Golf Stance Tips and Setup Position

Golf Stance Tips and Setup Position

Hi I’m Neal Granville, Director of Golf at
Sandford Springs, part of the Leaderboard Group. All golfers want consistency, and consistency
stems from the setup. So, if you’ve got a balanced, consistent setup,
in particular your stance, you’re going to hit better golf shots. I’m going to go through five points which
will help you to build a consistent stance. To create a powerful and repeatable golf swing,
your body needs to be balanced and stable. If I set up with the shoulders, knees and
ankles in line, your body can coil effectively. With an iron, set your knees and shoulders
in line. With your driver, you can go slightly wider,
so the inside of the knees are in line with the shoulders. The golf swing works form the ground up, so
the positioning of your feet is really important. The right show needs to be square to the target
line. This will help the body coil in the back swing
and will act to control the amount of hip turn that you can make. Having the left shoe slightly turned out means
there will be less resistance when making a follow-through, and your full momentum can
go right the way through the golf ball. Let’s look at the positioning of your arms
at address, in particular to start with the left arm. In order to make a full swing, your left arm
needs to be hanging straight at address; not tense, just hanging comfortably straight,
and it should remain straight as the club swings. If the left arm is bending then the club won’t
travel as fast. If the club’s travelling faster, then the
ball’s going to go further. How you position your arms will affect the
start of your golf swing, so it’s really important that we get this right. Your arms should hang comfortably in front
of you, and you’ll notice that they form a triangle between the arms and shoulders. Each elbow should then point to the hips. Now the club will start the swing effortlessly. Where you position the ball will need to change
for certain clubs. What we’re going to look at is the difference
between a driver and your irons. When the ball is teed up with your driver,
then the ball should be opposite your left heel. This will help the club sweep the ball away
on an upward curve. With an iron, the ball should be just ahead
of centre; this will promote a downward strike to contact the ball, and then the turf. My advice for you now is to write down those
five points, go to the driving range and practice them, make them a consistent part of your
setup and your stance. That will help your golf to become much more

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  1. The text is getting in the way when I watch the video.

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  4. Great tips thank you.

  5. Hello i am very new to golf i have played a little on a pitch and putt and i have a cheap PW and 7 iron and a putter i can hit the and get it where it should go about 70% of the time.
    My question is should i buy better clubs or stick with what i am using ?

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  9. Be careful. If you turn your left foot out, there will be a tendency to open your hips. as well. This is ok of your want to fade or slice the ball. If not…….

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