Golfing With 100 Year Old Clubs | Part 1 At Kingarrock Hickory Golf In St Andrews Scotland

Golfing With 100 Year Old Clubs | Part 1 At Kingarrock Hickory Golf In St Andrews Scotland

we’re out here at Kingarrock I think I
pronounced that right Kingarrock up so I’ve been working on that just for y’all
to pronounce it properly didn’t wanna yeah I kept calling it Kingarrock if I’m
being real that’s what I kept saying we’re out here we’re gonna show you what
it’s like to play with Hickory stick golf clubs wooden clubs we’ve got some
right here yes check those bad boys out right there you come here there’s nine
holes we’re gonna be stinging it we’re gonna keep score we’re gonna bring you
along I’ve never hit a Hickory golf club before so we’re gonna find out what it’s
like we’ll take you to tea here shortly but just kind of want to show you around
the clubhouse first we will get on our way great to meet you as well I’m ready so here you can gank we’ve got
two different types of golf balls and we use so we’ve got just a modern-day golf
forward messages mostly just acts as a backup really to was I mean play ball
which is our mesh feo golf ball this is what the golf ball would have looked
like back in the 1920s and this golf ball is designed to perform in a few as
close as we can get to certain 1920s golf balls so I mean definitely to your
part to the fact that one’s got dimples and one’s got a mesh power and as a
distance that they go nowadays were very lucky in the fact the clubs are quite
good at hitting the ball in the air so golf balls tend to go forward back in
the 1920s all the clubs tend attempts and quite low so the golf balls couldn’t
go in the air so what happens with this golf ball especially when you feel a
better speed in tears it tends to go up rather than forwards so especially with
a driver you probably find you guys will lose about 30 40 yards just off the tee
sort of thing and but that’s that’s where you to fight back in the day so
thanks does it challenging you guys have got to deburr
these are looking awesome can’t wait to give them a rip or try to rip a saucer I mean the Stingers that are gonna be
sent with that are you kidding me is if a – I wasn’t hot enough to hit we’ve got
a wooden shafted one with a blade that’s like a knife let’s go so here you
actually get to choose your own set not allowed to play with your normal golf
clubs they have clubs here for you we’ve got several options for which set we
want to go with I’m gonna be focusing in trying to get the perfect stinger Club
we’re gonna see if we can make that happen
we’ve got about maybe eight or so bag options so we’re gonna get to choose
them here are some of the options they all have a little different shape to the
irons that looks like more of like a sand wedge maybe this looks like maybe a
putter I don’t know I think so possibly this is got to be a putter right there I
mean that right there is doesn’t have much loft over here I don’t know I think
one of these two might be the stinger club here’s the wood several different
options I’m gonna go pick out the clubs for me today alrighty this one is just
kind of sticking out to me right there looks like we’ve got a stinger Club as
well this is what we’re going with you
swapping out drivers mate yeah what’s the deciding factor for you who knows
they don’t just perform so differently so we only have five clubs yeah is this
a normal count for back then yeah I mean your standard person probably just with
the expensive clubs but really back in the day you could have had as many clubs
as you wanted you know it wasn’t till later on that they decided on the sort
of 14 clubs that we know nowadays and the story goes that you know there was a
British Amateur and some guy had won it every year for like two or three years
in a row and everyone was getting fed up with him winning it so Bobby Jordan’s
the great American amateur golfer and one of some Torrance’s ancestors
basically sat down you know how many clubs you have a new
bag when you want at sixteen I mean do you have 12 ok average out 14 that’s
where we get our 14 clubs from from today so we’ve given you five you know
we’re going to test your field test your imagination and stuff like that but yeah
yeah back in the day you could define as many as you want if you know left-handed
clubs right-handed clubs anything you really want you to stick in there that
was the Tsarist class is a golf club you could have it in your bag and yeah
nowadays we’re kind of stuck with 14 so yeah there you go
walking up here this is the gate to the first teaser and is please close gate
sir I will do number one here I believe it says ha ha yeah that’s that’s what
they call number one ha ha we’re here on the course number one the ha ha yeah ha
ha ha little dogleg right 289 yards little butter cut right down central
yeah this is the club that we were hitting off of the front yard down to a
hole seven green that’s what we’re going with here on the first hole we’re also
playing with this golf ball yeah look at the dimples on that totally different
than anything I’ve ever played with have no idea how this is gonna fly we were
using modern-day golf balls up there on the yard first swing with this let’s see
how it goes he’s heard wrong goodnight
he writes okay so that did the complete opposite of what I thought who’s gonna
do I thought that was gonna go spinny high right and don’t we low left however
you know what that means stingers will be sent today yes sir
Matt tell me a little bit about your experience so far I’ve always wanted to
actually play a round of golf with these clubs never known where to do it so
we’re really lucky that we’ve got to do it it’s crazy really because the grip
obviously is made of leather and they’re so shiny you know these things are old
and once you get on of it it’s like part of the challenge when you stood over it
you’re not gonna swing it like you normally would a because of the wooden
shaft so it won’t be able to sustain the speed but also the big thought in my
mind is don’t let go this club halfway through the grip is so shiny yeah but I
tell you what the feel off it feels awesome when you get it to be fair I
like it I’m really enjoying it I can’t wait to a play these nine holes now and
see see what has in store I think the the Niblick sand trying to hit some of
the long lines are going to be really special yeah yeah be a different
different experience 102 yards left to a front left pin it looks like let’s let
it fly all righty going through the clubs here
I’m gonna go with this what’s to be a little wedge yeah that’s what we’re
going with that’s going right that reacted off the
pace very different than a modern-day wedge that wasn’t way right we’re up
there pretty close to the green you need to get up and down alrighty about 25 yards just short of
the green here probably want to land something about right there
let it trundle up to the hole that was no good
that was right we got a hone in these wedges definitely takes off a bit right
