Golf Tips & Etiquette : How to Put Spin on a Golf Ball

Golf Tips & Etiquette : How to Put Spin on a Golf Ball

Hello my name is Chris Ardolina and I’m a
golf instructor here at the Jim Mclean golf school located at the Doral resort and spa
in Miami Florida. In this clip today we are going to be talking about how to put spin
on the golf ball. Just to clarify any myths, there is no secret or special way to swing
the golf over anything like that to put spin on the golf ball. It’s simply caused by actually
hitting the golf ball purely. And what that means is you are actually hitting the golf
ball first taking a divot after the ball and allowing the grooves to take over. What that’s
going to do is when you hit the ball solidly and in the center of the face it’s going to
allow the grooves to grab the golf ball and create spin on there. But the only thing you
do need to get a lot of spin on the golf ball is you need some speed through the golf ball
ok. Now what we have here today if we focused down on the ground here, I’ve drawn a yellow
line in paint ok to show us where we should not hit behind. Ok and then I have two golf
balls there and we are going to demonstrate here. Our goal is to hit the golf ball first
and to have the divot after the line. That’s going to allow us to have a solid golf shot
and create as much spin as we possibly can. Or remember the issue with getting spin, you
have to have a lot of speed as well. So getting spin on the golf ball is not for everybody,
you have to have a high swing speed. So if you are not getting spin on the golf ball
it doesn’t mean that you are hitting a poor shot or things like that. Ok. It just means
that you don’t have enough speed. So we are going to demonstrate for you here. So we are
trying to get the divot after the line. My name is Chris Ardolia and today we taught
you how to put spin on the golf ball.

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  1. What about Bridgestone B330 tour, RX, and S golf balls?

  2. Good advice….but make sure you use a good ball and a club with U shape grooves ( that are clean ! )

  3. v's are so much sharper though

  4. I also heard Pro v1s have a little more spin than pro v1xs. Not that I can spin it worth a darn..

  5. spin is all about good connection and timing

  6. you said golf ball like 15 times in 1.34

  7. Also, your grooves can't be caked up with mud. Always clean your grooves. You know how many times I see guys play a round and not clean their clubs after a shot. Then they ask me how I spun the ball.

  8. Expert Village is full of Village Idiots. Their advice is the WORST I've ever heard. Rule of thumb: If they say something, just do the opposite and you'll be fine.

  9. Clean grooves + clean downward impact + 'spinny' ball = spin. The trick is developing a downswing move that puts the hands forward at impact with a tight clubhead arc.

  10. this guy looks straight up gay
    ax belt lol
    bet he likes taking it in his back hole

  11. He's got a nice swing. That belt buckle is another story though lol.

  12. anyone can swing a golf club lets see the after shot to see this "spin"

  13. Gotta bear in mind that you need to be using a golf ball with a soft cover too – you'll never get any spin with one of the cheaper balls like a Top Flite

  14. Show the result ffs … show us the line at least lol

  15. u compressed it but did you get spin on it lets see the landing…….


  17. wish i could've seen your divot???

  18. Is high backspin only for short irons or is it possible to do this with longer clubs as well?

  19. I didn't see any spin…

  20. I didn't see the divot after the line!!

  21. @IwishIcouldFC you can turn captions off you know?

  22. Drink a shot every time he says golf ball

  23. He doesnt know what hes talkin about

  24. I hit down so much that my divots are always deep, and I hit where the ball is and I still don't get much spin. I wonder why, oh and I also swing fast.

  25. i cant do it so i like to know how to do it

  26. 1:28 you hit the line dude…

  27. hay gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  28. You literally taught nothing.

  29. Probably the single handily worst video on "how to spin the ball" on YouTube. I had my 7 y/o neighbor spit better advice. You work at Doral? If so it looks like I should be head pro.

  30. No video of the landing… no likey

  31. i wouldnt have minded if you were able to have another camera to where you hit it, let's say on a green and show the results. But I'll give this a shot once the snow is gone haha

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