down my name is Miss McGillicuddy
and today we’re history box forts and box fort creation the history of early
box fort creation today’s lesson leonardo de cardboards theory of tape
logan Papa Jake learned the theory of tape a long time ago okay this history
class is spooky here Jake come on man where’s your notebook open that’s the
thing switch to take my notes on this bad boy and play support man where we
dropping boys gee you can’t do that the teachers gonna see just taking notes no
no no I’m just taking history notes that it’s the future yeah no no first warning for sure this
going my note takers going away I’m just gonna listen here and enjoy history
class all right where was I preheater was if I get right by her face
Oh me just warning it could have been Logan and was it long and it was you
that’s warning number two mr. one more and I’m sending you straight to
detention okay yeah no no second warning uh won’t happen again this particular
code yeah I promise all right where was I closet are gonna get us kicked out of
this class and go inside check it out don’t seven year for once you just pay
attention man suit yourself I’m going in whoa this place is cool so much stuff in
here huh Wow aesthetic it’s not a portable griller
no way I cook food on this yeah that might come in handy I miss breakfast detention you’ve heard sent me there
before no I’m sending you to maximum-security detention that we have
that that’s a thing Justin stated by our brand-new principal principal Pete and
it looks like he’s coming right about now the
principal so it’s principal feet oh he’s so dreamy
looks like you’re going to detention bro maximum-security detention uh okay I’ve
heard about your shenanigans Papa Jake but I’m the new principal around here
and you don’t want to mess around with me bro oh okay all right Papa Jake
you’re coming with me now okay so what where is this maximum-security prison
it’s back here come on okay Oh it’s like a like a prison cell okay am I getting
out again when you learn your lesson Jake I think I’ve learned my lesson I
don’t want to be in here no no don’t go don’t go please high on you Papa Joe no
no no no no no where you going please let me out let me out guys it looks like we are in detention
but this is a normal detention this is some sort of maximum-security detention
the likes of which I’ve never seen before you know Papa Jake is escaped
from detention before it’s not so bad probably it’s gonna be in here for what
like an hour two hours I’ll just I’ll just lie here and enjoy my time in here
they all say who are you oh my name is Willie I’m in the cell next to you
Willie who are you are you in detention – nope but in almost 60 years 60 years
no no no wait well Willie you got you gotta be joking I own the 60 years this
isn’t prison this is detention Willie what do you mean maximum-security
detention this should be like an hour not 60 years well anyway it’s not much
doing here maybe we could be friends Willie that’s great I would love to be
friends with you but no no I’m not staying in here for 60 years okay if
anything Papa Jake’s gonna escape from this I’ve escaped from far worse all
right I’ve been up against the Baron okay have a seat kid prisons I can
escape maximum-security detention Oh Oh trod on the bottom you’ll sell us
club drawn he didn’t even got very far did he
really look there’s got to be a way out of here okay I just I’ve got to figure
it out looking in if you help me I can help you out as well really I get us
both out of here oh well in the meantime we can play a game look look maybe like
I spoil Willie no I don’t want to play iSpy really okay I want to break out of
this prison was something bro Willie we’re surrounded by cardboard of course
you Spy something Brown hey look guys we cannot we cannot stay in here there’s
got to be a way to get out of here all right this new principal Pete has me
locked up in some sort of prison cell all right this is a detention and nobody
calls it maximum-security detention but now this is a prison I’m getting out of
here I’m telling everyone what he’s doing here and Willie I’m helping you
out it’s got to be a way to get out of here something because I look for clues
look for something in here I can use there’s always something in these
prisons some way to get out of here we have here Cola some tape looks like some
sort of power box and okay all right that’s that’s the toilet oh that smells
that that smells really really bad oh hi you wanna you wanna come here and see
something up something to show you what do you have to show me it’s so secret
you gotta come closer okay it what what is it Willie what do you want to show me
who’s in a little closer okay Willie I don’t have time for games what is it wooden six tiers to do that one I have
Willie this isn’t funny okay I’m trying to figure out a way to get us out of
here a code two though there’s no way to get out thus God kept on scratch and
destruction scrub construction everyday I told him there’s no way out but he
just kept going but Willie what do you mean scratching scratching scratching
where was he scratching shelf
this guy’s there might be something behind here if there was someone in here
