Firmino’s outrageous assist for Salah | Liverpool 3-0 Bournemouth | Highlights

Firmino’s outrageous assist for Salah | Liverpool 3-0 Bournemouth | Highlights

There’s a little bit of space here for Fraser. Fraser’s shot, and it has to be beaten away. Milner just afforded
a little bit of space there. And it’s Sadio Mane
who sneaks in behind! Ibe, didn’t have anywhere to go there
and again surrendered the ball far too easily. Wijnaldum, – goes for the chip! Oh, marvellous. Gini Wijnaldum cute and clever, and Liverpool lead by two goals to nil. That’s round the back for Robertson –
ooh, Mane was arriving. Salah – oh! That’s for Firmino,
and he does get there. Oh, Salah’s there… Salah scores.
It’s all about Roberto Firmino though. And every single player in red goes straight to
the Brazilian to say, “Thank you very much.” Salah. Still Salah, Wijnaldum,
here comes the man arriving! Wide from Sadio Mane. Salah. Firmino. Salah goes again. Exquisite from Liverpool. Firmino, what a run
by Alexander-Arnold, touch, control… Good save Boruc. Well, Jürgen Klopp’s side have reacted
in the best possible way to those back-to-back draws, with an emphatic win. Liverpool 3-0 Bournemouth.

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  1. Wijnaldum, truly our unsung hero this season

  2. What happened between fabinho and robertson at 1:28??

  3. #comeonyoureds🔥🔥
    Now we jus need to batter united

  4. This is the team spirit I been talking about .. No selfish play ..more team work equales more wins!!!

  5. العشق صلاح😍

  6. And mané ❤❤❤❤💪💪💪💪 i am france je t'aime trop sadio mané je suis senegalais j'aimerais trop avoir ton maillot ❤❤❤ je te suis depuis salzbourg

  7. It was a basic enough assist calm down!!

  8. Robbo’s face at 1:29 😂

  9. lol that salah celebration tho reminds me of big Shaq

  10. 17 goals of salah here

  11. gini goal of the season

  12. Let's keep it up like that🔥🔥

  13. Mane on fire lately. Great to see him on the top scorers list.

  14. I don't know why… I want champions league trophy so bad.. Last final was so sad

  15. ♥️You’ll never walk alone♥️

  16. What a great team!!!!🤩YNWA💜

  17. We're nearly there boys …


  19. Salah is the best ♥

  20. MO Salah Is The Best

  21. UNITED🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴

  22. Glory glory Man Utd

  23. Yessss play together to win together

  24. Great…but need to be more consistent, every game.

  25. There is a telepathic link between Mo salah and firmino . 🔊🔌

  26. Firmino is smartest player in the world😍

  27. احبك يا يصلاح 😍

  28. ฝากถึงเหล่าเดอะ KOPและลิเวอร์พูล ผู้ที่หลง ซีเรียส จนเกินเหตุ ก็ให้คิดตรงต่อความเป็นจริงสิ!
    …คือว่า มิควรหลงคิดเกี่ยวกับแมนซิตี้แล้วทำให้ตัวเอง เสียสมาธิ..เครียด..และอาจล้มสะดุดขาตัวเองตาย! ก็เพราะว่า ลิเวอร์พูลไม่ได้มีเกมที่ต้องแข่งกับ แมนซิตึ้…แล้วนะจ๊ะ แล้ว ทำไมถึงต้องเครียดด้วย แมนซิตี้เขาไม่สามารถทำให้ คะแนนเราเพิ่มหรือลดลงได้ มีแต่ตัวเราเองเท่านั้น ที่จะทำให้คะแนนเพิ่มขึ้น หรือว่าไม่พิ่ม เพิ่มมาก หรือเพิ่มน้อย ถ้าขืนไปคิดเกี่ยวกับ แมนซิ้ตี้มากๆ จนเกินเหตุ มันจะทำให้สะดุดขาตัวเองล้ม แล้วเขาก็จะแซงเข้าป้าย! จะน้ำตาตกในนะ อิอิ!

