Derby MC Eyez Drops Football Freestyle 🔥 🐑 🌳 ⚽️

RamsTV Myself Eyez Man like Rowett’s got tactics See me in the box at the matches Want to test Derby madness I swear Craig Bryson got a hat-trick We beat you man 5-0 5-0 5-0 That’s why you see Rams as rivals Our names ringing alarms there’s no fire drills Derby County’s on form You should see Tom Lawrence at training See me with Rammie in the Maserati Match-day pull up to the Pride Park Stadium Nottingham Forest can’t come against we Wait till Sunday and you gonna see We’ve got the Brian Clough trophy We had ten men they still got beat DCFC we got Ledley We’ve got Keogh my man’s deadly We got a lotta fans – got plenty I’ve never seen Pride Park empty Top Boy Eyez – Top Boy MC See me on RamsTV next week Notts and Rams don’t do friendlies Notts and Rams don’t do friendlies I got the Kenco coffee cup, got it as a souvenir Man kiss the Derby badge, do it like Stuart
Pearce Start swinging my shirt round the top of my
head like Robbie Savage Match-day is this Sunday How the Forest fans gonna manage?

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