How Much Difference Would A 4.8kg Bike Make At The Tour de France? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 82

How Much Difference Would A 4.8kg Bike Make At The Tour de France? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 82

– Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. This week, we’ve got new bikes, a new turbo, new tires, the
bike vault, your upgrades, plus our main talking
point, how much difference would a super light bike
make at the Tour de France? (upbeat music) How much difference
would a super light bike make at the Tour de France? What if the UCI bike weight limit of 6.8 kilograms was abolished, and riders were allowed to use the lightest bits and pieces
available to humanity? How much faster would
they go up the climbs? Well, I decided to do some math. To see what the effect
of a four and a half kilogram hiker bike would be, over a, well, 6.8 kilogram UCI legal bike. For the sake of the
argument I’m going to look at some of the Thibaut
Pinot’s efforts that he’s done in the tour because, well,
he’s been the strongest climber in the race at
this point when we record this show, probably
given him the curse now. So first up, we’re going
to look at his efforts from stage 15 of the
tour on the Prat d’Albis. He did the fastest time
at the Summit finish. And if we have a look at it,
it’s a 10.2 kilometer climb with an average gradient of 7%. And according to Strava, he did it in 27 minutes and six seconds, which is, seriously rapid. And then what we’re going
to do is plug that data into a bike calculator,
that’s really available on the internet, with all the details. Now, Pinot’s weight is
said to be 63 kilograms. He’s a light dude! But, we’re assuming he’s not riding naked so we’ll add on an extra
kilogram for his clothes. But, we’re giving him clothes. And then we’re also going to put his bike weight at 7 kilograms. The reason for this, rather than 6.8 is, well it has bottles on it and a computer. Which kind of knocks the
weight up a little bit. Now, if we put in the
details of the climb, we can see that this
calculates Pinot’s power to do that time is 396 watts. Which is seriously, seriously impressive! But also, roughly what
you’d expect for someone who’s able to, well, potentially
win the Tour de France. Now, if we drop Pinot’s bike weight down to the four and a half
kilogram hiker bike weight, then hypothetically, all
of the things being equal Pinot could’ve gone up in
49:56, over a minute faster then on the 7 kilogram bike set up, which, seems like a lot to me. Especially, if he’s trying to compete for the win in the grand tour. So, I’m going to look
at something else now, which I think is quite interesting, which is, what if we look at just the difference between
a lightweight climbing bike, and an arrow bike? A lot of the top world tour climbers, they don’t go for the arrow bike, ’cause it’s usually slightly
heavier, 400 grams or so. Not much, but slightly heavier. Let’s see what penalty that would have on a
climb like the Tourmalet. I got this idea because I looked at both of Valverde’s bikes on the tour. He had his ultimate and
he had his Canyon Aeroad. Now, he prefers the ultimate
because it’s lighter and he can get it on the
UCI limit of 6.8 kilograms. I weighed his Aeroad as well, and that came out at 7.15 kilograms. So, ever so slightly heavier,
just, well, 350 grams. Not much. So for the sake of the argument here, without 400 grams onto
Thibaut Pinot’s bike. And, well, when you plug those numbers in, it makes him 12 seconds
slower, on the Tourmalet. Just 12 seconds. 12 seconds isn’t a lot. And it’s also not taking into account anytime that he could
potentially claw back out of that 12 seconds through riding a more aeroad dynamic bike. Now, the speeds that Pinot
rides up the climbs which is, well, over 20 kilometers an
hour, there’s a good chance that there’s some significant
Aeroad savings made, but, I haven’t done the
math to work those out. Now, what this kind of
suggests to me, is, well… And I’m surprised by
these numbers as well, is that maybe we care a
bit too much about weight. But this is all estimates, and if there’s any of you watching at home you have a more sophisticated
mathematical models, or ways of calculating. If then, please, by
all means, get in touch or write in the comment
section down below. But we want to know
what you think as ever. So, get involved in the
comment section down below. Do you think the pros
