Golf Club Review | Ping G10 Irons

Golf Club Review | Ping G10 Irons

Hey everybody. Donal here from Golfbidder.
I’m testing the Ping G10 irons that came out in 2007. Now I’ve never played Ping before
and I’m really having fun testing all the different Ping irons. So I’ve tested the
G5 before. The G5 came out in 2005. This one came out in 2007. SO what differences are
there to the G5? Now if i pick up a G5 i can show you the differences. If you have a set
of G5s i wouldn’t go changing to the G10s. But if you haven’t had a Ping before and you’re
thinking of changing consider the G10s. The sole plate is wider on the G10s than the G5.
The custom tuning port, here’s the one on the G5, here’s the one on the G10, so there’s
a little different shape there on the back. A different shape in the cavity. But both
fantastic clubs. With the G10, other improvements they’ve made is they’ve changed the toe weighting
on this G10 so there’s and even higher moment of inertia. That means a very high resistance
to twist. As you clubs hits the ball, as it impacts the ball, this thing is going to stay
very square. It gets the ball very high in the air, probably even higher than the G5.
It’s got a big cavity back, lots of offset for the mid to high handicappers. This thing
will wait for you all day. If you make a bad swing, it doesn’t matter you still hit a
decent shot with the G10s. Good strong distances as well. I’ve used, I’ve hit some test balls
out there with the G15s, tired the G5s and the G10s and they all go in around the same
distance. So very high moment of inertia, very accurate. They do fly very high in the
air. The longer irons, I’ve tested the longer irons, they’re a little bit lighter than the
rest of the irons so that’s going to promote, because the lofts won’t be as strong as
the shorter irons, they’re lighter so you can generate more ball speed and still do
the job. So there’s definite differences between the G5 and G10 but both are excellent clubs.
So if you’re a mid to high handicapper, you’re looking to get the ball up in the air with
consistent strikes every time go and have a look at the G10s. As will all Ping clubs
they’ve got difference loft and lie angles, they’re all colour coded. You need to check
out your ruler to make sure you buy the right one. This one, has a white dot so it’s different
to the blue and red. So those are the Ping G10s. Check out the range on Golfbidder and
enjoy your golf.

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  1. pause at 2.21 LOLOLOL

  2. hello I am thinking about being some new irons I am turn between g5 g15 or Wilson pro staff I was hitting g5 7 iron the demo one about 175 I am going to try Wilson next week Wichita would you segest please reply

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