GOLF: How To Cure Your Hook For Good – Drills

Hey guys in today’s video I’m gonna show you how to cure your hook for good Alright guys so obviously we’ve done a lot of videos about Shallowing your downswing and fixing the slice and getting rid of over-the-top and and certainly that’s the greater majority of you guys who are watching This but there are a lot of people who send us videos and messages that hey I have a hook or I don’t fall into that steep pattern. I need I need to fix for that So I want to make sure you guys have that what we’re going to talk about today is a or first why you hit a hook and then Second how to fix it. I have a couple drills here That should get rid of it permanently if you if you do and stick with them So first things first in terms of a hook the thing you need to understand Just like a slice pattern the king of the hill is the clubface So if you’re someone who hits a hook or curves a ball too far from right to left You need to understand that you have a clubface. That’s too closed to your path. Now. Why is it too close? I have no idea why could be a lot of different things Some of the things you have to look for would be grip So obviously if I took a normal set up the stronger the grip if it was really rotated clockwise That would promote a a more closed clubface I could do some things during my backswing that would close the club face and things are down So you have to figure out why it’s closed and look at that. Maybe grip maybe another piece So check that part first. Your clubface is too close to your path We have to find out why wait to start to correct that now the second thing we see with the hook is the ball position So if I were going to take a normal set up, I have an 8-iron here for these short to mid irons I’d like to see the ball position summer between my sternum location and my shirt logo So somewhere in here to me would fall neutral I would hardly never ever hit a full swing shot with the ball to the right ever behind my sternum location Now for you guys that hit hooks or draws. Typically that’s associated with a ball position. That’s farther back So you want to check this meaning the more back the ball is in my stance? The more I’m gonna catch the ball on the inside part of the arc and hit pushes and hooks Okay, if I have the ball position more neutral it would lessen that effect If I had the ball position more forward it would even lessen it more dramatically. So me someone who’s hit hooks my whole life I could I could all less than my hook if I just move the ball more for so start with the simple stuff Make sure your grips not overly strong. Can you hit a Draw a normal shot or if a with a strong grip, of course, you could Dustin Johnson and worst-kept Can the US Open we’re just hitting fades with strong grips. It’s not impossible I’m just saying as a stock pattern make sure it’s not overly strong check your clubface first Second after you check your clubface is ball position, make sure the ball is more forward Make sure it’s not too far back do those things first If you hit a hook now the second part, I’m going to shift gears here a little bit Let’s assume your clubface is somewhat nutron your grips a neutral. Let’s assume your ball positions not too far back The next part of the hook and what you have is a path. That’s Overly inside out right? So if I wanted to hit the biggest draw in the world I’ll go ahead and demonstrate one here would be mine. I’ll hit a neutral shot first. So here’s a neutral path shot for me And that’s a pretty straight shot There now if I wanted to hit a hook. The first thing I would do is I would kick my path Much more from inside out So I feel like I swing the club more from in here and I’d swing it out to the right more pest impact This would be my hook swing here And that was probably about a five-yard draw So the path being to the right hits the hook now Obviously if you’re struggling with a hook your path is too far to the right. What do you do? well before I put the practice stations in some things you can do from the top of your Backswing and some people are gonna like it some are it doesn’t matter if you do these things and you feel and it works it Gives it do them and straighten your ball fight out if I go to the top like this I’m too far inside out equal and opposite What do I need to feel I need to feel like I’m more over the top More outside in if you’re way inside out and hitting hooks you could feel way over the top and you’ll probably hit the ball pretty Darn straight okay if I’m way Underneath like this you can actually feel like you steep in the shaft a little bit. Is that incorrect? No, it’s not if you feel like you steep in the shaft, and it puts you just normal back on plane. That’s perfectly fine What else can you do from that? Well something I do a lot when I play is I would feel the club exit more left past impact and we’ll get into that here in a minute It’s perfectly okay for me to feel like the club Works more to the left the more left. It works past the impact the less it’s going to draw And the more that I’ll neutralize your ball flight pattern so Soaker sort of quick things for you guys It’s feel the club more over the top feel it work more left. Basically just do the opposite of your normal draw power Ok now drill wise everybody likes drills So a couple things number one. I have a range bucket here So I’m gonna set this up and I’ll show you how I do that so this is my always my first thing I do with someone if they have a hook and they’re swinging too far inside out is I’ll put this bucket here now. I’ve done some of this before on other platforms So basically, I’ll show you at the end here how to set these pieces up But essentially have it half way between my foot and the ball I have it just underneath the angle that the club is on that I’m using It’s in my way. If I were to come down like this, I would hit it. So from a from a closer angle here I would put the edge of the bucket roughly a club head maybe slightly more than a club head from my toes