FIFA 20 – EA SPORTS x adidas Real Madrid Limited Edition Jersey Reveal | PS4

FIFA 20 – EA SPORTS x adidas Real Madrid Limited Edition Jersey Reveal | PS4

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  1. Say NO to child gambling.

  2. I am just here to leave a dislike

  3. Can this get anymore useless?

  4. Disliked for banning van Basten! BoycottEA!

  5. Barcelona is better

  6. Barcelona Is Better

  7. No more stupid jerseys. We want Marco van Basten!!!

  8. It can more useless!👏👏👏👍😼

  9. Нахуй это на канале ps ?

  10. Футбол для пидарас0в

  11. video has more likes than dislikes
    comment section full of negative comments

  12. 💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸
    stupid gambling game


  14. Botaram os jogadores do real Madrid pra fazer o vapo kkkkk

  15. Y latinoamérica??? Hasta cuándo nos cobran mucho más del valor normal y nos dan solo 2 juegos?? A Japón les dan mejores juegos con la membresía, y a nosotros solo 2 juegos

  16. wow that looks terrible. and the addidas downward spiral continues….

  17. getting those children hooked on gambling must be fun

  18. Maaaaaaadrid! Too bad loot box tactics are trash.

  19. Alrighty fifa 20 let's see what they have patched and what did they add

  20. This isnt a videogame.

  21. ESRB: rated E for everyone including babies.
    I bet that virtual shirts are more expensive than PRIMARK

  22. The content we've all been waiting for is finally here

  23. Pode parar, jogo de esporte me dá gatilho

  24. Gambling sponsored by adidas oh no 🙁

  25. Adidas are you serious ?

  26. how to get NOT in volta?

  27. Why they have dirty uniform?

  28. If FIFA 20 releases the Liverpool edition, I will definitely buy it😎

  29. how do you get it ???

  30. how to get the track suit in volta ?

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