Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base vs. Fanatec Clubsport Wheel Base V2 [deutsch|german|english CC]

Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base vs. Fanatec Clubsport Wheel Base V2 [deutsch|german|english CC]

Welcome back to my YouTube channel. I added english subtitels. Please notice, that english isn´t my mother tongue 😉 A few weeks after my Fanatec CSL Elite review passed by and I got some new Simracing stuff to be tested. I orderd Fanatecs high end Club Sport Wheel Base V2 to compare it with Fanatecs new CSL Elite Base. Also one of the favourite GT wheels named Fanatec BMW M3 GT2 will be tested on both Wheel Bases. As you can see on the right hand Oculus Rift CV1 arrived @ my homebase. We´ll talk about Virtual Reality @ Simracing in one of my next reviews. Content of this prospective review will be comparing Simracing @ monitor vs. Simracing @ Virtual Reality. First lets compare designs and choice of materials of both Wheel Bases , before doing some tracktests. I tested Fanatec CSL Elite P1, Fanatec Club Sport Formula and Fanatec Club Sport BMW M3 Rim on both Wheel Bases. The most significant intention was to share my perceptions objectively after testing both Wheel Bases parallel for about 2 months. Both Wheel Bases are equipped with the same Wheel Hub. All Fanatec Club Sport Rims can be used on both Wheel Bases. Fanatecs CSW V2 haptical feedback is just awesome. To be fair I´d like to mention, that the price of CSW V2 is about twice compared to CSL Elite Wheel Base. Converting of CSL Elite is pretty good and convenient and I`d call it solid. CSW V2 material selection is predominated by metal. This optical and haptical feedback is still unrivaled. Viewing Fanatecs CSW V2 Wheel from above manufacturing is just awesome. Ventilation of CSL Elite is managed with one fan placed in top of the Wheel Base. CSW V2 Wheel Base was supplemented with a fan on the left side of the case. Size of both Wheel Bases is similar. Both Wheel Hubs are constructed in the same way. Haptical and optical advantages for CSW V2 Wheel Base in succession of using high quality materials. Same layout of connections to pedals, shifters, USB and power supply on both Wheel Bases. Fanatec CSL Elite did a step forward implementing LEDs in top of the Wheel Base. Check out the tool “FANALEDS”, to get LEDs running with different Simracinggames. Start Button is placed on the right side of both Wheel Bases. An extra button was added to CSL Elite Base, to switch between XBOX and PC mode. Pressing different buttons on the rim allows you changing between these to modes on CSW V2 Base. CSL Elite Base contains a table clamp, which has to be extra ordered for CSW V2 Base (costs about 50-60,-). If your Wheel Base will be mounted on a Simracing Rig or Playseat for example … … you got this working by using three standardized mounting points. Before returning to our tracktest I want to introduce the tool Fanaleds. Get this software for free to configure your LEDs on Elite Wheel Base or LEDS directly on the Rim. I tested Fanaleds with different Simracing games and its simply running perfect out of box after installation. Use this detailed tool setting different things as you like. Just check it out. Its for free and really makes sense in combination with Fanatec Simracing periphery. Back on track with Fanatecs CSL Elite Base and Fanatec Club Sport Formula Rim. Lets drive some Barcelona Catalunya rounds @ Assetto Corsa using new Porsche DLC. Diameter of this Fomula Rim is about 27 centimetres. Fanatecs CSL Elite Base got enough power to handle this wheel diameter without any problems. Forcefeedback can be used comfortable in succession of high bandwith of Forcefeedbackpower up to 6 Newtonmeter. This kind of wheel is exactly what you want to use when driving open wheel cars. It also makes sense using this type of wheel with GT cars for example. The advantage of quick wheel reactions as a result of low wheel diameter is very satisfying. Check out these LEDs running on Wheel Base and Rim using Fanaleds Simracing tool. Most frequently I was running Fanatecs Club Sport BMW M3 GT2 Rim on both bases. I wanted to analyze behaviour using rims with 30 cm diameter and above on both contrahents. Generally I`d also approve Fanatecs CSL Elite