Golf Irons Review: Mizuno JPX 825 Pro

Golf Irons Review: Mizuno JPX 825 Pro

Hi my name’s Graham Green and I’m the general
manager and PGA professional here at the Leaderboard Golf Centre in Reading. Today, I’m going to do a product review of
Mizuno’s new model: the JPX 825 Pro. Like the MP series, it’s made with 1025 soft
carbon steel. However, unlike the MP range, it has a high core face, and that means that
this model will hit the ball much further than any of the MP range of golf clubs. If we look at the back here you’ll see that
Mizuno have got this CNC cavity pocket. Now what they claim is that on the four to seven
iron, it’s much easier to launch the ball, and it’s also much more forgiving. Mizuno have also made this with a nice finish,
it’s a double-plated chrome finish, which gives a really ice anti-glare on the ball,
and a nice durable finish too. If we look at the sole, it’s made with triple-cut,
and what that does in Mizuno’s opinion is that it makes shot-making much more versatile. So I’m going to have a go, cast my own opinion,
and see how we get on. So let’s concentrate on the look of this golf
club to start off with: when you look at it from the back it looks pretty slick – it’s
got a nice insert on the back, very appealing on the shelf. But when you put it down, I
must say, it’s a little bit disappointing. It’s a bit old hat; it looks like some of
the older JPX versions. In fact some of the old Mizuno MX golf clubs, it’s very similar
to those. So there’s nothing outstanding about the look of the golf club. I would say a little
bit old school, it’s non-offensive, but it’s not particularly inspiring. So taking account
the looks, I’d give it a seven out of ten. We come now to the forgiveness, and it is
definitely slightly more forgiving than the MP range – although it’s not massively forgiving.
Certainly compared to the JPX 825 standard model it’s got a lot less forgiveness, and
I was a little bit torn between whether there was a place for this really; I got on really
well with the MP golf club, and I actually hit the JPX 825 model really well, and I must
say that this pro version for me just sat in a no man’s land place. So it was okay, forgiveness I’d probably give
it, again, seven out of ten. When we come on to the feel, it’s very good
but again you’d expect that with its 1025 soft carbon steel. It does give that nice
soft but solid feedback, and again I’d give that nine out of ten. The overall grade, like I say, for me it was
the fact that it’s a little bit old school, a little bit old hat, it feels like it may
have been around ten years ago, this club, other than the badge in the back of it really.
I’d give the overall grade for this seven out of ten. It’s a nice golf club, non-offensive, but
not particularly inspiring. When we talk about adjustability, of course
you can get this fully custom-fitted – loft angle, lie angle, different shaft options,
different grip options, and what I’d advise everybody to do from this point is to go down
to see your local PGA professional, get yourself on the Mizuno DNA shaft optimiser, go through
their full fitting and see which of the Mizuno models and which of the custom fit options
come out best for you.

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  1. Not a good review. If you are reading the comments before watching this, just stop and move on.

  2. You gave the club 7/10 I would give you 1/10 for the review.
    Just ordered these with kbs c-taper, changing from mp58 blades. Great club.

  3. Joke review. You're on your own with this one chap. You're the only "pro" who has basically said these irons are very average. Everyone, I mean everyone, else thinks these are great irons and fill a gap in the market. I'm looking to get some second hand now a few years down the line from launch. So glad I've read and watched so many other reviews.

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