Golf Club Review | Mizuno MP 60 Irons

Golf Club Review | Mizuno MP 60 Irons

Hi everybody. Donal here from Golfbidder.
I’m looking now at the Mizuno MP60 irons that came out in 2005. Well with Mizuno you can
be assured of quality. Mizuno say that there are their first cavity back, or cut muscle
cavity. but what you and I consider as a cavity nowadays, this really isn’t it, this is really
a blade. For the amount taken out the back here i could probably take out with my finger
nail. But the cut muscle cavity has been good for Mizuno. These clubs are for better players.
Players with consistent swings. Low handicappers. If you’re somebody who struggles wit their
swing, doesn’t swing the same way everyday then these aren’t for you. You might be thinking
you’d love to try them but really they’re not for you. For better players however the
grain flow forged metal on the is absolutely, beautifully soft and sweet. you won’t get
the ball speeds that you will with the big cavity back irons but would will get the feel
and you’ll get a more consistent hit every time. You’re not going to get one that fires
20 yards further than the next one like you do with some of the big cavity backs. So with
the MP60s if you are a Mizuno player you probably, if you’re looking at this, maybe own a set
of MP32s and you’ll find that with the MP60s that came out in 2005 there is a 10% larger
sweet spot on the face. The face is slightly larger. SO with Mizuno, another classic club.
For the better player. Also another thing to remember with these irons, or another thing
I found. This is the 6-iron and there is nothing scary about the lofts but the long irons do
fly high. They may not go as far like I said as some of the big, modern cavity backs but
they do fly high. Let me show you a for instance. Let me compare. That’s the MP60 and that’s
the G15 iron. See the difference between them? So it’s like chalk and cheese. That’s a cavity.
That’s not a cavity. So must be careful about it but if you’re a good player, low handicapper
then the MP60 irons from 2005 will never go out of Fashion. A fantastically soft better
player iron. Check out the MP60 range on Golfbidder.

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  1. Good review. Those are great irons, been playing them since the day they came out.

  2. these are the best clubs ever, but like he says not for those players that don't have a well drilled in swing

  3. You don't have to be a really low handicapper, but you need a decent swing. Less forgiving but more rewarding. I didn't notice any less distance – in fact, struck well I think they are longer – but they are definitely more consistent. I bought a skycaddie about two years ago and I really know my distance now – particularly from 6 down. The only reason I'm hear is I was looking for a replacement 9 iron. Dropped it in an open competition and it was never handed in – [email protected]@rds!!!

  4. Phenominal clubs. Get them, go to the range and PRACTICE !!!!, you will love them and your scores will go down. You cannoy buy a lower handicap!!!, these are real good, the key is to practice.Best feeling forged club I've ever hit.

  5. These are so good, best i've ever played. I have bought newer Mizzys, tested Mp 64, tried titleist MB 712, and the MP 60 are just the best. The only come that hits a bit farther and feels almost as good is the Titleist 710 CB. The Mizuno MP 60 are in the top 10 irons of all time. Get em cheap on ebay, their well worth it.

  6. Don't agree with that they are for a better player I cannot hit a cavity back to save my life I'm 18 HC and got these irons about a month ago and are so sweet to hit. I love the feedback they give I find I big these as long as cavity back irons. Anyway I would recommend these clubs to anyone. My next set is going to be the mp 4

  7. When I bought these clubs everyone told me I would regret buying blades because I was not that good of a golfer All I heard was by the big bulky heads. Well I did not, I bought these amazing MP 60's 4 years ago (Still playing them too) and my game has only improved. The big bulky clubs will give you the feedback you need to learn how swing properly THESE WILL and I am as pure of an iron striker as anyone. These clubs taught me how to play golf. They are amazing!

  8. Update: STILL nothing has been made that are better than MP 60 irons. Incredible.

  9. If you can shoot in the 80's you can play these…..they're not just for scratch golfers. Pretty forgiving for a forged iron. And if you ever hit one in the middle, you'll probably want to play them no matter what you shoot. You might have to use one more club than normal into greens, the lofts aren't jacked up like today's clubs are. No big deal. They're also beautiful to look at….old school golf.

  10. I still use these clubs today. Timeless. I don’t want anything else

  11. These clubs look almost as good as the Ben Hogan fort Worth 15 irons

  12. I'm still playing mine and will probably keep playing them until the grooves are no longer viable.

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