Base if using wheels with higher diameters like Fanatec Club Sport BMW M3 or Porsche 918 Rim. Compared to low diameter wheels your sense of driving increases in case of using rims with diameters of 30 cm and above. In fairness I have to mention that your Forcefeedbackpower decreases in cause of using high wheel diameters as a consequence of physical facts. In my opinion Fanatecs CSL Elite Base generates enough Forcefeedbackpower to handle wheels with diameters of about 32-33 cm. Just switched to Fanatecs Club Sport Wheel Base V2 to feel out something about different behaviour. To let you know if additional charge is comprehensible to performance, I did a lot of testing on different tracks using different cars. On of my favoured test scenarios were driving one hour Nordschleife and switching between to Wheel Bases. Running CSW V2 base I noticed that Forcefeedbackpower is stronger than CSL ones. If I had to quantify this comparison, I´d rate it as a Plus of about 20 % Forcefeedbackpower. Don`t get me wrong, I`m not talking about another dimension of Forcefeedbackpower, but its definetely noticeable. If you running wheels like Club Sport Formula or CSL Elite P1 Rim with diameters up to 30 cm … … this 20% increase of CSW V2 Forcefeedbackpower is negligible. Using Rims like Fanatec BMW M3 or Porsche 918 Rim with diameters of 32-33 cm, + 20% Forcefeedbackpower of CSW V2 gets appreciable. Dont get me wrong, CSL Elite also manages big wheel diameters, but CSW V2 increases your forcfeedbackexperience. Back to Forcfeedback again … CSL Elite is quantified with a torque of 6 Nm refering to Fanatecs datasheet. So I`d estimate the torque of Fanatecs CSW V2 Wheel Base at about 7,5 up to 8 Nm. When running long term tests I noticed a little bit more transparent Forcefeedback of CSW V2 Wheel Base refering to trackfeedback and other effects. When talking about both Wheel Bases this dialogue takes place on a really high level. Fanatecs CSL Elite does a really good job refering to Forcefeedbackpower and Forcefeedback transperency … … but its still noticeable that Fanatecs spearhead CSW V2 increases performance at about 20%. Performance is in the eye of the beholder, who has to balance reasons concerning his application area. Enthusiasts are going to snatch Fanatecs CSW V2 Wheel Base. After finishing these laps well try to come to an conclusion. CSL Elite Wheel Base or CSW V2 Base … thats the question. I´ll try to express my thoughts objective and accurate as possible. At he moment it isnt possible to acquire more simracing quality for your bucks than with Fanatecs CSL Elite Series. Fanatec created a fanatastic product which is purchasable since a few weeks. Check out my Fanatec CSL Elite Hands on Review on my YouTube channel, where I introduced this Wheel Base and Pedals in a detailed Videoreview. Plus factor is compatibility with all these high end replika rims of Fanatecs Club Sport product line up. You cant get more simracing experience on high levels than with Fanatecs CSL Elite Wheel Base and I`d rate this price as very moderate. Some of you may ask yourselves if contemplabling extra charge for CSW V2 Base makes really sense. I`d justify spending extra money for Fanatecs CSW V2 Base to purchase a unique feature in case of fanatastic haptical and optical experience. I tested a lot of wheels during last years but Fanatecs CSW V2 Wheel Base marks the leading position well spaced out. Referring to Forcefeedbackpower and transparency I`d rate Fanatecs CSW V2 Base about 20% above Fanatecs CSL Elite Base. Its recognizeable when using Rims with 30 cm diameter and above. This double investment can be necessary for enthusiastic simracers. Apart from optical, haptical and highest achievable Forcefeedbackpower, youre deciding to a well price relationship product called Fanatec CSL Elite Series. Please check out my detailed Textreview about Fanatecs Wheel Base comparison … … follow the link in my video description. Furthermore contact me at my 3D Vision – Virtual Reality – 3D Gaming “Blog” @ Sign in for free and give some feedback … every language welcome 😉 I`d be pleased if you´d subscribe my channel …. a few videoreviews around Simracing, another hardware and Virtual Reality will be next … kind regards and cu @ virtual racetrack … Ron.

