How To Hit A Golf Ball Straight Every Time

How To Hit A Golf Ball Straight Every Time

Hello. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And Today I’m going to show you how to hit
the ball straighter. And the way we are going to do that is to
stop trying to hit the ball straight. Sounds a bit strange. It will make sense soon. Stay tuned. [MUSIC] So one of the worst things golfers can do.
Is to try and hit the ball straight. That seems like a funny statement. But it’s
absolutely true, What’s really hurting most people is they
are standing up to the ball and they are saying “I just want to hit it straight”. So they try and make the ball go straight
by keeping the clubface straight for as long as they can through the shot and then the
club starts turning. That’s the worst thing you can do. Because there is really only 2 points in the
golf swing where the club needs to point straight. If I take my set up there. My club is pointing
straight. The moment I start swinging the club the club points right. It points right.
It’s still pointing right. It’s still pointing right. It’s pointing right. It’s pointing
less right. It’s getting back to square. I hit the ball. And immediately I hit the ball
and the club points to the left. And there is lots and lots of instances where
I’ve got some photos which I am going to put up here and you’ll clearly see that the clubface
goes left yet the ball goes straight. Time after time after time. You can see in all
of these pictures on the screen. It doesn’t matter if it’s a male or a female. The club turns to the left but the ball goes
straight. At first you think “what on earth is going
on here. That just doesn’t make sense.” But it does. If you think about it when we play tennis.
The racquet doesn’t go that way. The racquet opens and closes yet we can hit the ball remarkably
straight. When we play golf we need the same thing to
happen. Now the funniest thing is the golf club hasn’t
changed that much in hundreds and hundreds of years. Golf companies will tell you differently.
And certainly they have changed a little bit. But essentially all of the weight is in front
of the shaft of the golf club. Why is it like that? They don’t have the shaft going through the
middle. They do with some of the putters. But the putters that are designed to that
are they want the ball the clubface to go straight all the way through. Most shots in golf we don’t want that to happen. All of the weight is in front of the club. So if I hold my club up like that and I just
relax my hands. The club turns. All of the weight turns. It’s the weight of the club
that turns the club. So a really good little exercise is to just
grip the club really lightly in your right hand. as low as you can. And without keeping
your arm straight, just let everything be floppy. Just move the weight of the club back to the
right. So as soon as I do that. You can see the club is turning. If I move the club through to the left. It’s
the weight of the club turning the golf club. And the reason the most of us can’t hit the
ball straight is because the golf club is not turning. So I would encourage you to do that. As I have said before 60 practice swings a
day is a really good philosophy. Twenty in the morning. Twenty at lunch and twenty at
night. Do it as slow as you can. You can put your
left hand behind your back. Keep it light. I don’t want to see anyone get a stiff right
arm. It’s just nice and floppy and relaxed. And you are going to feel the weight of the
club turn. So if I can just let the ball get in the way
of that. The ball is going dead straight. I’m not manipulating the club. The club is
doing it for me. Then we get both hands on the club. Grip it very lightly. And let the weight of
the club turn the club and the ball is going nice and straight. So we just keep doing that. If you could do
that 60 times a day. Every day for a few weeks. I can guarantee it’s going to improve you. Recently my father had an episode of those
unmentionable words. It starts with s and finishes with s and has
a h.a.n.k. in the middle of it. Yep shanks. And I couldn’t get to see him so I spoke to
him and described that drill over the phone. So that was about 3 weeks ago. And dad had
a range of scores in the 20’s in stableford. Ah yesterday he phoned me and he had 3 up
in par and he still left a bit out on the course. And he said he didn’t hit one shank. And really all he has been working on is letting
the golf club turn. Because shanks are really an open clubface.
And the only way we can stop this club from turning is to apply the brake with the left
hand. so we don’t do that. We let the club do the
work. We are going to hit much better shots. So thank you for letting me help you with
your golf. I’m Brian Fitzgerald the Golf Doctor. And if you like my videos you can click on
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  1. Im gonna try this the next time i play. But funny note on that; the next time i play gold will also be the first time i play golf. laugh out loud lol

  2. This video probably encapsulates the most common coaching conversation I have on a day to day basis. If I could recommend only one of my videos for people to watch this would be the one. Keep the club turning and your golf ball will go straighter.

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  6. Hey Brian, this may be why I get the shanks sometimes as you mentioned. I've told you before about my tendency to pull the shot. So when I'm worried about doing that, I hold off on the golf club and don't let the head release and do the chicken wing thing. So I just don't know really what to do….lol… I guess I'll just think about how I use to play tennis when I was younger. Just aim and forget about it and swing and let my natural roll of the wrists happen. If it goes 40 yards left it just does. But when there are houses along the fairways and roads and fences out of bounds it really can mess with you and your score. But maybe after a round or two it will straighten itself out. Merry Christmas bud.

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