Fitness Model VS Bodybuilder – STRENGTH WARS 2k16 #16

Fitness Model VS Bodybuilder – STRENGTH WARS 2k16 #16

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  1. Considering he wasn't a powerlifter he really did well

  2. Why are they using baby weights?

  3. that mc is one ugly iodiotic looking dumbass. and he has no energy or hype.

  4. blonde dude use grip straps… pussy advantage !!!

  5. Why aren't there any coplex athletic test that involves big strength and explosive power. Like Olympic lifting in strength wars. Lets see a competition against a world class Olypic lifter and world class Power Lifter.

  6. It would be good if there is no such a thing called steroids

  7. Top!
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  9. the way the tattooed guy's girlfriend is looking at the pretty boy…

  10. straps.. This is completely bullsxxx!!!

  11. Bodybuilder wins

  12. That bench bar looks more like 90k

  13. Lol to all the ones that think they know if either are natty or not

  14. The way you guys could create a title like "Fitness model" really make me laughing in truly respect! Thanks Bros!

  15. This is the first strength war video that was t fair . Come on we all know that grip strength counts a lot when it comes with lifting heavy specially a deadlift . Shit should be even @strenghtwars make everything even or don’t make anyone compete . The straps are bullshit 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  16. Pls tell me how I am come in your show.

  17. Natural vs steroid

  18. Steroids? He said 13 years.. that body is achievable.. its not too big and bulky..

  19. Trap bar deadlift is so much easierwith straps wtf

  20. Yes beach muscles guy vs steroids man

  21. Weight being equal the short guy with shorter arms has a huge advantage.

  22. Well done boys! Congratulations Jill you did well and so did Samuel.

  23. FYI, the weight classes are completely out of order. 92 vs 103kg is a big difference bro. Samuel did very well. Not to mention using straps. These should have been provided by strength wars to the contestants.

  24. When he’s in gym he’s in beast mode to take roids

  25. Super Strong man's

  26. Jill ist so ziemlich der größte Hurensohn unter den Fitness-Youtubern!

  27. STRAPS?! Come on Bruh

  28. Weren't there only like 90 kg on the bench press?

  29. I'm sure he knew he could use straps of he wanted to… Who wouldn't for that much weight?

  30. This looks like Faceless's warm up.

  31. The fitness model's effort was best part

  32. that looked easy, I am 65kg and could do that, no stress

    – Totally not jokin Wink Wink (I would probably break 🙁 )

  33. Spongebob could do that in half the time!!! He be lifting bunnys on each side!!!!

  34. Jill die kleine Pussy benutzt zughilfen und der andere nicht,er hätte dich LOCKER geschlagen Jill du kleine pussy.ich hätte dir gleich ne Ohrfeige gehauen für so viel Fairness

  35. Ein harter Wettkampf. Genial

  36. I notice that the person who jumps out the gates with a fast start gets sloppy at the end because they get tired and end up losing the competition.

  37. I would beat both

  38. Lamus won! Thanks for the video

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  40. I like the will and not giving up attitude of Samuel very much.

  41. Much respect for both.

  42. Dudes back will be hurting next day from those dead lifts. His last rep especially

  43. Fight jogging cardio

  44. Commentary snooze 🙁

  45. thumbs down because the straps made a difference

  46. Creo que fue el mas amistoso de todos

  47. Straps , drugs …. Fair ???

  48. Black Fitness model ,white bodybuilder ?

  49. Why the thumbnail looks like the woman and the white cat meme

  50. How the steroids win a natural body

  51. Quem aqui e brasileiro da like

  52. What's the name of Samuel's intro music

  53. Young guy needs to work on his deadlift form. However, he is really strong for his age.

  54. Natty vs steroid eh…THAT'S not fair…

  55. Natural VS voll auf Stoff…..

  56. So fuc.. beautyfull

  57. Steroids + straps vs natural non straps? THATS CHEATING!

  58. Tost brot vs butter brot 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

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