Golf Club Review | Wilson Staff Ci9 Irons

Golf Club Review | Wilson Staff Ci9 Irons

Hi everybody Donal here from Golfbidder.
We’ve come to Orlando Florida to The PGA Show. The world’s biggest show in golf.
All the major manufacturers are here. We’re going to make our way round the range
to bring you the very best, the very latest of what available
in the golf world. So check out all our videos on Golfbidder.
Mid-handicappers, Wilson players, want a new iron?
This is the Wilson Ci9 new for 2011. I’m with Dave from Wilson.
Dave, hi, welcome to Golfbidder. Tell us about the Ci9, what is new this year?
We’ve been talking a lot about our new irons and now we want to talk a little about the
Ci9. This club is pitcher really right in the middle.
Our target audience here is really the mid range handicapper.
The Ci9 is our control iron. What we’re doing here is offering an iron
that when you put it down has a real streamline feel, thinner top line.
It really has some great contemporary game improvement aspect to it.
A little lower centre of gravity. We have an elastomer in here which is really
like a rubberised paint, so when you hit this thing it is really very pure.
Copy that with the TX25 shaft, very responsive, high launch shaft.
We have a real winner for that sort of mid handicapper who wants a game improvement club
but also something that looks very disowning at address.
So a thin top line but a lot going on in the back ground.
Well if you’re a mid handicapper or you’re a Wilson player try out the Wilson Ci9 on

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  1. just bought a set of these…better be good!!!

  2. Yessir, and the new D100 are the new from the D series!

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