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Everton’s origins. 1878. They originally used
to play football at Saint Domingo’s. It’s where I live, it was actually a methodist
church on Breckfield Road. It was actually the Australian cricket team that started Everton
Football Club. To keep them fit so that they could play cricket
during the summer and then association football took off at that time.
We originally played at Anfield. The club actually began over that fence over there.
The dairy field, some call it Anfield. You have got a million and one different sorts
of interpretations of history of what happened over the rent thing and we get called rent
dodgers and they get called the landlords. We decided that we weren’t going to have any
of it in the 1890’s so we re-located and we moved out and moved to Goodison Park. They went to the fans to build the place because
they had no money obviously so carpenters and roofers and painters actually gave their
labour in building the original Goodison Park. Goodison Park is the home of the peoples club.
This is a church as well as a football ground. There is an actual church in the corner of
it. We have got Goodison Road, Bullens Road, Park End and the Gwladys Street stand. Archibald
Leitch created this stadium. His signature is still on the inside of it in the cross-beam
design, it’s an actual trademark design. We were the first four-sided ground, then
we were the first double-decker four-sided ground. I think we’ve been the first and the
last of a lot of things. For a while Everton were the foremost team
in the city. We won our first FA Cup in 1906, SandyYoung scored the goal. Then World War
One was declared on us as champions, it happened to us twice. The Dixie Dean days. Dixie Dean
is Mr. Everton, he is our standards and who we attain to be. He has taught our children
and grandchildren what it means to be the best and to just love the Toffees. He never
ever ever for a minute wanted to play for anybody else anywhere, that’s the point. All
the time he was getting bags and bags of goals. Everton were actually accepted as the premier
club in football at that time. What happened was Dixie walks out one door and Tommy Lawton
the boy wonder of English football comes in the next door. He is just as good. Dixie schools
him and we within two years we win the league, that’s after Dixie leaves and they say at
that point, that is the greatest English side there has ever been. And then World War was
declared on us again, so then we stagger out of the second world war and instead of being
champions we are now also-rans and it takes us fifteen years to get back to where we were. There are plenty of trophies in the trophy
cabinet. The Division one and two, FA Cup, the European Cup winners’ cup. The kids all
go on about swag now, well we had swag in those days because people knew that when they
came here they had a graft on. We had a proper side. It didn’t have the holy trinity or the beauty
and pristine but it had magnificence. Neville Southall was the greatest goalkeeper to ever
draw breath. That was the school of science for many people. It was a quote that was bestowed on them.
It was a term applied by a journalist. It’s a philosophy of football. It’s a methodology,
it’s a mantra, it’s not just eleven men on the park, it’s beauty but it’s also standards
and morals and family. It’s doing things right, that’s what it is. We are about a week and a half from going
to a derby match and the week before and after derby week one club will have bragging rights
and the last thing you want is it to be the other club. I just want to get there and have it be gone.
It probably is my least favourite game of the season. I don’t like them. I hate them,
I hate them home or away, I live 400 yards away from Liverpool. You get lots of banter
the week before, everybody at work is talking about it. As I am walking the shops or I go
to County Road for a sandwich or something twenty people will be saying we are going
to get battered but that’s just the way it is. I love it, that’s part and parcel of it.
These are not particularly macho lads, this could be your mum or nan or something. I have been in a band with Liverpool fans
all of my life and we are friends first. There is no hatred as such, there are a few weirdos
but you will always get that. The majority of the time there is a grudging respect. The rivalry these days is very different to
what it used to be. I remember going to derby matches in the 70’s and 80’s that weren’t
segregated. You used to be able to go to Anfield and stand
on the Kop as an Everton fan. It policed itself in some sort of respect.
Now there is segregation at Anfield and it’s an entrenched mentality. There is a whole
generation of kids who have grown up and not known standing or sitting in Anfield in and
amongst their supporters. I still think that is the last great inter-rivalry,
it’s all day and it is a fabulous game. One of the current terrace chants is the school
of science is on its way back. There is a great tradition and we want to
play football. Roberto Martinez came in, hardly touched anything and we were playing champagne
football within weeks. Martinez seems to have fit the Everton philosophy. It’s like a long lost glove, it sort of just
fits. There is a great sense of togetherness at the club and Roberto Martinez has actually
enhanced that. He wants me to sign up for Everton. I want to see the kids win a trophy. I don’t
care what it is, I want to see these children dancing in the street. It’s not all about
the winning, it’s about the coming together of the club. We want to be a club under Martinez
who win, get back to the top but do it in the style that we are used to. We were one
of the last great footballing tribes, if you look at every other Premier League club, the
way they operate in business we are probably more connected to our past than most other
clubs. It is very important for every football fan
to ask themselves the question, what is football for? What is the type of football club that
you would like to see? I am not saying this in an arrogant way that we are different than
everyone else and we will always be different. That is why we call ourselves the last of
the mohicans, because I am sure one day we will be joining them at that fireplace.

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