And then from down the line I would take whatever club I’m using and I would angle it Put it flat on the ground and I would want the bucket to be just under the angle that the club would naturally set So from the face on angle, I want to put the front edge of the bucket in line with the middle of my toes Anywhere ahead of that would be too far forward and behind that would be too far back I want to have the front of the bucket in line with the middle of my toes from the face on And when you first start this you want to definitely feel like it’s in your way and I would start with just little short ones So I’m going just do like a little hundred yarder And when I do that in I exaggerate that gives me just little baby fades and just like the other dress I do Maybe half to 3/4 swings 100 yards 50 percent feel the club head working outside of this bucket And that just gives me a little baby fades when I do it This is the first one I use with everyone across the board you come in and see me. You have hooks we do this first Unless your shanking in I don’t throw snow skis but usually I would do this first all time. This will be option number one Capture number two would be I just add a layer to that so I have a alignment rod has tape on it and I would do the same thing as But now I’m gonna make it a little bit more difficult So if I put the ball in here take my normal setup now for this I move this back a little bit farther But it’s still kind of in the same spot with with the face on view here I usually you can see the buckets a little bit farther back. I set it up where it’s roughly again I will pose this club parallel. I put it roughly halfway down the shaft I want to make sure that I would never hit the stick with my hands back or down just a little bit farther away Half to 3/4 of the way down the shaft I take the club back Where the clubs parallel to the ground on my toe line and I want to have that stick about an inch or two in front Of that this would be a little bit more exaggerated again from the top if I get too dumped underneath So I’ll get this back a little bit more if I get too dumped underneath I’m going to run into this stick I want to fill 8 the club stays a little bit more out in front of me if you will And I do the same thing. I’m going to start short and Slow and kind of work my way up Keep the club more out in front Excuse me. This one for me definitely feels a little bit more exaggerated than normal So I’ll just do one more And what’s gonna happen again is you’re not going to get that hook pattern Excuse me. So if you’re someone who comes way inside This is gonna feel way in your way You’re gonna have to fill out the club’s way outside going back and I’m talking like way more In front and way more steep coming down. This would be practice session or Station number two that would use and then the third one I would do and when doing a hook and getting rid of a hook You want to get rid of the club coming too far inside? Yo, you want to put a station? Okay? Behind the ball between your foot and the golf ball So something in this area all the time is where you would do for a hook and then you would do the opposite of that So I would take this and go to the right of the target. This will be my last station I would do This is one I was just watching a video of Brooks koepka For a little review we did and he had this in front of him a couple months ago to help hit the fade This is one of my go-to Zhh, so you take a stick and you put it out in front of you to replicate the same piece now This is fairly conservative. Probably make this a little bit harder And again on day one when you’re doing these you want these to feel pretty drastic So here’s how I’d set this up would be the opposite of back here. I Put the stick in the bucket far enough forward again where I would never hit my hands I typically put it about half way maybe a little bit farther than this down the shaft So I’ve never hit it with my hands We went closer than that and really the goal is to have the stick on an angle. That’s low enough Where when you get to that follow-through spot? It’s just a couple inches above that is the goal with this I put my shaft in front roughly on my toe line parallel to the ground. I have about an inch or two Under above the shaft between this Stick and then the and the club and my goal here is going to be I want the club head working to the left Past impact again to get rid of that draw pattern. So I’ll take my normal set up I’ll just do a little half one here first And that for me again feels a little bit more exaggerated it’s about a five-yard cut And this is what I want if you’re someone who hits hooks You want to see some cuts like you want to exaggerate some of these things and you want to have the golf ball curving to? The right this shouldn’t feel minor Especially on day one. This should feel pretty exaggerated and that gets the ball carving left to right for me pretty nicely So those are the three practice stations? That I would use a bucket behind me. Always number one I put the stick in number two and put this in front and see what works best for you if you’re a guy that hooks And you see the club’s exiting way to the right pass impact you probably want to start with this one get it working left If it gets way inside early you want to put this back here do one of those two exaggerate those two get your path Back to normal first hit some cut and and again if you’re trying to get rid of the hook Don’t be afraid to hit a bunch of cuts in the beginning exaggerate some slices so you can find middle ground So hook pattern your clubface is too close do something to get it back to neutral Make sure your ball positions not too far back and then fix the path with one of these stations or something similar to that Something inside here or out there. I hope that all makes sense. Don’t forget to exaggerate these pieces in the beginning Hope that all helps let me know if you guys have any questions You

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