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  1. Toller Vergleich. Hat mir bei der Entscheidung wirklich sehr geholfen. THX

  2. English subtitles, maybe?

  3. Nice danke sogar in deutsch, hätte ich im Leben nicht geglaubt… Wirklich cool😬

  4. Vielleicht kannst ja den gleichen vergleich machen nur mit den csl Pedalen und den clubsport pedals v3? wäre cool

  5. Edit: Added english subtitles.

  6. Hi Ron,

    habe momentan das alte Porsche GT2 Wheel von Fanatec und bin mit dem FFB ganz zufrieden. Wie muss ich mir den Unterschied zum CSL Elite Wheel mit dem BMW Rim vorstellen? Stärker oder Schwächer?

  7. Thank you for the English subtitles. That was a very good assessment of both bases and you have helped me a lot because I am due to purchase some Fanatec gear soon.

  8. I just saw you have only 39 subscribers.. That's a shame when you have
    best review of this wheel by far on youtube.. I subscribed, keep up the good work 😉

  9. Lohnt sich der Wechsel vom T500RS zum CSL Wheel und Pedals

  10. For you, what's the best choice between the CSL ELITE and the TSPC Racer (Thrustmaster) ?

  11. Im having trouble deciding between the two , should i spend the extra money and get the v3 pedals v2 base plus the bmw rim or should i get the elite base with the v3 pedals and bmw rim plus the f1 rim so hard to choose.

  12. Thank you for the english subtitles. Nice review thank you


  13. Lonht sich das upgrade vom G27 zum CSL Eite?
    Ich müsste ja die CSL ELite Base kaufen + Lenkrad + Pedale.
    Schneller wäre ich mit dem Fanatec Produkten auch nicht auf der Strecke.
    Aber es würde sich wohl realistischer anfühlen.

  14. Thank you very much for the in-depth review of both of these as well as the English subtitles. It is much appreciated. With the CSW V2 dropping in price recently I think I'm going to save just that little extra to get that one over the CSL Elite especially given the difference in details you mentioned between the two as I'll be getting the 32cm BMW wheel. Kind Regards, Chris.

  15. Compliments Ron, very nice review!

  16. Hi Ron…   I have the CSL wheel base but thinking of upgrading to V2 because I don't like the plastic shaking/rattling feeling I get when running kerbs in some games with the CSL. Do you not feel that with the V2???  Because that is my only reason for the upgrade really, besides that rattling/shaking on some kerbs, I love the CSL, best ffb ive ever used.

  17. 60€ für ne olle table clamp, also ne Schraubzwinge, ist einfach unverschämte Gier!

  18. Klasse Test! Aber… die CSL hat keinen Hall Sensor, ein T500RS oder TS Racer schon, ist das ein Vorteil für Thrustmaster im Vergleich? Oder hältst du die CSL trotzdem für besser, auch wenn die Abtastung nur optisch ist und somit die einfachere Technik? Danke.

  19. SUPER TOLL gemacht……..DANKE für die Infos……hat mir die Entscheidung viel leichter gemacht……werde doch die V2….nehmen…..Liebe grüße aus Kärnten….SERVUS….

  20. Amazing review…just watched that for a 3rd time this week.

    Some Questions . The Club Sport V2 wheel Base is compatible with Ps4 and Gran turismo Sport?

    If not do we know if Fanatec is gonna launch a Clubsport V2 for Ps4?

    Because in fanatec site there is only csl elite for Ps4 and i am afraid of buying it Now and then fanatec announces launching V2 for Ps4.

    And Last Question csl elite (xbox and pc) is the Same wheelbase in terms of power as the csl elite (Ps4 and pc)? Or the Ps4 csl is more powerfull Because its the only Base for ps4(there is no Clubsport V2 yet?)

