– Hi, Adam Bazalgette here
in beautiful Naples, Florida. Today, we’re gonna talk
about how to hit a golf ball straight with an iron. I have a 7-iron here. I’m founder of, and two-time PGA Teacher of the
Year award winner down here. So let’s get started
and let’s see how we can hit a golf ball straight with an iron. (exciting electronic music) Okay, so let’s talk about it then, how to hit a golf ball
straight with an iron. By the way, if you like this
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there’s really three factors that are gonna control how
straight you hit the iron. At least primarily three. One is solid contact. If you don’t hit the ball solidly, you can’t count on it going straight. In fact, it probably won’t go straight. Number two, direction of swing. Or as they call it swing path, and that’s, literally means
at the moment of contact is the club traveling towards the target? Could be traveling left of the target, could be traveling out to the right. That will influence it as well. And we’ve got plenty of information at about
how to work on those things. But let’s focus on number three, and this is probably
the single biggest one, certainly assuming solid contact, and that is control of the
club face at the bottom. Where is the club face aimed
at the moment of contact? Just because it’s straight at address, doesn’t mean it’s gonna be straight at the moment of contact, so let’s look at that. As I say, overwhelmingly that
will have a broadening effect on your direction much more than any, save for a real mishit, than any other factor
you can come up with. So let’s see, how do we get good at that. Well, you could probably guess it, you’ve gotta have a decent grip. Again, we’ve got more
information about that. But there’s no one right grip
that works for everybody. What you’ve gotta be able to do is you’ve gotta be able to
master where the club face is. How do you learn that? Simple, you have to practice. You have to play around
with it a little bit. An old mentor of mine, Mike Hebron, National Teacher of the Year award, wrote a wonderful book
I’d suggest you read, and that’s Play Golf to Learn Golf. He talks about the critical element of child-like play a
little bit to gain skill. What the studies show us is trying to do it exactly perfectly every time doesn’t gain as much skill as trying to do it
perfectly most of the time but playing around with it
a little bit at other times. I want to try three shots here for you. This is a 7-iron, and when you’re first working on this you want to do what I’m gonna do, which is make some modest
to small size swings. It’s easier to feel impact on
the club face at that scale. Now, in this first one I’m
gonna make the club face close. Let me emphasize as I approach the camera, that doesn’t mean a chaotic
smashing and whipping of the hands and the club. It means closing the club. I can still have a firm front
wrist and close the face. So as I come in, that’s
what I’m gonna feel. You can see the green out there, let’s put the ball there. You can see that ball
curved sharply to the left. This next one I’m gonna
hit, do just the opposite. I’m gonna try for the same swing, but leave the club face a little bit open. And that ball as you can
see went out to the right. Again, a fairly small scale. I probably hit those
shots 115 or 20 yards, something like that. This final one we’re gonna hit, we’re gonna try to feel
something in the middle, something a little bit straighter. And you can see there that that’s pretty much on the target line. And as I work on that, obviously I try to hit more
straight than otherwise, but you’ve gotta mix that around. Again, I’m gonna come to the camera, that’s closed, that’s open. That’s closed, that’s open. We’re not talking about
this kind of action. Build skill in that area. If you want to learn a little bit more about path and about
grip and those things, go to my website I appreciate you watching the video. Again, please subscribe to the channel. Love to get you more free contact, content, excuse me. Hit the like button if you liked it, and has more info. Hope this helps you. (exciting electronic music)

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