G Le Put to the Test

I was excited when I was first asked to do it because I don’t get a chance to play with really new technology very often and so I was excited to be a part of this testing process. I was excited because I love PING products and I always have. I think they’re the best. My name is Barbara Meek, and I am from Phoenix, Arizona I’m Karen Peterson and I’m from Phoenix. I was born here. When PING engineers began designing the G Le family, they decided to gather feedback from local golfers to validate their designs Over the course of the design process, ladies from local country clubs came to PING to test each iteration of the G Le. Today those ladies are back at PING to see the finished product and get fit for their new clubs. So we brought in some outside female golfers to really help us define our goals for the product. So is it more important for us to maximize distance or help them hit it straighter? We can test different weight and balance combinations. You know if you make a driver too light you can lose some of the energy transfer, If it’s too heavy it’s tough to square so finding the sweet spot there was one of our biggest benefits that we got from bringing some players in and really doing some detailed research with them. So we had them come out a couple different days. First day was driver testing: so we test the Rhapsody driver against the new G Le driver and see performance and then cosmetic feedback as well, check the colors and just make sure the overall design was in line with their likes as well as ours. I’d been through the PING factory before and I’ve known a lot of people who worked for PING so I know how hard you research things and so I was kind of curious about what what you were learning from what I did. It was easier to hit and it seemed to go further and I’m going to tell everybody I know about it.

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