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  29. 👍This is our year reds 👍⚽️❤️❤️

  30. Can i just say a big thank you to the person at LFC that has got this Highlights series underway. I love tunnel cam too but this is the cherry on the cake!

  31. "*👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚*"

  32. Mane Slapping gini too hard. Lol

  33. We trust you kloop #ynwa

  34. mohamed salah u are the best we love u from egypt

  35. Jürgen Klopp, Alisson, Virgil van Dijk, Firmino, Wijnaldum, Robertson, Mane, Salah, Milner, Sturridge, Fabinho, Keita, Henderson, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Shaqiri, Joe Gomez, Lovren, Matip, Alexander-Arnold – you are Liverpool

    YNWA from Russia

  36. Bobby and Robo could kick food into my mouth more gently than I can feed myself!

  37. Love Liverpool 🇹🇭

  38. Firmino's passes were world class

  39. I'm the working class hero 🙉

  40. GIni Wijnaldum tum tum tum tum

  41. What a win, good to get the 3 points again

  42. Shut up Liverpool,city will beat you😎

  43. Reminiscent of how we played last season. Could have easily scored 2 or 3 more but very good performance overall

  44. Give Keita some attention. That ball to Firmino was fantastic.

  45. Firmino should be our play maker. the big 10

  46. Just make sure we can keep up this performance and win. We missed a lot of goal opportunities this match.


  48. #YNWA Form Thailand

  49. Who here after Mo shaved his beard

  50. Wijnaldum shock face at 0:41

  51. Best Team. And i mein Team like a Gang.
    #bamboombang #liverpoolergang #harmony

  52. Mane straight slaps Wijnaldum for his goal xD

  53. a-team's again . backed to normal again. he'll yeah…


  55. 'EPL trophy', HYPPEEEEEEE again!.

  56. more's than 5 goals Plus instead. 3/0 , lol!.

  57. We can win the league because Mo Salah shaved his beard, and last season David Silva shaved his hair and won the title. Lets hope 🤞

  58. Jebemti salaha daboga crko

  59. 0:41 Mane casually punching gini in the head 😂

  60. Good to Mo see smiling again when he scores 🙂
    That's a good sign.

  61. Amazing, Liverpool are on fire this season. Really hope they wing the premier league.

  62. How come the camera work is so poor. Watching match of the day. On bbc in the seventies. Was far more enjoyable than this jerky camera action because you are trying to crop in to close to the action and can’t keep up with the play. So the camera is jerked left and right far to much. Pull back out and let us watch the action more smoothly. Please. I am trapped in bed and miss my football.

  63. مو صلاح مو صلاح I love Liverpool

  64. Salah plays better of the right because he’s more involved in the game other than just scoring


  66. Looserpool and their luck

  67. don't forget ther's Nabi keita contributed..he impotant for us..

  68. next is man utd hope the players are preparing (please don't screw this one)

  69. My fav part of the vid is Jurgen Klopp celebrating.

  70. ماشاءالله

  71. Finally a Liverpool-like game again! 😉

  72. Liverpool most shoot more and im come from Sweden and i Love Liverpool

  73. Mané,Salah,Firmino gooool.

  74. Wijnaldum and Fabinho Are Underrated Superstars

  75. 3-0 Liverpool 🏆🏆💸💸💸💸💸🏆🏆💸💸💸🏆

  76. Harry kane will definetly claim ginis goal

  77. Mo salah !!!! I love lfc

  78. I don't like what mane did to wijnaldum .. Knockings his head is not a good idea .. 😬

  79. ❤❤❤💪 Amo Liverpool y los fanáticos y amo a Salah

  80. بحبك يا ابو صلاح والله ومش بفوتلك ماتش

  81. Mane giving Wini concussion

  82. I love Liverpool I like Mane, Salah and Firmino

  83. mo salah my mentor

  84. Note: Keita’s involvements in all 3 goals with 2 secondary assists. Scary!

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