Golf Club Review | Callaway Razr Hawk and Razr Hawk Tour Driver

Golf Club Review | Callaway Razr Hawk and Razr Hawk Tour Driver

Hi everybody Donal here from Golfbidder.
We’ve come to Orlando Florida to The PGA Show. The world’s biggest show in golf.
All the major manufacturers are here. We’re going to make our way round the range
to bring you the very best, the very latest of what available
in the golf world. So check out all our videos on Golfbidder.
Hi everybody Donal from Golfbidder here at the PGA Show in Orlando. Nathan from Callaway
is with us. We’re looking at the RAZR Hawk driver, new for 2011. Nathan why should people
buy one of these babies? Yeah, this is pretty cool. So we’ve invented this new material
called forged composite. We’ve developed this in conjunction with Lamborghini. Essentially
the whole body of this club, the back part of the club is made from forged composite.
This allows us to make the club head lighter, stronger and faster. So lighter equals faster
swing speeds? If we can make the club head weight lighter and we can still make the robustness
of the ball speed very intense and the dispersion very tight. We can also increase the length
of the club to allow people to swing faster without losing accuracy and distance. So does
it come with the Diamana shaft? Is this the stock shaft? This is actually an aftermarket
shaft. The stock shaft is an Aldila Rip shaft which is new to the club and only came out
on Tour last year and it complements the RAZR Hawk driver very well. And what is this? Is
this a weight pad at the bottom? This is actually an external weight. So with the forged composite
we’re really saving a tonne of weight so we can put the weight in the back of the driver
and to the consumer this is a much more advantageous place to put it. So we can put weight in the
centre for a neutral version or the back for a draw version. The great thing about this
driver is that this driver is 7 yards longer than FT-9 which came out last year and was
a great selling driver for us. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks a million for your time.
So everybody, check out the Callaway RAZR Hawk driver on Golfbidder.

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