England vs Germany Golf Shootout- Part 2

England vs Germany Golf Shootout- Part 2

Hello , and welcome to Schloss Egmating GC.
We’re on hole 4. hard dry hundred sexy guards boat sir
Carter on the avid Clements like the professional here and I’ll Felix the
manager Tony the main man and myself right – yeah 160
island green about a nine a nine iron Wow yeah that’s why I think you’ve
zapped wrong put some music on in the background yeah like a little foie gras I’m very silent oh wow wow this should
have been the main you just can’t get this stuff very close I just can’t get
the staff oh good job there’s a there’s no water right on that line of the flag
it’s 160 166 Allah yeah that’s one six doing nice down this data is downhill
into end no oh it’s down we know it was in some wind house feeling wind in my
face WH but shining go insane you yeah a times plenty I just hope we don’t
get a splash hey you’d be quiet’ number 49 into my father’s mind what’s all this
we about be the right Club yeah well don’t
partner good shot who’s it gents there is the new captain captain of the team like all I spin seeking oh my lovely
shop which I’m was hot 1899 good club selection a good club
selection but my own partner but right flex you see on the other
thing unless I chip in time problem cast kind or blue Carter’s has just stopped
short of the water has it he’s got a lot of green to work with
let’s see what I can do oh it’s looking nice it’s your day today Carter now that so
Felix up first from the front of the green have you seen any break a little
bit from left to right and he’s kind of going up the hill undulating green in
the middle it’s not easy particularly for pace then and a good bit left the
pace just beat the break I think I think the pace just beat the break right Pilar that’s a good strong just a good strong
to pop come on top like you think this is going to go in let’s see Oh – puts not that this green yeah so
sacred okay clemont’s for the wind and to get
to the parties – – – uh-huh look take it away power is in one
of these Fletch go on me I’ve got the camera you might you might
as well get the part first this is nothing this lights just straight up the
hill boom yep you got this yes well dude that’s the first half of
the day so it takes us to 3-2 on penalties we both scored double Bob like
double double dog like hole number five 540 meters so easily reachable in two
four all excuse me for me it’s a pitching wedge but I think you can get
away with a 9-iron so straight up towards the trees in the distance it’s gonna – right okay down the left
now it’s four shutter all right Fletch just go a little bit left to my ball yeah try and keep it as close as you can
to the left side okay that’s okay not too close great shot poetry in motion I’m going on
there it’s it just a little bit to the right with me
to be hooky yeah no danger there whatsoever
I’ve got a feeling Felix she’s just gonna unleash one though
ah great shot best one of the lot great shot or played okay so up to the
fairway we got flat she’s got a long long way into the fly this is a absolute
monster of a hole so those mounds there is that they’re at about 220 so it’s
gonna be hittin Highbridge to the just kind of left side of them Felix just a
little bit further up Clemons there to the right I’ll see my boy yeah but I
think I’m just a bit further up to the riser off
okay let’s with the old hybrid trustee trustee hybrid a little bit of ground before ball five
would yeah five would is out from the raw our perfect just chasing it down the
middle of the fairway just there a good shot well bite okay Felix what we got in
hand rescue hybrid yeah yeah playing over the mounds or left of it just left
okay let’s see what happens yeah that’s okay phone casters of you
Tony he’s got a good lie lights with maybe a five positional play No yeah good shot madam hi he’s got the
line locked in 165 so yeah that’s how far this par 5 is it’s a long par 5
we’re going straight can’t see the Flex we can’t see the ball Lambo going
straight over these mounds here in front perfect that’s good it’s on the right line is it
the right strike we got a we got we got a thumbs up and
under green good shot flats okay so third shot for Felix how what
yardage do we have or meter each one 27 9 a.m. is that I too much okay I can
never convert there’s just a random guess okay just look into the left side of the flag
we might see it come down chipping a pot for mr. green some long hole this wedge
in hand pitching much 140 yes it is yeah I think it’s in the bunker so I got
Clemens he’ll be around about a hundred yards away
it’s got good good angle into the flack into the green
I see we can put this one close sounded solid ah there it is back right might be a bit
of a tricky pop but good good distance control all right 60 degree okay when you pluck
yeah grass it’s okay I’ve got a really easy putt from there it’s not Sanders
your child huh yeah it doesn’t sell for me your drink
