Golf Club Review | TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons

Golf Club Review | TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons

Hi everybody Donal here from Golfbidder.
We’ve come to Orlando Florida to The PGA Show. The world’s biggest show in golf.
All the major manufacturers are here. We’re going to make our way round the range
to bring you the very best, the very latest of what available in the golf world.
So check out all our videos on Golfbidder. Hi Everybody, Donal here at the TaylorMade
stand at the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida. I’m with Jarrod.
Jarrod, thanks for talking to us today. Very, very striking club the Burner 2.0, new
for 2011. Jarrod, this is a very striking looking club,
in a graphite and steel shaft. It is.
Just give us a little overview of who this club is suitable for and the technology going
on here. This club is for, well its the largest demographic
that we have for any of our irons. Any where from your 6,7 or 8 handicap, all
the way up to your 20 handicap because each club is designed for its own purpose.
The longer irons are going to be thicker top line, more offset. Built, you know for more
forgiveness. Where your high irons are going to be a lot
more aggressive looking because obviously you don’t need as much forgiveness in your
higher irons. So we’ve got the burner black finish here
so it really catches your eye. A very thin, hot face so the ball is really
going to jump. And really, the main thing you need to know
about these is that they’re long. They’re at least a club longer than anything
you’re playing. Are the lofts strengthened in comparison to
the other irons? The lofts are going to be a little strengthened
but only because we were able to take the centre of gravity of the club and move it
actually lower and deeper. So if the lofts would have stayed traditional
we would of had a ballooning ball flight. So we needed to adjust the lofts to give you
the optimal ball flight. So is a 7 iron now playing like an old 6 iron?
Is that the way golf is going? This 7 irons will go as long as your current
6 irons. Right.
But who doesn’t want the extra distance? Brilliant. Well that’s the TaylorMade Burner
2.0. Very striking, very good and very new for
2011. Check them out on Golfbidder.
Thanks a million. Thank you.

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  1. nice vid, not really a review though, more of a pitch from taylormade 😛

  2. Haha he grilled him about delofting the clubs!

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