How to Hit a Hybrid Golf Club Properly

How to Hit a Hybrid Golf Club Properly

Hey guys! Andrew McCombe here the founder
and CEO of Golf University In this Golf University “Tip from the Pro” I’m with
Adam Fraser the Teaching Pro at the TaylorMade performance lab at the Melbourne Golf Academy in Victoria where he’s going to teach us how to hit a
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let’s find out how to hit a hybrid properly This “Tip from the pro” brought to by Golf University
the world’s premier golf improvement program Glen I’m having a few issues with my hybrid I’m topping it I’m not getting enough
height so I revert back to the trusty four iron what have you got for me
okay well mirror first of all show me
what’s happening with your hybrid and we’ll go from there wow that’s that is horrendous okay why did that happen okay so a common misconception about
about the hybrids is that you you have to create a new swing you have to do something different to
your trusty four on you don’t you want to swing it exactly the same the most common problem I see
and what we have with you is just a little bit of a
description in your ball position so when the ball is too far forward like
that you’re catching it too much on the upswing you’re hitting the top of the
ball and it’s not going anywhere as we just saw so I’m not hitting it like a
driver we don’t want to do that no any
any shot that’s off the ground the club’s got to make contact with the ground
to get the ball in the air so we’ll try it again with the ball
a little bit further back in your stance so right where you have your trusty four right yeah so I’m really just hitting it
like a 4-iron you are you’re not trying to do anything different because you’ve got a hybrid or a woody in your hands Wow much better Well there it is I hope
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  1. What was your biggest learning from this Hybrid lesson – apologies to Adam Fraser it was Glen Hollick's lesson not Adam's 😀

  2. Amazing what a small footwork shift can do to consistent ball contact

  3. Very subtle but very powerful lesson

  4. Like magic – thanks

  5. Daang that was easy! I somehow chipped the shaft on my 5 hybrid a while back…. maybe I should go talk to this guy hahaha. Great video!

  6. Nice! I have been using hybrids for many years – the longest iron I have is a 7 😝

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