How Chipping with a Hybrid Saves You Strokes | Golf Instruction | My Golf Tutor

How Chipping with a Hybrid Saves You Strokes | Golf Instruction | My Golf Tutor

Have you ever tried using a hybrid around
the green? Did you know it can be a great club to get
you out of trouble around the green and not just out of the rough? Hey this is Sean McTernan and you are watching
another episode of My Golf Tutor, the number one place on the internet to play your best
golf now. Welcome back, todays question comes from Colin
and Colin says hey Sean I was watching my club championship the other weekend and one
of the participants used his hybrids around the greens a lot. Is there a special way you like to play this
shot?” Colin thanks very much for your question. This is a club I use every know and then around
the greens and it is definitely a good shot to have. So I would like to share with a couple of
things that I think you should be doing to use this club the best way possible. So first of all we are going to talk about
setup. I would love and see your feet nice and close
together because it is such a short shot we are not looking for any weight shift at all. We are simply just going to put our feet very
close together. I want you to stand maybe slightly open to
your target. We are going to place the ball pretty much
opposite of our sternum. In the middle of our stance, maybe a hair
back and as we open up our stance a little bit it may look like its more off our right
foot. From a weight distribution stand point I’d
like you to feel there is maybe like 55 percent of weight on your left side, maybe 60 percent. You definitely want to favor this side a little
bit. From a grip perspective there is another grip
I would like to show you for this particular shot. Typically when we grab a golf club when we
are hitting a normal shot, I’d like to see your heel pad on the top of the club or on
top of the grip. With this shot I’d like to see the grip going
down the lifeline in both hands. This is going to help take a little wrists
out of the shot and hit it as if its like a putt. At the end of the day we are just going to
use almost a putting stroke to hit this shot. Lets go ahead, we are going to get our setup,
we are going to get in. One other thing I would like you to consider
as well, is I would like you to get a little closer to the ball and crowd it a little bit. It makes it easier to squeeze it out low and
get it running along the ground. When we come in closer, the club is going
to get a little more vertical. Obviously if we are hitting a full shot or
heal pad is going to be on top and we are going to have this sort of angle. With this shot we are going to get in nice
and close. We are going to get our grip going down the
lifeline of our hands, but a little bit of weight on our left side and simple treat it
just like a putt. So we just did a shot and it was from the
fairway and we had no rough and we simply just had to hit it up the green, like it was
a putt. Here we are in a situation where we have a
little bit of rough. It is kind of effecting my ability to take
the club back. So I am going to show you a little thing that
you can change in order to get a better strike on this ball. So we are going do the exact same thing as
we were hitting the shot from the fairway. We are going to get our stance close together,
we are going to open it up a little bit. The one thing I would like you try though
is feel that this shoulder get a little lower. What is going to happen is that it is almost
a feeling that the club has a better chance of coming up in the air sooner. Simply, weight on the left side and drop the
left shoulder just a little bit and simply just pick it up and let it go. I hope that information helps and I hope it
gives you a better understanding of how you can use your hybrid around the green. If you or anyone else has any comments or
questions that they want to ask me please leave your comments in the comment box below. If you haven’t already go check out
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  1. Great video — I have tried this with a lot of success. I am never sure what hybrid to use — I usually use a 6H — appreciate any advice ont his. Thanks

  2. Angel Cabrera chips with a hybrid.

  3. I have started to do this (with good success!) In 2 situations:1)long bump n runs (20 feet or so) and 2)tough lies.
    Both of these gave me trouble with my regular chip and now I hybrid these. Its a fun shot. That thing really likes to roll out, doesn't it? I only practiced for about an hour an already I have a decent shot that Im using on the course.

  4. Nice, nice, very nice. However you can make it yourself. Just google woodprix and learn how to do it easily.

  5. I actually use a Callaway Rogue X hybrid # 8 (32 degrees ) around the green quite often. Its extremely versatile. Good from 100 yards and in. It can do many things for you. Hits out of the sand well too. Love it. Spider Dubiel

  6. Thank you! Could you please show how to use the hybrid from varying levels of rough? Is it a preferred option?

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