[GO Manager] Découvrez le profil de Ben, Chef de Cuisine au Club Med

[GO Manager] Découvrez le profil de Ben, Chef de Cuisine au Club Med

Hello ! Hello Clémence, how are you? Good! Yourself?
Good! Welcome to the restaurant! At the Club we mainly do buffets. There are a few restaurants but the bulk of the work is buffets. Everything that is on the buffet is made in the kitchen at the back. So, the first thing I do every morning is inspecting my buffet, to see if everything is in its place, if nothing is missing, if the staff is all here. How many people do you have in your staff? 50 cooks in total. The “Grand Massif” village has a sold out capacity of 1100 GMs, so we’re not far off from 1400 to 1500 diners per meal. We don’t do closed kitchens anymore, everything I open now. It facilitates direct contact. What’s life like in the village? Life in the village is mostly being able to eat with the GMs at lunch, to go to the bar or the show in the evening, and those who wish to do so can take part in the show. This village town is very interesting because it’s here that you’ll meet people and that’s one of the main reasons I started working at Club Med. To have this direct contact. I’m a young chef at the Club. I was a sous-chef for almost four years so I had quite a lot of experience under my belt. I was very happy to come to “Grand Massif” this winter as I became head of Skyline and of a brigade of 8 people. So let’s talk about what Skyline is. At lunchtime we have what we call “picnic chic”. In the evening it’s à la carte. Our dishes are more complex and our products more refines. I always keep an ear out. I like to train people. I like to listen. I work with young people between 18 and 20 these days. You need to be able to listen. . Everyday I tell them: “my door is always open, come talk to me!” At Club Med, you can travel. There are many resorts, everywhere in the world, so you get given many opportunities when working at Club Med: you can develop and you can travel. What’s interesting at Club Med is that you come as a seasonal worker and you can take advantage of the seasonal activities: skiing, mountain biking, hiking. The Club has helped me grow a lot, I’ve learnt about human relationships, sharing and exchanging. I’ve met extraordinary people, I’ve traveled… it’s part of the values of Club Med that everyone can develop, that everyone can bring their own thing; as long as it bring value to the cuisine or surprises the client!

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