before me he may have found a way out of here don’t know though if he did find a
way out wouldn’t principle Peter sealed it off or found a way to stop it it’s
worth a shot if you are gonna get out of here the only way that we can get out
that I can see is through that door but look there’s some sort of key lock here
well did you know anything about this key do you know where we could find a
key to get out of here I don’t know much but I did hear principal pate talking
about some extra keys in a storage locker I did perfect okay all right
could you just find a way to the storage locker
maybe that’s what the guy before me to me maybe whoever was in here before me
knew that he could find the key to get out of here Bruce some sort of
passageway right it’s worth a shot come on let’s try and move this thing scratches I feel the scratches maybe the
wall what happened to him when I hold them scratching a lot and then I heard
principal Pete come in and take them out you got lots of trouble for trying to
break outta here that’s why Willie just sits here and doesn’t do anything
bully don’t do anything against the rules oh okay Willie all right guys look
whoever did this whoever was trying to break through this wall knew something
maybe this wall leads to the extra storage locker maybe there’s a way
through here to get to the key and get out of this prison it’s worth a shot and
it’s our only way out and just get through here somehow just find something
to break down the wall then take this can of coca-cola it’s pretty strong
maybe I can make like a makeshift hammer or something it’s pretty loose from the
toilet perfect now if I can use the extra tape that I found in here I might
be able to make a makeshift hammer and break through that wall all right here
we go extremely simple but should get the job done we’re gonna break out here
though are you gonna get by the security cameras Willie what do you what do you
mean security cameras how do you know all
this they got some security cameras down in those shops and plus it’s a 10-foot
drop down there in a drop and a drop of over ten feet I’m not gonna be able to
drop down that far without some sort of safety harness
they see me on the security camera they’ll instantly alert principal Pete
he’ll walk me back up and maybe put me in an even worse prison all right guys
it looks like even if I’m able to break through this wall I’m gonna need some
sort of harness to get down there and then something to seal the security
cameras or break them silly string Willie can I have your silly string
Willie please everyone walked with a silly string when I show them you can’t
have it but really no no please please please I
need the silly string okay so only way I’m gonna get out of here Oh totally
what if you beat me in a game of spa give us really strict Willy do you spike
our board Oh soaks you gonna all right Thank You Willy look I promise you I’ll
get you out of here push it through there you go
almost got it perfect okay all right we got some silly string to block out the
cameras now all we need to do is get down there see what this underground
shaft looks like the only other thing we’ll need is some sort of rope or
harness but I guess we can figure that out once we get this wall up and I have
no idea if this is even gonna be enough to break down the wall it’s pretty
broken three two one there we go it’s working okay all right okay oh I think
we use the hammer to its maximum capabilities we have a leaky hammer see
what kind of drop this is all right creepy shaft with overgrown leaves and
they a little bit of a drop okay all right well at least we have
something to block of the security camera now all we need is some sort of
rope to get us down here maybe I could use the wires in here to lower myself
down to break into the security box and by the looks of it my hammers well
pretty much done it’s only one one place I haven’t checked
I know I don’t want to go no no I can’t do it I can’t do it I can’t I can’t look
in the toilet even if it has the perfect thing to open that that’s really gross
it’s the only place I haven’t checked maybe there’s something someone dropped
something in the toilet and maybe I can use it to open up this okay here we go
here goes nothing there’s definitely a lot of stuff in here something’s moving
it make something move okay something’s moving in here wait something metal
that’s gonna lost in here hold on Oh looks like it’s that old knife
probably was used for food all right I might be able to use this guys to pry it
bolts all right it’s worth a shot got it
nice one off three more to go perfect not the last time now should be I’ll
just break this wall down here goes nothing oh there we go that’s not good
oh all right well looks like I ripped the power out and the emergency lights
are on now so if that doesn’t alert someone I don’t know what will but I got
ourselves some wiring all right now all I need to do is make a makeshift harness
and I should be able to drop down there once down there spray the security
camera with our silly string grab the key and get out of here we’ll be back
home playing for tonight in no time huh this is McGillicuddy won’t even know I’m

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