  21. Wie steif ist der Aufbau von der CSL Elite? Flext sie ein wenig beim Fahren/Lenken? Also zum Beispiel wenn man das Lenkrad bewusst vertikal oder seitlich belasten würde..

  22. hallo hab mir jetzt aufgrund deiner Empfehlungen die CSW 2.5 bestellt

  23. Tolles Review. Es macht immer wieder Spaß dir zuzuhören und deine Meinung zu hören.Hast du schon jemanden der die CSW2.5 besitzt? Ist das nochmal ein merkbarer Unterschied zur CSW 2.0 ?
    Gruß aus Berlin

  24. Also Fanatec sollte dich mal Sponsoren. Dank dir hab ich hier ein csl Elite stehen und werde da noch einiges nachkaufen 🙂

  25. Mach doch mal bitte ein McLarenGT3 VS. F1 Wheel 🙂

  26. just the review I was looking for. thanks man keep it up

  27. sind die modi wie die dri für drift gleich wie beim 2.5

  28. Hi Ron,

    ich habe die Möglichkeit die Clubsport Base V2 (nicht 2.5) trotz abgelaufener Garantie und wenig benutzt zu erstehen. Ist das noch sinnvoll oder soll ich nach der 2.5 Ausschau halten? Ich möchte die CSL Elite ersetzen und bin unschlüssig, was ich tun soll.

    Gruß Murat

  29. Hallo Ron. Danke für dein tolles Video! Ich besitze im Moment ein Logitech g920 für Xbox un PC und möchte gerne auf die Marke Fanatec wechsenl. Was Würdest du mir empfehlen? Das CLS Elite Advanced Pack für Xbox und PC oder die CSW V2.5 Base? Lieben Dank für deine Antwort! Grüsse aus Spanien

  30. hi! i have 860 euro. i have t300rs. i whant buy fanatec csl elite ps4 with porsche 918 wheel or v2.5 with bmw wheel ?

  31. Da suche ich eine Video über den Vergleich beider Konzepte auf deutsch und treffe gleich einen Österreicher😀☺😎 super Video✌🤘

  32. hallo ! mir ist die FFB -stärke nicht so wichtig – aber ist das feeling mit der CS 2.5 besser ?

  33. CSL Elite kostet momentan 320€, ClubSport V2.5 kostet 550€. Das ist ein Preisunterschied von etwa 42%, laut deiner Aussage liegt der Leistungsunterschied jedoch lediglich bei 20%. Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis dürfte somit bei der CSL Elite liegen, oder?

    Weißt du zufällig was der Unterschied zwischen der CSL Elite für PS4 und CSL Elite V1.1 ist? Das ist ein Unterschied von 80€, ist es nur die PS4 Lizenz oder gibt es da noch andere Unterschiede?

  34. hey…….ich bin vor mehr oder weniger 10 Jahren zu fanatec gekommen….hab mir damals das gt3rs clubsport bundle mit den clubsport Pedalen geholt………über Qualität oder so Brauch ma gar ned reden…..ich hol mir jetzt ein neues wheel….soll ich mir jetzt die csw v2 mit passenden wheel oder eben die neue dd1/ps4 bundle holen????ich meine is schon nochmal a groser preis Unterschied…ich denke mit der csw v2 und 2 lenkrädern bin ich als Hobbyfahrer doch besser beraten also jetzt wida auf die nächsten 10 Jahre gesehen……was würdest du dir kaufen???

  35. Ich habe mir eine gebrauchte CSL Elite gekauft, denn der Preisunterschied zur Clubsport V2 (bzw. aktuell 2.5) spiegelt sich meiner Einschätzung nach nicht in der Mehrleistung wider. Wenn ich vor allem mit alten Autos auf engen Kursen mehr Krafteinsatz will, dann kauf ich mir vielleicht später direkt einen Direkttriebler. Das war schon in den 1980ern mit den Plattenspielern so, daß die Direkttriebler die besten waren. Mit übrigens genau denselben Vorteilen, die heute für die Wheelbases aufgezählt werden. 🙂

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