benefit not for me the Sun chipping in for birdie says nicely ah great affair well done well done right I’m D down there knees and up and
down he’s a chip in it I’ll surely come hard luck
yeah I’m not really looking forward to this pot but I might even do a phil
mickleson and chipper it’s a mess up that was from me with a wedge in hand a
bit too aggressive with my bunker shot lemons for a birdie
ha good effort ok so team Deutschland in for paws flat
needs two pots for the half hey one pot for the win one pot for the window hey
Fletch he’s got to come right how would we explain this port so he’s got to come
over the ridge here which would go up and then down the hill from right to
left then up again there and then it flattens out so nice it’s pretty
straight really straight I’ll just tough it with my foot it’s coming down the
hill follow the little Ridge around two pots when I ask you much all right so that means it’s gonna hit
it hard which means you know ten foot that’s very low extremely low that was a the path for the har and that much goes to three three it’s
it is all square level pegging through five holes okay so six holes straight
down bill gets a little bit narrower it’s the further you starts to go so
visually from here looks very very good green just opt on a kind of an elevation
there so it’s gonna be interesting all about the tee shot here keeping it in
play wool clothes bass hooky to the right
side it’s a good angle I was thinking that actually that’s my perfect love to
stop it it stops better much place situation put the pressure on first I was just hanging out there as well I’m
not going to seat down properly don’t think oh there is yeah just see they’re
here you’re just in the rough is it okay yeah seems okay all right partner no problem no free wood stinger watch these reason
from you yes good shot sir well played ut-oh good
shot got that I don’t know about happy
journey tired man you need two pills no need to have it any good hell is it
yeah really nice Funko waiting for you because your love bunkers beauty okay
okay against sticks from everywhere today all directions
apart from Felix is a nice guy shot yeah looks good yeah yeah that’s good yeah
seeing it bounding on give it fine you’ll be fine
two hundred five meters it’s a 5-wood as well I like the way you’re playing it
yeah you’ve got a perfect view of the short shot yeah exactly the holler came
to my vibe you can be aggressive now to fly this is why you’re not a coach bad advice all right so this is a
long-haul 201 yards for Fletch uphill into the wind no problem
grab that hybrid you’ve got to 220 got to 15 to run out of green so it’s
playing you’ve got full hybrid into that bear backspin when it lands as well wants to put it into this hand you’ve
got this nice smooth hybrid come on here Fletch right on the flag
what’s the strike that was Richard come on you even all the way calorie Galloway
go even read the slope I’m pretty happy with that so you should be a Lawson all
right Felix is up next so he’s got a long I need something similar probably
around about a 180 190 yardage coming out of the roof that looks goods just on this right side
what a great job very nice never drive a hole for you this great
shot I – yeah the wind just pushed it to the right what yard is if you got 144
144 drop this down you’re good at Shepard I it does some awesome 7-iron
ships come on move out the way good all right go on
yeah well done well done that’s very good from there chip on one pot good
stuff two putts like it what your art is have
you got or meter 120 120 meter uphill into the wind you can do it Clarence
come up stayed a little out to the left interesting I was just saying I don’t
think Felix that she does any work you know so when this video goes out on the
website yeah fair I think like uber and and the
management are gonna be having a weird because you just playing on the golf
course all the time he’s never in the office they’re really office Tsugumi is
it easy when you hear that rescue into degree long last I’ve had a bit of bit
of joy bit of joy I feel like this this for a penalty no yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah pro-v you’re evil huh yeah but this bit left right up the hill don’t leave
it short they say no come on come on yeah it’s great great
distance oh really good now knock out it doesn’t want his
baddies out of cars about to one over for the day that is the end of part 2
massive thank you to AG matin golf club absolutely fantastic golf club
thoroughly enjoyable big thank you to Felix n Clements for coming on camera as
well his income versus Germany joiners in
party vs. England Germany vs. England its 4-3 on penalties with three holes to
go his temps yeah the more this gets into it the English just buckled
standard on penalties you know guys please subscribe to the channel follow
us on the social media platforms all the social media handles pragma thing is
whether in the scription below and we’ll see you over in part three come on

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