Golf Club Review | Callaway X16 Irons

Oh yeah! They say some of the most trying
times in peoples lives are when they get married and when they move house. But surely they
should have added in there when you need to change your golf clubs. I’m looking at the
Callaway X-16 iron. You’re probably thinking, “I love my irons”, “Why do I need to change
them?” and “What can they do for me?”. Well let me tell you what the Callaway X-16s can
do for you. Built on the Callaway X-12 and X-14 success. Lots of offset, big, thick top
line and a notch weighting system that puts the centre of gravity lower in the club. So
with this club it’s going to be easier to get the ball out there in the air. A honest,
hard working, solid club. Nice Rifle shaft on this one. The X-16 has a little bit shorter
head length than the X-14 and the X-14 but still has all the chunkiness. So if you’re
getting married, moving house or changing your golf clubs you can’t go far wrong with
the Callaway X-16s.

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