Hard Core German fans in UK. in 60 Secs. – 1. FC Köln. HD video

Hard Core German fans in UK. in 60 Secs. –  1. FC Köln. HD video


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  1. Like many of Germany's other professional football clubs, 1. FC Köln is
    part of a larger sports club with teams in other sports like handball, table tennis and gymnastics. 1. FC Köln has nearly 90,000 members, making it the fourth largest club in Germany.[1] PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. Video No2 coming soon of the Same day. showing a lot more fans than before. thank you.

  2. THIS IS 1. FC Köln 😉 enjoy! a short movie made by the coah and the players as a review of the last season- this is LOVE ! (y) nur d EFFZEH!

  3. Wie wärs mal mit Gesichter verfremden?

  4. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. we will subscribe back to your channel.

  5. thank you German fan for watching. thank you YouTube.

  6. Great Video! Love from a german FC Köln fan to the UK <3 !! Ur doing a great job guys, keep it up !! Don't miss the game next week :p

  7. Well, taht´s Cologne, i saw a lot of Friends and the most of them are not Hools 😉 Come on FC!

  8. see also part2 of this video. Just60secs thanks

  9. German fans Conquer UK city. The sound alone is well worth a listen to.

  10. fans germany is hot

  11. Das sind keine hools, das sind schwuuuls

  12. Was ein Assipack. OMG.

  13. Boyz Boyz Boyz wo ist die Fahne hin

  14. Gute Jungs Respekt !!!

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