FC St. Pauli | Fail. Fight. Come back stronger.

FC St. Pauli | Fail. Fight. Come back stronger.

St. Pauli isn’t even posing a threat. How many shots do you need to finally score a goal? Even the biggest FC St. Pauli fans must be losing hope.

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  1. Dope ass commercial for a 2nd division club? Why didn't you make something like this for Tottenham when you still had them.

  2. Das ist nicht St. Pauli. Das ist jedes beliebige Team. Nothing new.

  3. Boycott Self Rightness UA.

  4. Under Armour dropped out of Trumps manufacturing Council in support of violent left

  5. Under Armour stocks are going down

  6. Just to let you know after having purchased well over $1000 of your products over the last couple years, I will no longer purchase any new Under Armour sportswear and will donate all my Under Armour outer garments to the Salvation Army. I do not support racism from either the extreme right or left and your company apparently thinks hatred from the Liberal Left is acceptable. I do not!
    I also do not support the Fake News attempting to destroy our President.
    I am a Veteran, an American, and I support President Trump!
    I watched the actual President Trump videos after Charlottesville and received his tweets.
    He is not the racist!
    I will no longer support Under Armour with my disposable income and will never promote your product in public. You should stick to being engaged "in innovation and sports, not politics." which you currently are!
    You receive a fail!

  7. UA all day everyday!!!!

  8. Amei esse time❤

  9. who edited this video?

  10. Wow this is dope

  11. Still not happy with you supplying military.

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