should be allowed to ride super light ridiculous bikes? Do you think we care too much about weight (dramatic music) Hot Tech now, and we’ve got
blooming loads this week. First up, bikes. And this, from Colnago, which is the V3RS. Brand new bike, and supersedes the V2R which you may have seen Dan
Martin riding this year. And, in the Tour de France. It’s available in both
rim break, and disc break. And, it comes in as an
impressive 790 grams for a disc brake bike. Albeit, in a size 50. Now, it can accommodate
28 millimeter tires, and it said to be even stiffer. 12% in the rear, 6% stiffer in the front. And, like every other
performance road bike that’s come out so far this
year, is lightweight and aero. So, you’ve got aero tube shapes on the down tube, the head tube. You’ve got dropped seats
days, integrated cables. Yeah. It’s another one. And, also out this week, was
the new Cannondale CAAD13. And again, it’s another
performance road bike. It’s got aeroad.(laughing) So it’s basically the aluminium version of the new SuperSix EVO. And replaces the Cannondale CAAD12 which had its classic shape. So once again, dropped seats
stays, aerodynamic tube shapes, and more integration of the cabling. Interestingly, though, Cannondale, well, they haven’t called it the CAAD14. When the CAAD12 came out,
that replaced the CAAD10. And I went to the launch, and at the time, they said it was the CAAD12 and had missed the CAAD11
because they believed it wasn’t just one
better, it was two better. So, presumably, the CAAD13
is, well, only one better than the CAAD12, but, better nonetheless. And also out this week, there’s
a new bike from Cervélo. Right, this is getting ridiculous! Look at that. Yes, it’s got aero as well. It’s got aero tube shapes integrated cabling and dropped seat stays. But this one is a gravel bike. It’s designed to be a gravel bike for those that want to go fast on gravel. A bit like the 3T Exploro. So, you’ve got those aero features there, and it’s less focused on those “you want to kind of just
go on gravel” adventures and “cover up their bike in loads of bike packing luggage.” But, I have to admit, it
does look rather cool. And it can take 650B wheels as well. Our mates at Elite have
launched a new smart trainer. It’s called the Suito and it comes ready to go out of the box. Including with an 11 speed cassette. So, you’re ready to go on
any online platform you want, such as Zwift, being a smart trainer. And according to Elite, it
has an integrated powering, so which is 2.5% accurate. It’s capable of simulating
gradients up to 15%, and, has a max wattage of 1900 watts. Which, well, essentially
makes it opine proof. Top tire tech now,
Continental has just released a new, limited edition, 200
thread per inch version, of its competition tubular tire. Now according to Continental, the new tire is 10 watts faster
of 40 kilometers an hour. And, it has a specially yellow
Tour de France stamp on it because it’s, well, special,
and limited edition. And there’s another Tour de France twist. There’s only 3480 of them being made. Which, top marks if you
guess this correctly, is because that happens to be the total number of
kilometers in this year’s Tour de France. Cool. British wheel brand Hunt
have released a new set of alloy disc brake wheels. The 34 Aero Wides. And they’re making quite
a big claim that these are the fastest aero tested
alloy disc brake wheels. And they’ve done this by
fitting 25 millimeters tires to the wheels, and then testing
them against competitor’s wheels, using the MAVIC Wind
Average Drag Calculation, to find the results. Now as the name suggests, these wheels are 34 millimeters deep,
with a 26 millimeter wide external rim. But it’s really cool to see
a relatively small brand, pushing the R&D. Hot flashy sunglasses tech now. 100% the sponsors of
Peter Sagan have launched a very limited edition pair of shades. Limited to just 50 pieces. They’re called The 100%
Speed Trap Sagan 2019 LE’S. Catchy. And, they feature a gold
coated lens, 24 karat gold. And there’s etching on them as well. And, you also get a signed
card by Sagan himself if you’re lucky to get a pair. But, there’s only 50
pairs, two of them have already been auctioned off for charity, and the other 48, well, I can’t
see them for sale anywhere. I’ve also not seen John
for a couple of days. (screw sound) It’s now time for screw
riding upgrades, buy upgrades. Where you submit evidence of the upgrades that you’ve made to
