Every Time I Win A Hole He Takes A Club Out Of My Bag

Every Time I Win A Hole He Takes A Club Out Of My Bag

– pretty good shots from the Zac here bit of trouble down all righty we are here at Inverness
Country Club Country Club or Golf Club this is my boy
Marshal he runs the show out here pretty much yeah kinda kind of been here
for a few years yeah so appreciate you having me out good to have you up we’ve
got a fun round and challenge you know course vlog ish type video today so here
are the ground rules we’re gonna play nine holes match play
no strokes will be given however every time I win a hole Marshall gets to steal
a club out of my bag gone for the remainder of the round never to return
and Marshalls clubs will stay in his bag for the whole nine holes so yeah that’s
that’s the deal your thought that’s the deal you know I’ve got a little bit of a
strategy I think you’re gonna be surprised that when my strategy is I
think a lot of people would assume a certain way to go with what clubs I’m
gonna take but I’m going a little different method here so we’ll see once
we get into that assuming you win any holes get to take any clubs trashed
counting on Zach one a few holes you know some of us work for a living Zach
plays golf for a living so we got to do something even though it’s not about you
even it out here so what we’re gonna see what happens
alrighty yes we’re gonna go ahead and take you to the first tee well we’re
here we’re just kind of sitting in the cart next to the tee box hole number one
we’re gonna be playing the front nine here at Inverness ready to tee it up and
you never want to lose a club but I want to lose a club here on the first hole
let’s go number one here are four plays just under 400 yards from this tee
marker I’m gonna go ahead and let Marshall let it fly pretty straight bar
for just a little to the right but you know pretty dead straight down central bleating just a little right but kicked
right on down the hill should be just fine that was hammer by the way marshals ball
landed somewhere right up in there rolled down he’s right down here in the
fairway I don’t know if you can see it there it is right there
Marshall has about 125 yards here middle pin he has hit it well left side two pretty good shots from the zaxxar
here there’s still two putts left here so we’ll see what happens not a bad role this is a cut to lose a
golf club that is gonna be one golf club down but we are one up tweeter on the
first hole alright so a lot of people would think you take the driver
what’s up thought about the problem is I could take the driver but then Zach
would just use his bluff stinger Club and still put it out there to 80 to 90
whatever so I’m actually thinking opposite I’m starting the other end I’m
gonna start taking wedges so we’re gonna get rid of the old lob wedge first
however one caveat Marshall cannot take my putter it’s the only Club you can’t
touch and that Club is in there it’s gone we have Marshall here about 250 yards
out he hit it very well leaking just a bit right oh it just clip
those tree branches kick down to the left though should be just fine found
our ball it is sitting down in the rough have a little over 200 left to the green
probably gonna be a flier let’s give her a rip there’s probably landed there’s the hole
it trickled all the way off the back it did lien firm I was 230 yards actually
chose to hit a 7-iron from back there just off the back decent look here
however no 60 degree that would be very useful right now and we’re gonna have to
go with our sand wedge Marshall has about 65 yards left here
for his third shot coming in on a great line whoa what a shot we’ll firm 54-degree doesn’t quite the
loft of the 60 had some technical difficulties here someone called me it
stopped the recording did not capture me making the birdie putt here on to
Marshall here for birdie see if he can’t tie me no pressure he has got ice in his veins oaks ice in
his veins folks Marshall has come to play today yeah
make it easy on you 155 yard par 3 number 3 hold it just a little bit we’ll take it
then hi this is me that’s Marshall three for Marshall that had some break to it didn’t quite
see that ready for me all right so we’ve got a
par 4 here dogleg to the left playing around 370 a little less than driver
needed here I got a feeling we might be seeing a stinger from Zach adding a little right should kick down
for him what do you got Marsh 161 not he is down
here and the rough right about there 161 hopefully doesn’t catch a flier back edge of the grain not too bad I
might have caught a little bit of a flier oh I thought that was so good a little
short yeah just a little short there’s four I am landed right about there just
trickled down the hill not a bad shot just a little short Marshall is there on
the back edge right there lengthy putt ahead that one looks like it’s gonna come up
just a bit short got a little work to do from there for his bar are for me on to number five
we’ve got a 2 up lead all right it’s not to get rid of this finger Club really just to say that you’re fine when you’re
not really fine that you just can’t well that would have been really good if I
had recorded it okay Marshalls a little disappointed with me
best drive of the day from him right down central and I forgot to hit record
he hit it very well this is a par 4 how far is this hole Marsh 398 is on the
plate right there driver in hand dead straight away goes up and then back down
the hill we’re in trouble that was right I said
no Latrice we’ve got some scrambling ahead yes 145 pitching wedge in hand
down the hill about you know 5 to 7 yards for everybody at home comment
below what club would you hit here kind of lost it in the Sun zoom in to
see if we can’t see it did not see it maybe just a hair left I believe
possibly in that bunker Oh leave good sit down we’re coming right through those trees
right there as you can see from the video landed a bit long almost out of
bounds but we are in need to get this up and down not too bad with the sand wedge no 60 as
an option had to lay that sandwich wide open there’s gonna be slow straight up
the hill and 18 feet 20 feet left that was a really bad read yeah thought
that was going a little left in it uh when I’m alright
that would be a bogey 5 for me here on five not I had you my heart was pounding
right there – up through five four to play stay in the air well short left par
three number six hundred ninety yards stair club’s gone lob wedge is gone
7-iron in hand should be a go zone and we’ll see what we got good shot there’s where it landed
take that didn’t really want to miss it left didn’t have a whole lot of green to
work with there that is pretty good right there this would be a devastating
putt for Marshall to see this one drop and it’s going to why was Marshall taken out of their own
wedge another wedge is gone two wedges and stinger Club par for straightaway number seven are for a little over 350
yards from this tea box dead straight away driver and hand just short of the green just like we
drew it up Marshall 85 yards left here a little wedge in hand a little long back edge that other ball
right there is matt logsdon he joined us for a few holes we’ve got a couple bad mysteries however
we’re gonna top that in we just need the two pot from there that’s support par 4
and I do believe that is the match sir marshals stare me down right there
off-camera so yeah we’re done oh yeah that got me there you know started off
hitting it okay I had a couple rough shots there in the middle
I had a bogey and a birdie one over and Zach closed me out after seven holes so
it wasn’t too disappointed being Iowan over through seven and that was wrong in
the birdies on me so the birdie on six was very pivotal in the match very
pivotal yes that that was a big one that was a bit so three and two this match is
done let us know in the comments below would you like to see this in an 18-hole
match because I do believe the further in this match that it goes the more
difficult it would get on me for sure I think so I think you know think after a
few more holes because I’ve gotten a couple more wedges out her hand may be a
little more difficult I do believe coming in
yeah the wedges we’re dropping like flies there towards the end and you know
that was a lot of fun let me know if this is a challenge type match that you
all enjoyed logs is over there just striped showing it by the way just
hitting it straight down central here on number 8 it’s a par 5 unfortunately
you’re not gonna see it in this video but I’m hoping to do a couple more
YouTube videos out here at Inverness thanks so much Marsh for having me out
here was a lot of fun roll the rock on a couple holes and then really didn’t roll
the rock on a couple holes definitely some miss Reed’s for sure had a lot of
fun hope you all enjoyed if you did please drop a like down below subscribe
below and comment what you like to see in future posts would be greatly
appreciated and y’all until next time no man supports you

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