need to figure out why we’ve got the putter for the first time today
just off the green here Wow that needs to focus alright there we go
we’ve got about it 25 30 footer left pretty good line greens are a bit slow
on the stemp today so just honing in that speed we’re gonna roll the rock no
that was a bogey putt so that was a double bogey here on
number one let’s see if we can do a little better with the wedges next time
yeah good start for male with a bogey which was you know that you damaged your
standard back in the day so good just standard start double bogey well maybe
maybe not so good maybe 18 handicapper so to say a thing but what did you Oh
double yeah time to improve like hole number two stand sure 166 yards a little
up the hill boy that’s a good backdrop for a little stinger I know I’m hitting
an iron and I don’t T the ball up when I hit an iron I just feel like we need to
here we’ve got the stinger club here yeah well we’ll see what happens I was like a really good number
hit that decent just a little right I was wondering here we’re walking up to
the green there’s a castle right there yeah what is that
so Tara was actually what’s called a Duke it and so do is a Scottish term for
a pigeon this is where they used to keep the pigeons back in the day so if in
that little Tower and now it’s just a nice little feature to the golf course
sort of thing but yeah that’s they kept the pigeons and they would go and
collect the eggs and from time collect the pigeons themselves they never say a
thing but yeah that was that was the pigeons house basically that’s awesome
yeah alrighty we found the ball just off the green
almost pin-high the distance control there was
phenomenal I learned that the flop shot probably is not a go-to shot today won’t
be using this club much around the Greens yeah we just got to get the ball
rolling feel like this is gonna play pretty
straight mmm a league low left probably need to hit a firm that’s no good that’s
no good that’s another double bogey that’s it’s a 5 here I’m yeah well hold
on unless this is a par 4 back in the day number 3 King Garrick 201 I was told
that you want to take it just left of that rock there should be a pretty good
line totally blind tee shot here so far through two holes
and a tee shot I feel pretty good with the full shots you know you’re able to
kind of guesstimate at least what direction they’re gonna head in and
contact feels great actually when you hit it solid however my analysis with
the wedge around the green not great yeah we’re gonna have to figure out a
way to roll rock would love to make some parts today maybe a birdie birdie at
this point kind of feels like a hole-in-one
so so we’re talking walking up here well what’s your analysis on the good shots
the best shots yeah it’s really it’s really funny isn’t it the perception
totally changes as to what was a good shot what was a decent shot what was a
bad shot and a bad shows off the one that is a really bad job but like really
this one just kind of goes somewhere on the green you know
and a good part is somewhere that sort of goes maybe three four feet from the
hole and because of that I just find this there were gobs so much more
relaxing to play because you have no expectation levels at all and because of
the terrain you’re playing on as well this stay with the Greens the fairies
and stuff you can’t be as hard on yourself when you miss a pot because
there’s so many other sort of easy things that can go on aside of just a
bad punch to it but it’s brilliant fun there’s nothing like this well that sure
is Ross was telling me he normally doesn’t
hit driver off this tee you have an aggressive play I know you’ve got that
gruff over here you’ve got the trees on the other side so it’s not the easiest
place to fit it in but we all you guys have that driver hit great shots and
Zach’s just off the side of the green here so yeah you have to play driver
next thing right there I know I’m are we teaching you something today we’ve got a
great look right here very excited maybe we can get that
elusive birdie I think we’re done with the wedge today at least it’s in timeout
for the moment we’re gonna try this one I’m gonna call it the 7-iron okay go round it or just smush mine we do have a birdie look however it’s
not a great one it’s a little lengthy see it up there close still would love
the par at the end of the day pretty good speed right there I’ll take that
see if we can tap this in for the first car of the day we got a part well done my mind this is
a special moment I’d like to thank all the support out there through the first
two holes I know I was a bumpy start we’re trending on the way to the next
hole run across this I am not sure what this is if you could comment below what
this is it looks like an elk maybe not really sure don’t even really know what
the purpose of this is yeah so there’s that number for cops see cops a par 3
could you explain to me is that cop see so focus whoops again it’s another sort
of Scottish term just for the basically little group of trees so right over the
course we’ve got these group of so you know fir trees and stuff like that right
in the middle so you’re playing towards them anything this long tends to end up
in amongst them so I can leave above an interesting second shot anything short
can be able to a tricky chip so yeah you got to fly all the way basically and
hope it stops that is getting close oh what a shot are you serious dude great
shot sir I know I said Niblick was in timeout however it’s really the only
Club of choice here the others I’m gonna hit it too far and we’re not going
putter I just I’m feeling the putter right now
so really I’m left with no other option we’re gonna send it we’ll take that all day long with the
niblet little tiny shot and a look for birdie on number four are y’all kidding
me the Niblick with the bounce-back we’ve
got a birdie look here I mean that’s too you know outside chances a birdie on the
last two holes if we roll this in got a birdie today oh my goodness Wescoe soukous oh I didn’t think a birdie was
possible today and halfway there I thought that was in the hole
however y’all right here that’s two pars in a row oh let’s go hurry out today
Ross we’re just leaving the fourth green heading off to the 50 about 20 minutes
from San Andreas so not too far away from the old course but all those are
looking for a fun thing to do felt a little gap in your itinerary go three
more in a free afternoon and come out here it takes a couple hours to your
four balls to go around you know have a bit of fun please don’t make me go if
you never know you might want to play with the clubs in the afternoon take
them out in the old course think the night when carny stays there you go
oh I got a few funny looks when you turn up on the team right heading off to the
best team which is there the longest all in the course toughest all in the course
so we’ll see how these guys get on see keep licking my foot

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