Gasp! | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shows

Gasp! | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shows

MICKEY: Oh. Here, boy.
(WHISTLES) Come on, boy.
Fetch. That’s my Gubbles. Okay, Gubbles, now sit. Roll over. Now catch your treat. (CLANGS) (STRAINING GRUNT) Hmm, looks like that little house is to small for my big fishy. (PANTING) Well, time to order you
a bigger bowl. (MEOWS) (CLINKING) MAN ON PHONE:
Fish Bowls Emporium. To continue in English,
press one now. Gracias…
Water! Water! The kitchen.
(SQUEALS) Hmm! Lousy landlord. Stay with me, pal.
I’m comin’. I’m comin’. Water! No, that’s chicken. Water! Get me some water. (UTENSILS CLATTER) (WHIMPERING) (MOANING) (SCREAMS) (MOANS) (SCREAMS) Did you say
something, Gubbles? Oh, Gubbles. No! (PUFFING) Speak to me, Gubbles. (BLOWING RASPBERRIES) The tub. You’re saved! (EXCLAIMS) Ah! (GRUNTING) (GROANS) (CAT YOWLS) Ow! (JITTERING) (SCREAMS) I got ya!
(LAUGHS) (CATERWAULING) Gubbles. Sit. Now, roll over. (YOWLING) Now fetch your treat. Now sick ’em! (GROWLS) (SHRIEKS) (GRUNTS) (SCREAMS) Good day, sir. Right, Gubbles? (GASPS) The tub. Ooh. The tub! (MUFFLED UNDERWATER)
That’s my Gubbles. (CHUCKLES)

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  1. Why’s is scp 096 scream in the end when the cats runs away🤭

  2. Anybody gonna mention the elephant in the room or not?

  3. 1:44 Well, hey! He looks tasty at least! *smack lips*

  4. The book floating at the end in the water how is it still there in real life the book would be ripped

  5. A mouse chasing a cat xD

  6. .

    …?. I’m lurk,Sri jig cd

  7. 2:59 was that the shy guy scp scream?!

  8. 2:36 when jokey is on you

  9. The cat has a choice between two meals, and he had to choose a small fish?

  10. Was that scp 094 screaming

  11. 2:35 when you are turning to a jokey

  12. 0:25 when you are trying to poop

  13. My name is daniella my sister's name is tehila i love mickey because he is funny

  14. Wait a mouse chasing a cat

  15. Guys 3:00 SCP-096 scream O.O

  16. I whach the mickey mouse cartoon when I was little

  17. No you're not a cat 🐱

  18. Wow this was ❄️ she had a fish

  19. Great 👍🏼 and I love you

  20. 🍲🍜🍔🍟 Fruits Vegetables

  21. Sorry Place You Cup

  22. 😍😍😍😘😘😘😗😗

  23. The voice from foreign looks like Garfield's voice

  24. 1:54 pufferfish Gubbles

  25. SCP has ruined me and now I just imagine the cat flying after 096-1

  26. At 3:00 SCP: 096's Scream

  27. Best game of all game time to get to play the first time and a good game is fun to watch ⌚️ with no one or no other time and aggravation the only thing I have ever had for a good 😊 was to be

  28. 🍫eating chocolate 🍫

  29. 2:20 Mickey Mouse gets triggered.

  30. Um Mickey if you put the window down to hard that is how gobles broke his bowl

  31. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  32. 미키다 미키 안녕 디즈니는 즐거워

  33. V vb. Cab lvb. ~.…. C. v vb.,l
    C. .,c. Clean,

  34. 2:57 the cat throw itself out of the window

  35. Leave a like if gubles deserves a treat from the cat

  36. ,..° °° ^°℅°°^°°°

  37. she said that I wanna know that you were going out to dinner 🥘 is that you like get my shoes 👟 I love my dad ❤️

  38. i love mickey cartoon for kids so good video

  39. DIKFIDH SCP 096FIHOFDOJKKFUDHKDG!!!!!!????!!!!!????!!!!!!?????

  40. who is happy today ? Maybe it's just me!

  41. 2:15 top 10 anime plot twists

  42. Guys did you hear that when Kat flew out the window

  43. It Hass to be a legal

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