Golfing At A Top 5 Oldest Course In The World | Golf At Montrose Links In Scotland

Golfing At A Top 5 Oldest Course In The World | Golf At Montrose Links In Scotland

good morning morning how are you doing
very well glad to be here nice to see you
hope you are having a wonderful day we’re out here at the 1562
Montrose course and Montrose Scotland so excited about this today we’re about to
tee it up I’m here on the first tee I’m gonna take you along the front nine show
you the course hit some good shots maybe hit a few stingers in there we’re just
gonna head straight to the tee hope you enjoy this number one here
par-4 391 yards right bunker is a nasty bunker you definitely want to miss that
to the left kind of hit it over that grassy knoll that you see there far left
bunkers not really reachable so we are gonna sting this off the first tee that’s exactly what we’re looking for
state shorted out bunker 143 left to the pen I have no idea where that pin is on
the green looks to be pretty Center we’re gonna hit a pitching wedge just get loosened up that wasn’t great
tee shot was good wasn’t good a little short right the ball just doesn’t quite
fly as far here being at sea level kind of need to start taking that into
account however didn’t hit that great either we’re about 35 yards to the hole
short right I was a lot farther shot than I
David credit for not see bad little short but you know
gotta look par what a view off the backside of the green that is the ocean
right there that view behind the green is also pretty awesome or right here
that’s our par look left ooh those left dead in the heart all
right that is a bogey on the start number too far for 391 as well
yep that’s the view off the back side of the tee box we’ve got the fairway
running alongside the coast don’t hit it over there we stinging it
again we have found the rough stuff we just
missed the fairway to the right didn’t quite get through the rough 145 yards
left to a middle pan little down breeze I’ve got pitching wedge here that stuff looks gnarly hopefully we
don’t hit it in there cuz you’re probably not finding it got a good look
there for birdie we wanted to take a brief moment to say thank you so much to
Scotland home of golf for having me out here on this incredible bucket list trip
I’ve partnered with them for this entire trip I’m also here with Carnoustie
countries they’re hosting me here in this area in the Carnoustie area out
here at Montrose this course is pure this is so much fun
let’s go roll this putt in for bird that’s all we had the first pin slammer
today Oh we’re gonna get one to fall don’t you
worry that’s a part here on number two number three par three 133 yards
slightly downhill slightly downwind yep that’s the ocean got a little gaffer I wasn’t what we were looking for there
should have probably played more to the center of the green we’re gonna have to
go hunt this one down so yeah you go through a little gully having to lock up
this slope to get to the green this is whoa quite the slope yeah yes this is
quite the why we are in the thick cabbage up here to the green got a
little hurt to do we’ve been on the struggle bus here whoa yeah we we’re on to number four you
just gotta forget about that that was when you miss the green in the wrong
direction here things can get dicey real quick that’s
what happened there that was a lot of strokes on that short par 3 we miss in
the wrong spot all right it’s over on number 4 par 4 365 yards bends kind of
around that corner there of the brush yeah I don’t see why not just sting it we’re making birdies go river house
don’t worry right it’s alright I think we’re but
solid look for birdie here about 20 feet maybe 23 feet yeah we’ll say 23 feet yep oh that is another close call on a
birdie thought we had a bounce-back that’s alright par here on for number
five to nine to par four up over the slope is where the green is I didn’t
come here to lay up get high let it fly with driver
let’s go high we’re getting into a flow now swings feeling a little better
we’ve got number three out of the mine we’re moving on
that was a good tee shot hopefully might have crept onto the green I was alone to
the breeze a little uphill it’s a little under 300 to the middle of the green so walking up here to the green are you
kidding me we just drove the green this is incredible we have an eagle look on
this par 4 probably hit that drive just over 300 because it is towards the back
of the green but we’ve set ourselves off with about a 30 footer for Eagle roll down pretty good I actually thought
that plug was gonna go a little to the right but that was good speed I’ll tap
it in for the birdie and we’ve got our first pin slammer of
the day what I love to roll in that Eagle but we’ll take a bird walking up
here to the 60 right along the ocean here is the view wonderful par-5 Matt
this is a tight driving hole here on this par 5 all righty I think I’m gonna
have to take that same perspective on this hole to get high let it fly I’m
gonna be taking it kind of right there and not line 490 yards what an
incredible place Montrose is pretty sure right there that I got over that pot
bunker these little pot bunkers are positioned very well to capture any
shots slightly off line I think I carried all three of them that last one
that I hit directly at I couldn’t tell if I got over pretty sure it did we’ll
go look hopefully we’ve got a look for this par 5 in two
this was the bunker here I was concerned that we didn’t carry however we did
we’re walking up here here is our ball right there wow that is a juicy lie 175
to a middle pin let’s go I’m assuming this is gonna be a huge flier pitching
wedge in hand are this roughness super thick
I am not giving it enough credit that rough grabbed the hosel and completely
turn that that is whale alrighty yeah yeah that’s not good out of that lie I will take back people I do well off in the distance
right people if you can was a slight draw okay number seven 368 we’re hitting at the
steeple you can see it off in the distance like right there perfect
I really don’t know how my ball got there it must have just started the edge
of that bunker definitely further left and I thought we have about 150 left to
the hole from here gonna probably hit a gap wedge try to land it just short run
up onto the green it’s a beautiful day yep having a lot of
fun even even though scoring has not been good today it’s been so much fun
perfect day hey I’m in shorts and short sleeves and Scotland can’t ask for much
more than that as a great track that was I hit that one
well we did spot it it’s hot in great shape yeah right there there’s where
we’re going we need to get this up and down let’s go you beautiful that rough it’s really hard to
really anticipate how the ball is gonna come out but we’re learning definitely
have to aim right when you’re in the rough on full shots because that rough
is gonna wrap around the hosel turn the club over which it did a little bit
there causing it to deal off the club causing the massively long shot over the
green and then who I was kind of tough behind the green just wanted to get it
up onto the putting surface take our medicine
number eight par four 325 yards from the tees were playing we’re in the fairway Stamford over to
the right 1:15 left here back left pin into the
breeze gonna take a bit more Club probably gonna chip a pitching wedge
here all righty there’s the ball right there
probably about 40 feet left for birdie coming back up the hill it’s emotional it is it’s been so for
looks like a little dogleg left get back into the wind 444 yards that’s a long
ways let’s see let’s zoom in to the fairway here give you little vantage
point we’re just going to get high and let a
fly all righty
that is a 409 that is it for today that is the front
nine here at Montrose what an amazing corset is really touched your game I got
to see a lot of it today yeah we hit a few good shots in there but their
struggles real yeah nine not gonna lie there this this was a tough nine holes
but you know we we got through it have a lot of fun
hope you enjoyed coming along guys until next time we’ll see you when we see you

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