your bikes, or equipment for the chance to win the ultimate prize. The Camelbak Eddy Water Bottle. GCN themed. Don’t have one here
right now, but trust me, we do have plenty of them to give away. Now, last week, was a battle
between Eric, and Barney. Yes, it was Eric and Barney. Now, the winner with 75% of the vote was Eric. (crowd cheers) Yes, it was, it was Eric. (laughter) This week, we’ve got Federico Buenos Aires in Argentina. This is Federico’s first road bike. It came about, thanks
to traveling in Europe when he was staying in Israel. Now Federico realized he couldn’t live without his bike, so he popped along to a local bike shop,
and in the dark corner, darker than you can imagine,
was a Pinarello from 1997. One of the rims was starting
to crack around the eyelets, and Federico thought
that some small upgrades would make it into the
bike he would cherish on his return to Argentina. Changes were made. He swapped out the cam
pack Falacci rear mech to the carbon bodied record. And he also changed the bars
in STEM to modern oversize pro PLT versions, and he
wrapped them in, well, the rather delicious super Cass bar tape. Now, he finally replaced the cracked rim and got a pair of Campagnolo Berlin rims. Very lucky, as there can’t be many of those pairs still around. Anyway, there it is to begin with. I’m looking forward to this. Okay well that’s… Whoa, oh, nice! I like that you’ve kept the original paint job there as well. And, you’ve swapped the STEM. Nice. That looks a lot better. That’s made a big difference. With that bar tape,
you’ve done a great job of matching that to the paint
job on the original frame. Nice details. I think you’ve done an
excellent job there. But I am slightly worried Federico that you have two heads. As you have two helmets propping up the bike in that picture. Federico, is facing stiff
competition this week, he’s up against Judson From the picker UN’s Roundhouse, Canada. Now, Judson and his wife were
looking for a winter project to spend the long Canadian
winter on together. And they picked up this
dilapidated late 1978 Peugeot PR series road bike. Upgrade segment, lot of Peugeots, they get a lot of love, I like it. Now, Judson’s wife did all of the creative and artistic work, which
included sand blasting the frame down to his bare steel, and making their own version of Peugeot’s famous tulip red paint. And recreating the logos
with a vinyl printer. That’s impressive. I’m really impressed with that. Judson cold set the frame
to give enough rear drop out spacing to put in a
modern set of Mavic wheels with 11 speed spacing, and it was built up
with mostly Shimano 105, and Richie classic saddle. And finished off with some gorgeous hand walled Michelin dynamic classics. Nice. Gives it a good look to that. It totally works. And the matched bar tape with the saddle (clicks tongue). Got a lot of time for that Judson. Top job and Judson’s wife too. Sorry, I don’t know your name. But, it’s not up to me, so
let us know what you think, and you can vote up here. Judson vs. Federico. (dramatic music) Time now for my favorite part
of the show, the bike vault. Where you submit pictures of your bikes, and then myself and, (wind blows) myself, will judge them, to be nice, or super nice. Now if they’re deemed
to be super nice then, (wind blows) I’ll ring the bell, and
they’ll go in the bike vault. So, I’ll get the bell. There it is, right. First up this week, we’ve
got Tomas, who or Thomas. Who’s from Mary The Virgin
church East Haden, in the UK. I don’t think he’s from there, I just think that’s where his bike is. It’s a B-TWIN Ultra 900 CF. Check that out, great. I mean he’s got it in yes
Biggie Smalls in there. Like the way that the bar tape matches the saddle, color coordinated. And he’s got matching bottles in there. Very tidy in his elite Vico cages. It’s good, it’s very good. It’s nice, but there’s a
little bit of steerer tube above the stem, so I think
that one’s just a nice. Okay, right, next. Duncan,
who’s from Portland, in Oregon. Now, Duncan has his BMC 021. Check this out. Look at that, That, is very very tidy indeed. I like his absolute black chain rings. Biggie Smalls again, and,
he’s prepped it for the shoot. I like that light he’s got that as well. And he’s very nicely matched up the wheels and got the valve stems
perfectly down below. No excess steer achievement. It’s nice. Yeah, your lawn needs a mow. Nice, right. Next up is, who’ve we got next? Chris from Palisades, New Jersey. In the US of A. He’s got his 2004 Trek 590SL. Project One Bike, an
