Golf Lesson Hold the Club Looser for extra distance

Golf Lesson Hold the Club Looser for extra distance

Hi Guys rhodri here got a quick tip for you on how to hit the
ball a little bit further what most people do is they tend to really
especially on long drives they really hold the golf club harder… really wind up and give it a right old smack thats not really going to do it a couple of things which will make you hit
the golf ball further is first of all get fitted for the correct driver. This is
really important get the correct spin rate so by getting the correct spin rate and launch
angle it will certainly add distance to your game but from a technical point of view club head speed is going to make you hit the
ball further along with centerness of strike so by holding the club harder and trying to give
it an ahhhhhhhhh everything you have got is not going to make you hit it further a really good tip to do is just to loosen
the hold a little bit you want to feel the club can swing out n
front of us loke this.. this is a really good thing to do so we can
hold the golf club out like this and get the wrists working nice and loose now if i hold that really hard …. as hard
as i can that now becomes a lot harder lets have a swing let do 2 swings hold the golf club as hard as i can go and now lets have a looser hold now the second one is going to swing a lot
faster simply becasue the hands can react and the
wrist can move really fast now if i makke a fist like this ….. then
this is as fast as i can move and my golf swing is starting to look like
this so….. lets have a few shots lert hit to the edge
of the camera so i am holding really hard really gripping down on the golf club going to wind up and …….. and that really didnt do much at all hit the ball a little off the heel bnot a
good strike at all went 100 yards if that really poor strike… lot of effort for little distance…. so now lets hold this a lot looser really try and get some club head speed with
a looser hold now thats a much better golf shot that has
gone an extra 30 yards so remember this tip on the golf course next
time you want to hit the ball further remember hold the club looser and think about your hold pressure keep it loose and that will increase your
swing speed.

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  1. Couldn't agree more! Tight grip=casting I swear it activates extensor muscles when you grip to tightly. Jamie Sadlowski talks a lot about keep wrists and hands loose for distance as well and he is one of the few people in the world that can actually make a living off of just hitting the ball far.  Nice work keep it up!

  2. What about hitting out of deep rough.  I was told to grip tigher to stop club rotating when it goes throught the grass – should I grip light for these shots as well?

  3. PLEASE HELP ME…I cannot keep hold of the club.  The grip of the club slides between my left fore finger and thumb during transition and if I manage to keep my right covering my left hand the pressure of my left thumb is too much and everything just goes clunk.

  4. It's a very good tip that I try hard to use all the time. When I do it right it helps me hit the ball "farther".

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