Driver Only Challenge | Can I Make A Birdie?

what is up y’all hope y’all having a
great day I might hear a Candler Park Golf Course in Atlanta Georgia the fun
little challenge and store we’re going driver only tee shots approach shots
wedge shots bunker shots and putting all with the driver today drop down on the
comments below what you think I’m gonna shoot for these nine holes this is a
short course out here for the nine a few par fours and a few par threes we’re
gonna tee it high and let it fly we’re gonna roll the rock with the driver
gonna take you straight to the tee right now let’s go number one clarf for 288
yards little butter cut driver right here we’re walking up here the distance
control is actually pretty good sitting right back here
there’s the green basically pin-high good distance was hoping for a little
cut out of that that’s all right good position get up and down for a pin
slammer and that is where we like to see on the
first Oh Oh all right that’s a part here on one very
happy with the chip right there the distance on the chip was excellent
however the putt need to work on the speed on the number two par three
straight away 170 yards all in all not too bad there thought it
would cut a little bit but not bad really happy with the distance control
right there should be just off the green on the Left had one stipulation that I
didn’t cover before he got going the only time I can tee the ball up is off
the tee everything else Plato’s allies not bad
shape right there take that roughly thirty feet left to
the hole I gotta work on my speed there’s a bogey here all right we are
one over two holes par on one okay on two need to start hitting these putts a
bit more the face is a little springy a little different than the putter so I
guess I’m afraid of hitting it too firm but what stop leave him short on to
number three par three one hundred and fifty yards down the hill middle pin that was a little right hit that little
fence down there alright so it unfortunately didn’t Bank off the fence
it went through the fence we’re walking down here hopefully I don’t slip down
the slope and here we are on the backside of this
tee box yes right there and that’s what we’re faced with gonna have to ramp this
up the hill somehow yeah this is about ten feet straight up the hill is a bogey
number four par-3 125 yards hopefully hit a little butter cut that rolls up
that slope down onto the green might have played that little too far up
that slope couldn’t really tell kind of went over the hill there so I couldn’t
tell how far down the slope it went I think it was probably gonna be a pretty
good number but probably just left it out just a bit right we’re right back
here in the back corner really not too bad on the distance roughly about 35 40
feet left see if we can’t to putt from there all to driver from there to get
this up and down for a park and in this bogey streak to over through three let’s
get this up and down and that moves us to three over par
three bogeys in a row the old turkey bug streak not what we wanted to see however
it’s all good we’re having fun hitting the driver with every shot we’re
on to number five par three straightaway 170 yards all right we tried to take a bit too
much off that driver right there and we’re a little short all right there we
are roughly 50 yards left probably going to throw something rolling up the hill
down onto the green we need a good shot here I will take that speed all day long and
that counts there it is it was not in great position there off the tee so to
get up there and to putt from there we’ll take that bogey on five on number
six par four see if we can’t get a birdie look right here
number six par four 345 yards the green sets off kind of back behind that tree
so something just up and over it would be nice that’s real looking floor right there
curious to know what driver everyone is playing I’m currently playing the
TaylorMade m3 loved it been playing it for a little while
and just haven’t found a reason to switch just yet but you never know this
year might dabble or might test out some new drivers we’ll see but let me know
down in the comments what you’re playing alright good shape right there roughly
40 yards left I’m gonna put the camera behind the green give you a little
better vantage point oh let’s go are you serious that’s a pin
slammer here today let’s go let’s go I had to tone down that
celebration just a little bit because there’s someone teeing off on the tea
box next to the green and didn’t want to scare him too much
however pin slammer here on the channel today and a driver only challenge that
was fun number seven par four pretty straight
away here the green is up and over that hill 318 yards well I just hiked up that hill that was
a little workout wasn’t the best drive right there but we miss it in the proper
place you wanted to miss it on the right don’t miss it down to the lot it would
make the second shot which is your however very difficult because it’s kind
of a little goalie down there I don’t know if y’all kind of see so we’re in
good shape right here probably about 30 yards left of the green there we are
right there and then go put the camera behind the hole because that worked very
well for us on the last hole so we’re gonna do it here to get a second pin
slammer in a row I thought we had back-to-back consumers however not gonna
complain about a car today par for 210 yards blind tee shot green sits off down
in there can’t see anything cheat hi let it fly well not too high
not too far maybe a little banana cut 210 yards down the hill so we’re looking
for I think we might have taken a little too
much off that but that’s alright well I definitely think we took too much off of
that and might have skipped off the tee box right there you don’t want to be
long long is no good here so we did hair you know just lighten up it’s par for
we’ve got an approach shot in here it’s all good probably about 60 yards left to
the green but you know it is what it is let’s go oh we almost got that all the way to the
green once I actually got up to the ball that shot was a lot further than 60
yards it was probably more like 85 so yeah we didn’t get a lot of distance off
the tee all good don’t think you could see it from there exactly where this
ball ended up but it is just short of the green we’ve got a outside look at
another pin slammer here on number 8 let’s roll rock that might be the best speed I’ve had
today go ahead and tap this in that is a poor here it is getting dark quick keeps
us at three over through eight holes number nine here’s a par-3 185 yards
straight up the hill this isn’t going to be easy but if we could finish with a
par here I would be very very happy who three over for the nine with the driver
only was T this one high and hit it better than the last tee shot I think we hit that one pretty good I
don’t know how far rolled up there will off to go check alright here we are a
little short right definitely with the building behind I didn’t mind
playing it a little short Aaron a little short don’t need to be hitting any
buildings with the driver rolling challenge see if we can’t get this open
down we got a buffer park and I can’t even go home let’s go what a
fun way to end that finish it three over I’ll take that any day with driver only
that was so much fun such a fun little track here at Candler park only cost me
13 bucks to come here and walk this nine so really pretty fun enjoyed the walk
got a little exercise played some golf and had fun hope you’ll enjoy coming
along drop a like if you did below jump a like for those two massive putts that
ones were part right there and the one for the pin slam and birdie let’s go and
y’all until next time we’ll see you

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