earlier project one bike, very cool indeed. Chris, nice name sticker, you’ve
got there on the top tube. I like that. You’ve kind of, nice old school. That’s a very good name, I’ve seen you’ve taken care of that, it’s been your pride & joy. Though I have to say, It’s a fine example of
an earlier carbon bike. The red bar tape, is,
yeah it’s kind of clashing a bit for me though, it’s a nice. It’s a nice, yeah. Next up we’ve got Prince
Sevo from Malaysia, and I’m sorry if I completely
massacred your name there. Probably I pronounced it correctly. But, we’ve got your Willier GTRT. This is a great, great photograph. Love it. What an amazing view that is. I really want to go to
Malaysia, that looks incredible. And that’s a really nice bike. Really nice really nice. Biggie Smalls once again, I hope you’ve not got a crank in the three o’clock position, but I’ll forgive it ’cause I can see you’re using your helmet
to prop up the bike. Although, it’s a beautiful bike,
beautifully composed image, great everything’s just… But what’s wrong with it? I quite can’t spot something
that’s wrong with it. Uh, the wheels aren’t quite
aligned with it, sorry. The wheels aren’t quite aligned, sorry. Next up, finally, we’ve got Tommy, from the Navel Air Station in Fallon. Now, what a lovely sunset
photo Tommy has taken in the United States Navy’s
Premier air-to-air air-to-ground training facility and home to the navel fighter weapons school. AKA top gun. New Token Trailer arches were pretty cool. But would you look at that,
it appears to be a V897 A7 Corsair two on the left there. A carrier there capable subsonic light attack air craft. The first saw active
service in the Vietnam war. But the tech stats are
what we’re here for. So top speed 690 miles per hour at sea level, but a 500 feet fully loaded with 12 NK, you’ve got MOCK 82 bombs. The speed dips to 647 miles per hour, but speedy none the less. Also fitted with just
one gun, but water gun. The impressive M-61 A1 volt
and 20 millimeter rotary cannon has over a thousand
rounds of ammunition. Nice. Now the take off distance
for that particular air frame was also 520 meters but fully loaded and over 19,000 kilograms, nice. Very nice indeed. But unfortunately not a super nice. So yeah that’s the end of
the bike vault this week. More bike vault next week. Its nearly time for the end of the show. I know. But don’t worry I’m going to read out some of your comments
first, from last week. So first up, Cerebellum, who wrote, “Jon’s crooked glasses
are driving me crazy.” I assume he means not like
the fine young cannibals but, in another way. Anyway that’s why he’s
not here, you guessed it. He’s not allowed to come back
until he’s rectified that. – Oh yes. – Won’t happen again. Jeremiah Sullivan says, ” Thanks a lot. I laughed so hard during “Buy Upgrades” that I woke the baby on me that I had just worked
very hard to get to sleep.” Sorry Jeremiah, I hope this weeks show doesn’t make you laugh. (laughs) Nick Coulter says, “Not
sure if it’s just the tan, “but Jon is looking
properly healthy here,” “aside from the voice, “what you been eatin’, mate?” I’m not sure what he’s been
eating to be quite honest. I’ll try and find out for you. (laughs) He’s been drinking quite a lot. (laughs) And Eloi Chayer asks how has Jon, oh it says, “Jon has become “the Godfather of the cycling world.” – True story. (laughs) – Okay, right. Well like and subscribe
here if you haven’t already, and if of course, you enjoyed the video. And if you’d like to get your hands on one of these awesome GCN themed shirts. This is the GCN outdoors, there’s one with dutch corner on it. Well, there available in the GCN shop. So you can head over there
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  92. Valverde prefers the Ultimate because it doesn't have shitty boat anchor disc brakes that also mean a disadvantage aero wise too.

  93. hahaha bike vault parody accents are best.

  94. Actually, a while back (in the 80's), someone calculated that aerodynamic bikes started to make a difference at 25 mph & up. So climbing on an aero bike, if there are no descent afterwards, is useless and you are just getting more tired by bringing the useless extra weight up the hill. Therefore, on a stage race where you want to be the freshest as possible every morning, racers tend to prefer lighter bikes whenever possible.

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