Drawing with Golf Clubs : Golf: Drawing with a Five Wood

Drawing with Golf Clubs : Golf: Drawing with a Five Wood

OK, we’re now going to use the five wood,
we’re going to attempt to draw the ball. All draw ball, all drawn ball is you’re going
to hit it from right to left, so it has, most of us know what a hook is, a draw is a controlled
hook. So, we’re going to use the five wood here. So, usually you might be at a par three
or you’re on a par five, your teeing off on a short par four, it’s a good control club
anyway. So, if I was going to hit the ball straight, here’s my target, so my target,
this is pointing at my target, I’m lining up parallel to that club. So, now I would
be at a position to hit the ball straight, but let’s say the wind is blowing this way
or that way or it’s a narrow fairway or it’s a dogleg, why I want to draw the ball. So,
I’m going to aim just a little to the left and I’m going to aim to the right so I’m moving,
I’m sorry, I’m moving, I’m aiming to the right, so I’m aiming this way and I might hit it
a little deeper in my stance and I’m going to try to close the club face a little bit
to produce more side spin. So, you just have to be totally relaxed and generally you can
hit this ball a little more distance then you would a fade or a straight ball. So, you
have to account for that. So, just take a nice, easy swing. And that should put a little
bit of draw in your ball and that way you can control it. Sometimes fading the ball
is appropriate, sometimes hitting it straight, and sometimes drawing it. And being able to
do all those three things will really help you lower your golf score.

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  1. dude your advice is pretty good, but man your swing is really bad, sorry about that but it's the truth

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