Highlights: Man United 1-4 Liverpool | Shaqiri’s wonder strike in Michigan

Highlights: Man United 1-4 Liverpool | Shaqiri’s wonder strike in Michigan

Mane goes again, and it will go to Salah! Lovely save by Lee Grant,
stretched himself really well. Liverpool’s corner,
it’s beyond Grant, Van Dijk is there! And it’s headed away off the line. A late winner against
Manchester City the other night, and the opening goal against
Manchester United today for Sadio Mane from the spot. The Brazilian born in Belgium, looking to test
Kamil Grabara, the teenage Pole. Oh, it’s marvellous. That’s an absolutely
stunning free kick, isn’t it? Oh, it’s long, looking for Shaqiri. He’s managed to just hold off Bailly, and the follow-up shot is gonna creep in
and beat Joel Pereira, and Liverpool lead again. Sheyi Ojo looking to give Liverpool what would surely be
a victory against their old foes. And does it absolutely beautifully. Grujic. And the man arriving is Woodburn.
He’ll get another bite at the cherry. And that’s Shaqiri!
And that is absolutely brilliant! An overhead kick against Manchester United. Pre-season or not, that is memorable.

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  1. 0:58 basically Man Utd summed up

  2. go lfc, flops devil's United/city's strikes again. paid trophy hunters, or propaganda paid corruption referrers instead.. cheaters, doper , divers, and rapists too. hilarious. steroids too.

  3. Its a wonder goal from shaqiri!

  4. Great game, great win but it feels strange when Salah doesn't score YNWA 😊

  5. Liverpool FC ❤❤

  6. I hope I get ojo's t shirt

  7. Nice player miss him in bayern 🙁
    but had no chance vs ribery or robben

  8. 😍😍😍❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏

  9. Why don't they give the penalties to Salah

  10. mosalahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. الي يبحب صلاح لايكككككككككككككك

  12. 👐🏼👐🏼👐🏼🇦🇱🇦🇱

  13. When Shaqiri explains his debut to his grandchildren

    “It was nothing really playing against their greatest rivals in front of 102,000 fans i just produced a man of the match performance and capped it off with a overhead kick but it was only pre season”

  14. ojo's penalty wow

  15. Agree guys even as a liverpool fan, perreira free kick was flamboyant

  16. Shaqiri goal's beat Bale and Ronaldo


  18. Liverpool has a better team than Man City

  19. Not a problem for sahgiri legendary gool from legendary player ❤🔥😍

  20. Allez Allez Allez !!!We can do it!

  21. Funny in that second half we had young defender called Nat Phillips who gets £350 pre week wages. Who put some guy called Alexis Sanchez who gets £350,000 pre week wages in his back pocket. What a young talent we have in future of Liverpool FC.

  22. So we just gonna ignore Lallana smacking Mané's butt at 0:30??

  23. Going to be one hell of a season. Btw if you love talking about football feel free to join us here

  24. Shaqiri is going to steal mo salah thunder.

  25. We r having good replacement for our superb front 3.. Sturridge for Firmino.. Shaqiri for Salah.. Shaqiri for Mane. Our mid 3 will be Hendo, Keita n Fabinho. We have plenty tis time round to rotate. Wif the youth performing well. We gonna win plenty of throphy tis season for sure.. YNWA

  26. O goleirão tava perdido , mas que golaço de Shaqiri

  27. لو لاعبين بالساحه مال حديقه هواي احسن من هل ملعب

  28. Great strike Shaqiri.. What a great debut Man. Wish you all the best and can't wait for you to mingle in with Salah, Firmino and Mane.. though I am still really mad at Mane for what he did with the penalty incident with Salah. Anyways I am loving how other teams are really seeing us as a threat now 😂😍

  29. i love how Mane keeps feeding Salah the ball. let's go Liverpool

  30. Shaqiri > Ronaldo
    Shaqiri > G. Bale

  31. Barrgaiiin… And u guys were like oh worst signing

  32. a dessert from Shaq!!

  33. Been there that was an amazing atmosphere

  34. Mane should have game the penalty to mo Salah

  35. inside pre-season man u liverpool????

  36. He is albanian player but is the best

  37. big shaq!! absolute unit that guy

  38. Preseason or not, its memorable. XS23

  39. Sturridge and shaqiri link😲

  40. This guy can't score normal goals 😂👍💥

  41. Welcome to Liverpool Shaqiri!!

  42. Sturidge is back good for him

  43. Sturridge playing well this pre season

  44. its looking more like lfc having 2x A teams,rather than a B team,,,oh yer like some other top 4 teams,about time,,ynwa

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  46. Scum is Dying when Shaqiri scoring. Lmao

  47. Not crazy about Ojo's approach for his penalty. Looked a lot like John Mensah's attempt for Ghana vs Uruguay in the 2010 WC, which didn't turn out very well for him. But I guess you can't argue with the result.

  48. What a debut lmaoooo

  49. I’m calling it right now

    Liverpool gonna win the league

  50. Dont sell the players who scored goals in pre season and everything should be fine.

  51. My king MOSALAH🤴🏽♥️

  52. Shaqiri’s Goal Was by far 100% better than Ronaldo’s and I’m a United Fan

  53. 1:25 Curtis Jones still cannot believe it happened in fornt of his eyes! 😁

  54. The Magic Dwarf in action, welcome to Liverpool family

  55. Cause we've got salah dadada oh mane mane and bobby firmino and we bought fabinio.💪

  56. That goal will never get old.

  57. The one and only Big Shaq 😌❤️


  59. Whose overhead kick is the most beautiful ??….
    @ Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Juventus UCL 2018
    @ Gareth Bale Vs Liverpool UCL 2018
    @ Xherdan Shaqiri Vs Man U , pre season match ….

  60. It's a rhino, it's a tank, it's a dwarf… It's Shaqiri!! 😍

  61. Commentator: Shaqireeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    *Goosebumps 😗

  62. Guus, if you didnt know,salah fought mane to get the penalty but milner dragged salah's shirt to avoid a fight. I felt that mane was selfish bcuz he already took the penalty against city.

  63. absoulute destruction

  64. Liverpool liverpool Livervool liverpool

  65. Grabara 💓💕

  66. Mané • Firmino • Shaqiri • Salah


  67. Salah is my favourite player

  68. Life is lovely when you beat a rival #LFCTV

  69. Welcome home shaqiri😀❤❤❤❤

  70. 3 assist for shaqiri and one goal

  71. Shaqiri!!!!!! 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭

  72. That was a class goal but it's only preseason do it when we need it and I'll be convinced u have it in u a snip at 13£mill but top 4 team ??? I hope so YNWA

  73. Shaqiri looks like a kebab shop owner making a joke with a customer every time he’s happy 😂😂😂

  74. …. ojos spotkick was sick………………!!!!!!!!

  75. If it was de gea they wouldnt score that many goals

  76. What a delightful little player Shaqiri is….


  78. Who knows what Shaqiri will do at anfeild #WONDERS

  79. Who watched it more than once?

  80. That's it then Scouse have won the premier league again . win it every year at the end of September

  81. Who watching this on 16 december before we do that again to mutd

  82. They move a lot slower in person.

  83. Why is de gea not playing?

  84. To this day, That goal is on my mind

  85. Someone here after the champions league final?

  86. 0:30😂😂😂😂😂😂

  87. I was at that game in Michigan I love 15 mins away and I was in the Liverpool crowd and damn beer was raining

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