Golf Tips for Teenagers : Using a Hybrid Golf Club

Golf Tips for Teenagers : Using a Hybrid Golf Club

Hi I’m Chase Harrison and I’m with Expert
Village. This is my hybrid you use this you don’t hit such a great shot with your driver
you just take this out. I guess if you only hit it about 100 yards or something. You still
have water over this and I can hit this thing about 200-220 so I mean it would get you where
you need to go but it is not so great for shots for 50 yards and closer. So that is
a hybrid iron. This is my fore wood it does the same job as the hybrid except you can
hit it just a little bit further. Looks like a driver but the face of the club is a lot
smaller then the driver cause the driver when you hit a driver you want to hear that ting
you want to hear that sound so you know you hit it right. This doesn’t make that sound
at all it just makes it a thump sound a really hard thump. I can hit this club probably about
maybe 250 if you hit it right that is how far for wood is suppose to go.

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  1. that was retarted

  2. give me my 1:20 back

  3. wtf is this? a video on a fktard telling us what a hybrid looks like?? jesus !

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