FC Schalke 04 introduces Esports

FC Schalke 04 introduces Esports

We arrived at the topic “esports” and that’s called “L O L”. I always had something else in mind when I heard that. But it is “League of Legends”! Allow me to introduce our guests a lot of guests! On one side, new to the team as of October this year, Hans Christian Dürr. Listen up, his title is “Head of Esports”. That’s Hans, Hans Christian. And to my right, or your left, you already know him, we already had him here a few times: Tim Reichert, Chief Gaming Officer! Tim, let’s be honest “Chief Gaming Officer” – that sounds a bit sexy. Yes, it really does and it sounds even sexier in a football club than in a esports organisation and I am happy about it, yes. Hans Christian, since you are here, let’s say October, do you have the feeling that a few things already changed for you? Or in the team? What does “changed” mean, we just finished putting our team together and are extremely happy and proud to be able to play for Schalke. To be able to practice with the whole team. We are benefitting from the awesome infrastructure of the club, so yeah, a few things already changed. What is up next? The contemporary projects? What is the plan at the moment? We will start into the new League of Legends season in January. We are going to play in the biggest league in Europe and on the 19th we will play our first game and that is what we are working on right now. With the biggest teams in Europe, the ten best in Europe. Tim, how do you rank yourself in there? Can you mess with the big teams? Is it possible to be one of the big teams let’s say top 4 or 5? That’s the expectation that we have. The first step for us is to be in the top 6. We want to be in the playoffs and everybody knows: everything is possible in the playoffs. After that we wanna look from game to game. But our first goal is clearly reaching playoffs. Do you have the feeling that there is a chance of you meeting the big teams before that and maybe even be able to compete with them? Yeah, that I’m sure of. We were very deliberate when we put the team together and we are believe in the team. I believe that we can compete with the top teams in the league. We will see if it’s enough for a whole season but we are cautiously optimistic. Hans Christian turn around. Look, we can see them up there. The boys, introduce them real. We didn’t plan to do that but introduce them real quick from right to left. What are their names, what are they doing? Exactly, on the rightmost side we have Oskar Bogdan, Vander, who plays Support for us. After that we have Erlend Holm a.k.a. Nukeduck, who plays Mid Lane. After that, the player that we had under contract before and the player that extended his contract with us, Upset, Elias Lipp, playing AD Carry. Next up is Milo a.k.a. Pride, who is playing in our Jungle. And Tamas is playing Top Lane for us, Vizicsacsi. On the other side is our coach who is going to represent the team on stage, André Guilhoto. Thank you very much, Hans Christian. A lot of new names and new faces, even for me. Tim, question for you the topic “Bootcamp”. Schalke or esports bootcamp. What going on there? Sounds a bit like jungle but also a bit like fighting. No, usually that’s relatively simple. If you compare it to football, it’s basically the training camp just before the season. Basically our winter training camp instead of a football player’s soccer training camp. Also, four of our players and the coaches are new to the team. They need to warm up and bond as a team and all that is happening here right now so we can be prepared for the 19th, when the season is going to start. Are you two always involved in the bootcamp. Are you there day and night? Not exactly day and night but we try to spend as much time as possible with the players so we can figure out what we need to work on if we wanna get a good start into the season. Another important part of our Bootcamp was teaching the players about Schalke for them to understand for whom they are playing for them to understand that this is not just a random team and for them to learn about the clubs traditions and values. That’s what the Bootcamp is alsop used for. We are curious about the new season, the live broadcasts on the internet are really excited, it’s crazy. Especially if you have no clue what’s going on. That’s intense. Tim and Hans, I can’t let you go without a tip on the football match. Hans Christian, Pokal quarterfinal against Cologne. Cologne is not a free win at the moment. What is your opinion? I’d say we win the thin 3 to 1. Ok, we’ll write that down. Tim? I believe that we won’t conceide a goal. It’s going to be a 2 to 0. After 90 minutes? After 90 minutes. It’s going to be short and close. Ok, thank you to you two. Good luck with the team. League of Legends esports and I say thank you for the visit!

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