Golf Swing Tempo Tips : Medicus Golf Club Balance Tips

Alright in this segment we’re going to work
on developing your tempo and developing your balance together. So one of the best drills
to develop your balance is hitting the ball with your feet together. So when you combine
this drill with a Medicus, now you’ve got something that’s really going to help groove
your game. So I want you just to focus on keeping your feet together which forces the
knees to bend and you can choke down a little bit on the club and then you just try to take
let’s say a three quarters or even a full swing but maintaining a good tempo. So what
this does by having the feet together, it really helps you focus on turning the body
to develop your power verses using your hands and arms. And that’s really the purpose of
the Medicus club to begin with is to develop the turn verses just using your hands and
arms. So focus on this drill, remember you just choke down a little bit, keep your feet
together, pull the club back and let it rip. And this is a great drill and it really will
develop your swing faster than anything else you can do.

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