Golf Pitching & Chipping Tips : Golf Clubs: 60 Degree Wedges

Golf Pitching & Chipping Tips : Golf Clubs: 60 Degree Wedges

OK, we’re going to use the sixty degree wedge
in this segment and all that means is that the club is very lofted, it’s a very open
face so I going to get the ball high with my shot. So it’s not too windy right now so
I feel pretty comfortable hitting a high shot cause the distance we’re hitting isn’t that
great. So the wind even if there’s a little bit of wind won’t affect it that much. So
I’m going to aim at my target, get lined up. I’m going to use a neutral clubface and I’m
going to take a nice relaxed reasonably steep swing cause I want to get the ball up high
and that was pretty successful. So this is a shot that the sixty degree wedge gives you
the ability to get the ball real high and then the ball won’t roll that much once it
lands on the green. So it’s a great shot to practice endlessly. You got to have it as
it’s got to be nearly automatic cause if you don’t hit it that well then you’re faced with
a long put so instead of getting up and down in two shots it might take you three or four
shots. So sixty degree wedge, this is a great shot from this distance whether you open the
face or keep it closed. Just pop that ball up high and you’ll have a successful shot.

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  1. I'm curious though did you use a golf club to get the ball up that high?

    On a serious note

    I learned absolutely nothing from your video.

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