Drawing with Golf Clubs : Golf: Drawing with an Eight Iron

Drawing with Golf Clubs : Golf: Drawing with an Eight Iron

Okay, we’re now going to try to work on drawing
the eight iron. Remember, the draw is a controlled hook. So the hook is where the ball goes from
right to left. Or if you hit it straight and it just curls to the left dramatically, that’s
a hook. A hook is uncontrollable, as is a slice. So what we’re going to do here is draw
the ball, which is a controlled hook. So what you do, and there’s a lot of benefits to this
shot, whether you’re trying to cheat the wind, get some extra distance, get around a tree,
so on or so forth. It’s very useful to have this as part of your skill set. Hitting the
ball straight is the greatest skill, but being able to shape the ball with a draw or a fade
is very useful. So here’s how I would line it up. Here’s the line of my target, so to,
if I was going to hit the ball straight, I would line up parallel to that and I would
have the club in neutral, and I would be prepared to hit the ball straight. But since I want
to draw it, I’ve got to aim to the right. So I aim over here now. And I might hit the
ball more off my back foot. And then I close the club face. So this will help produce a
lot of side spin in addition to the back spin that the club will normally produce. And I
just try to take a normal swing.
Okay, so that is how you hit a draw. It requires a lot of practice, but it’s a pretty useful
shot. So keep practicing and you’ll master this too.

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  1. Terrible…

    And I dont understand why youve done a different video for drawing every club in the bag… its the same technique!

  2. OMG that was the worst swing I have ever seen! Your head dropped about 5 inches on the backstroke! If you would have shown that ball flight I guarantee it would have gone about 100 yds, low trajectory. You hit that fat too!

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