Fidget Spinner Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Fidget Spinner Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

*Whir of bearings * Oh, she’s humming! She’s ready to let loose. This is the Spin Bender Shot. LETS GOOOO! Dude Perfect What’s up guys we’re Dude Perfect welcome to fidget spinner trick shots! Here we go! This is the Spinning Ninja Star sticker! Lets Go! Whooo! The Long Blue Weird One vs. The Dollar Sign. *Cha-ching* FIGHT! Golden Snitch vs. Rainbow Trout! FIGHT! TKO! This is the spinning bounce to a buddy shot! This is the blow dart spin shot. Ladies and gentlemen this is the Ten Spin Tower. Got to start with a solid foundation. Ahhhhh The Golden Beauty. And of course to finish it off: The Purple Hoser. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Ten Spin Tower! What a beaut! This is the super-speed-spinning-spinner-strike-slamin’-smash shot! Here we go! I say we call that good. Hey, and also if you get too sweaty from sitting Indian-style too long use one of these to clean out your pits This is the Ninja Star Skeet Smasher. The Golden Beauty vs. The Dance Party! FIGHT! OFF THE TABLE! Ninja Star of Catastrophe vs. DP. 3 hour minimum spin time. (Only if you set it next to an aircraft). OFF THE TABLE! Get that weak stuff out of here! This is The Twin Toss! Got a little game for you guys. Comment below and let us know if this is the high to low or the low to high? Here we go Experienced ninjas only. This is the Kick Spin. Cory, launch me. (Cory): Gotcha. This is the Ninja Star Balcony Bottle Blaster! Nice, the bottle got blasted This is the super tall transfer toss. Coming up Cory. (Cory): Send it. What’s up guys? Thanks for watching if you’re not already a dude perfect subscriber make sure you click down here because you don’t want to miss our next video Beach stereotypes It’s going to be a good one also If you want your very own DP spinner click over here if you want to see the last video click over here Signing off for now Spin it and buy it. I’m just kidding you can if you want. We’re kind of over it. Pound it! Noggin! Later!

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  1. Absolutely no one :
    Dude and the boys : yaaaaaaa ! Let's gooooooo! @&#/@/@^

  2. The high to low – low to high somhot was just garrets shot rewinded

  3. 5:51 I thought ty would send the spinner in the pipe 😂

  4. Are you guys really humans….. love you bros

  5. Việt Nam điểm danh…👍

  6. Awasome Lifestyle. Enjoy more and more.

  7. I hope figet spinner come's back R.I.P 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖

  8. Hey this is gator pete saying i still play with my f spinner with ninja star's

  9. I think I found the real meaning of awesome

  10. I'm Vietnamese great video

  11. Bhai aisi video banane mai kitne retake lagte hai

  12. I am from VietNam I <3 dude perfect

  13. Help view my account, mister dude perfect .. thankyou

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  15. 2:11 I NEED THAT THING ❤️❤️🥰🥰😍😍

  16. Хто небудь скаже їм, що дитинство вже давно закінчилось?

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  18. 3:41 indian style? Really ty?

  19. 5:03 who else saw the edit ty never threw it back it was in reverse 😂😂

  20. Your vid is awsome

  21. Dude Perfect is the best youtubers I have ever seen😍😍😍

  22. If it has gold it wins

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  25. Are the twins brothers

  26. Alas, the algorithm will never be solved

  27. Dude perfect is a dude that’s perfect 😉

  28. Soo? Was it high to low or low to high

  29. Хули навание русское а тут англ

  30. You know they tried the candle one multiple times because it wouldn’t have that much liquid wax in it if they just lit it

  31. Я один в песне слышу "не говори"?

  32. I found a fidget spinner gathering dust in a corner while I was searching for something… Now I’m playing with it, while contemplating life and the sorrow of fleeting trends.

  33. Daaaammmm man ur Aowosm 🤟🤟🤟

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  38. У меня одного это в рекомендациях в конце августа 2019?

  39. What was the audio on 2:30?

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  44. Молодцы ребята! А на моем канале кот крутит спиннер

  45. In 5:05 you can see a video which is playing backwards

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  48. wow really cool i love this video

  49. The music is seriously annoying

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  51. Giúp mình nhé bạn cảm ơn nhiều ạ

  52. It’s high to low

  53. By far the most skill of any trick shot video they do, it is insanely hard to catch those things


  55. Who just realized dp is the same upside down

  56. It’s the low to high

  57. Spinning bounce to a buddy

  58. It is high to low and low to high

  59. Quem e br e gosta de assistir de like

  60. You are always perfect , very cool

  61. Was it high to low or low to high comment high to low like low to high i think it was low to high


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