FIFA 17 – Manchester United F.C. Player Tournament – ft . Pogba, De Gea, Rooney, Martial

FIFA 17 – Manchester United F.C. Player Tournament – ft . Pogba, De Gea, Rooney, Martial

Let’s start Good luck I swear I’m in. I swear I’m in. I’m in. Pogba, my mate! Pogba, my buddy! Referee My buddy Again, again Cross, cross I see this Pass, pass Pogba! Daley (Blind)! C’mon my friend I never lose the ball Well done sone, well done son What a tackle! I’ve got this, I’ve got this Youngy! Youngy! Did you see that? Finish! What is that? What is that? Do we win?|-Yeah We just didn’t put the ball in|the back of the net And they scored the goal Keep practicing Yeah Thank you Give me that! No champagne? Champagne… no?

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  1. why Egyptian league isn't in FIFA's all parts

  2. Ronney MI MI MI )))

  3. pogba is the best😂😂😂👏👏👏

  4. Pogbas better at Fifa than his in real life

  5. 0:52 Pogba sounded Like he was from England

  6. Pogba is hilarious 😂😂

  7. the only time Rooney starts

  8. como eles jogam 4 X4 ???

  9. try make tottenham hotspur player tournament

  10. if only pogba codl do that irl

  11. Rooney was in the zone

  12. martial Look like Papa doc

  13. I would definitely buy the FIFA game later on because of this.

  14. WTF Pogba is Taller than de gea?????

  15. he is POGBOOM in games too

  16. Wayne can't score in real life and in fifa 17

  17. Why does Rooney look so pissed?


  19. Rooney looks so old

  20. Little did we know, Martial would be the most op player in FIFA 17 lol.

  21. Pogba is funny 😂

  22. hahaha pogba's voice 😂

  23. lol david de gea

  24. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. 1:20 Rooney's life story

  26. De gea is my fav keeper

  27. I use HIM alle time

  28. subscribe YouTube AnovesterTza

  29. Paul pogba is the best of de world

  30. Oh wayne miss you legend 😭😭😭

  31. I still wonder who was the blue icon player, that did the fake rabona at 0:30 😂😂

  32. Fosu scream at 0:36 😂😂😂😂

  33. Even in fifa rooney never scored😅

  34. Rooney is to old for this shit😂

  35. How do you play fifa with 8 people

  36. Rooney looks like conor mcgregard

  37. 0:45 that laugh…lol

  38. Ea sports can you please put MKHITARYAN in one of the fifa videos please

  39. Pogba is officially an angel “aaahhhhh”

  40. i always thought De Gea playing Fifa 17 with the gloves eventhough he didn't wear any lol

  41. Fifa 18 whit the napoli

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  43. Team 1
    10 Players
    Quiroz- Ficachi
    Team 2

  44. Why do Rooney look like fat Conor mcgregor

  45. Fosu-mensah knows a good tackle when he sees one Pogba my mate!! 🤣🤣

  46. Good night over but i hope you knows more about me i hope that as well

  47. 1.20 thats some michael owenesque commentary

  48. Youngs longs shoot!!!!

  49. 1:05 elini götün sokmuş kokluyor rooneyin yanındaki

  50. "No champagne" Lolololol

  51. Bonjour Monsieur boutobba de Marseille, Bordeaux, horaires de cinéma, téléphone, four, lave-vaisselle, four, lave-vaisselle, four, lave-vaisselle, four, lave-vaisselle, four,

  52. Rooney's reaction is the best

  53. デヘアなんか可愛そう

  54. Why does EA love United so much

  55. I never heard martial say something until 0:44

  56. Diceizomhayyreronsesiijottiikosaazwbagul

  57. Ajdreajtalkiddkma

  58. انا بحبببببببببببك

  59. العابي كلة من عندك

  60. رقم الواتس

  61. Pogba just jumped and was like I am the best did you see that. Rooney was like Whatever

  62. This is fake!
    Martial never smiles nor laughs.

  63. I still play fifa 17

  64. 2019 anyone ? I miss Blind

  65. Wazza is ver calm, right?

  66. I miss Blind 😢💔

  67. Pause at 0:29 POG champ

  68. If EA made Fortnite it would cost money to open a chest

  69. The reason why they lost is cuz they have Wayne Rooney I mean come on that man can't even read a children's book

  70. What's this band or background music called.

  71. When pogba was jumping I saw his undies it was grey

  72. Pogba The voice was very scared.

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