I’m sorry I’m a bit confused that didn’t make any sense You’re telling me the team that’s in the Champions League knockout stages. The team that’s won five Europa leagues in the last decade The team that hasn’t lost a Derby in the last half decade more than a half decade scores three goals at home and loses? To a side who lose so much they sing, they chant, about losing? it doesn’t make sense And that’s how a good derby should be From the chaotic anarchy amongst the bus with the Seville fans Arguably the best pre match scenes we’ve ever been part of To the feeling that anything could happen as soon as the sun went down… But I guess that’s why they call this derby El Gran Derby I guess that’s why this is the rivalry everyone said I need to experience And I guess that’s why they say El Classico has nothing on what goes on in here Seville, Betis, what you guys have going on here, it’s incredible Not that this is any news to you of course, as you’ve been living it 24/7 for the past a hundred years and for the sake of Spanish football here’s to 100 more That’s it for this series of Derby days if you missed any of the other episodes across Spain You can find them in the link in the description or on the channel Don’t forget to subscribe to copa90 and let us know in the comment section what you thought of the latest series and where you’d like And where you’d like to see Derby Days go next

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