FC St Pauli ⚽️🇩🇪 World’s most socialist football club

FC St Pauli ⚽️🇩🇪 World’s most socialist football club

FC St Pauli, are often referred to as the world’s most left-wing football club. Not that kind. With its stadium, the Millentor, located on
the doorstep of the city’s port and red-light district FC St Pauli has a multicultural,
working class, and alternative thinking fanbase. On match day, FC St Pauli’s devout support is reflected in not only its near 100% attendance, massively exceeding average turnouts for second division teams but also but its high percentage of female supporters adding to the famous carnival atmosphere. The fans even have their own emblem – the skull and cross bones, which originated in the 1980s when a fan brought a jolly roger flag into the stadium. A squatter’s symbol as well as, of course,
a pirate’s flag, the skull and crossbones was suitably adopted by the working class supporters living by the docks. Its fan-driven liberal ethos has seen the
club officially adopt guiding principles that emphasise: local community, social responsibility, and tolerance and respect. This has led to a focus on charity work as well as a resistance to the commercialisation of the club. For me, the club is summed up best by one
of its guiding principles; it’s something I wish more organisations, not just football clubs, would take more into consideration. “FC St Pauli is a club rooted in a city
district. It owes its identity to this and has a social and political responsibility towards the district and the people who live there.” Oh, and the fact that the team always enter the pitch with ACDC blasting into the stadium is also pretty rocking.

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  1. Thank you Garlen, very cool!

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