Garden Club America Zone VII Meeting & Flower Show

[Music] the middle Mountain Garden Club has a long history of gifted floral designers members have the opportunity to showcase their work in in October the Garden Club of America in Roanoke will be hosting their meetings and Flower Show yeah joining us to tell us more we have Fayette a– and barbara thank you so much for coming on happy video a little bit about the Garden Club of America the Garden Club of America consists of two hundred clubs across the country and Hawaii that represent about 17,000 mainly women some men who have been involved in floral ranging and horticulture and conservation for over 100 years Wow and then the Mill Mountain Garden Club is something separate one of those 200 Club one of the Garden Club in rona yes where are you okay I mean you’re actually going to be showing us something right well we’re at our meeting there’ll be a free open to the public Flower Show and it’ll be Wednesday afternoon from 5:00 to 7:00 and then Tuesday afternoon from 5:00 to 7:00 and then Wednesday from 9:00 to 5:00 at the hotel Roanoke okay and Barbara is going to show you the kind of thing you a lot about okay well what are the floral design classes that you’ll see they’re going to be much more complicated than mine mine are just some grocery store or flowers like that that’s what most elite have yes however when you buy the grocery store flowers you are buying flowers you need to put a little something with it like I go out in my yard and clip a little pie arrows this is I think something that came off one of my is a Leah bushes but it was laying on my when you’re walking and you just and things oh yes of course absolutely it’s what really makes an arrangement and arrangement instead of a bunch of flowers and I need this thing yes you need that well you don’t actually have to have that you can take looks like it’s floral tape and make a grid on the top of your vase so that’s how it kind of holds that stick in there but these which will be selling at the at the Flower Show are a little armatures that when it goes through here comes down through the bottom it makes it really stick in there firmly yeah that’s great though if it gets tipped one way or the other they don’t know well it moves all over the place and this is kind of a vertical arrangement I stuck a stick in and then I just put a couple more sunflowers right down through pick what you’re gonna do is the best font size or color or this one’s kind of a heavier bigger one and so naturally you would think that the bigger one would be at the bottom it’s heavier and then I purchased this solid a go at the a lot of the things that you buy at the at the grocery doesn’t have greenery in with it so add your own greenery if you can or you bought this greenery in addition to the things that I purchased there and okay you can see this salad a go really really adds a lot it’s beautiful re October 9th and 10th a hotel run up go online to find out more ladies thank you so much thank you

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