How to Do Sports Massage Therapy : Using Massage Oil in Sports Massage Therapy

How to Do Sports Massage Therapy : Using Massage Oil in Sports Massage Therapy

So in the beginning of doing a massage, it’s
very important to connect with the client. A lot of things that I have tried to use to
relax the client or calm the client down, it’s very important that I use the proper
kind of oil or cream. Usually, I ask client before if there is anything that’s harmful
to their skin or irritating that they would or would not like to use and Peter pretty
much said that it’s o.k. to use anything at this point. So what we are going to use, is
we are going to use Shea Butter. And I like to use Shea Butter because it’s natural first
of all, it’s not irritating, most people are not allergic to Shea Butter and it’s very
good for the skin. It’s very good for the conductivity, and smoothness and flow when
you want to do massage. Along with that, I like to use any type of aromatherapy, like
Eucalyptus, and different things like that. So once again, like I said, what we are going
to do is, first we are going to connect with the client. So, I am going to apply the Shea
Butter to my hand and make sure it is evenly distributed through my hand and then first
of all, all I am going to do is press both sides evenly. Then basically, it’s all about
motion. Peter explained earlier that he was having problems with his lower back. Something
that’s very good to do with a person that has lower back issues or anything that has
to do with the spinal cord is kind of like pull at the base of their head. And they definitely
will feel it towards the base and in the lower back. Do you feel it stretch. (Peter) Yes
I do, it’s nice. Nothing extreme. First of all, he said he doesn’t like deep tissue,
so it’s nothing extreme, but definitely you want to apply enough pressure and enough pull
to where they definitely feel it. Once again, this goes along with trying to relax them,
trying to connect. And then once you connect with your client, it’s good to kind of go
into the type of massage that you’re implementing. So the type of massage, I am implementing
is sport’s massage. So I am going to stretch him out.

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